What you see in this latest optical illusion could say a lot about you

South African teen qualifies for International Science Fair

MIND December 1, 2018

Barney and Betty Hill: the original alien abductees

CULTURE November 29, 2018

What do your fitness posts say about you?

CULTURE November 19, 2018

With a DNA kit, a woman finds the man she’s been looking for her whole life

CULTURE, MIND November 15, 2018

Teens know social media is manipulative, but they don’t seem to care

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Physics Nobel Prize goes to lasers, honors first woman in 55 years

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What makes this nebula so unique?

17 Hours is all this rover needs to make a difference

SPACE November 10, 2018

The number of UFO sightings may be falling, but this government group is still paying attention

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Alien radio signals found close to Earth

Plants are WAY more alive than we realize

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Astronomers welcome a new neighbor in our solar system

SPACE October 29, 2018

Could the International Space Station be left unattended?

BIOLOGY October 28, 2018

So there’s definitely a zombie attack happening right now… with crickets

Scientists Tracked A Leatherback Turtle Through Hurricane Florence

MIND October 27, 2018

A trio of test subjects have their brains linked for a game of Tetris

Our dogs have skills that set them apart but intelligence isn’t one of them

Light-dependent organisms defy all odds by thriving underground

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This small fruit could be the future of genetic engineering

BIOLOGY October 25, 2018

Does touching a toad actually cause warts?

Mankind is about to enter interstellar space for the second time

TECHNOLOGY October 24, 2018

Prize-winning photo shows the magic of a single atom

Artificial intelligence can reconstruct images from people’s brains

Are you more likable than you think?

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