tuna the chihuahua top ten most followed animals on instagram influencers

We have listed the top 10 animal influencers on Instagram by follower count.

10. Loki the WolfDog

Loki the Wolfdog, is world-famous for his love for travel and adventurous nature. Loki is a mix of husky and arctic wolf and has over 2.1 million Instagram followers. Loki regularly posts inspirational photos with amazing sceneries in the background.

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Loki has collaborated with some of the biggest brands, such as Mercedes Benz and REI. Loki is a born star, and his fame has allowed the owner Kelly Lund to quit her job and manage his social media account full-time.

Loki has even signed deals with brands like Eddie Bauer. He is also collaborating with Google for their Android smartwatches.

9. Venus

Venus is one of the most unique felines with a celebrity status on Instagram. She got her name not because of her nature, but because she literally has two faces, i.e., one half of her face is black, and the other is orange. No wonder she has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

Adding to this, Venus also has different colored eyes. Both her face and eyes make her stand out.  She is famous for her fierce facial expressions and has partnered with some of the biggest brands. If you love pet calendars, Venus produces her own.

8. Tuna

Tuna is a mix of Chihuahua-Dachshund with 2.1 million Instagram followers. This Chiweenie has propelled to the heights of fame due to his wrinkly face and distinctively funny overbite.

Tuna has been on Instagram since 2010 and made countless funny memes. He has enjoyed a book tour and is a recognizable pet celebrity worldwide.

7. Lil Bub

Lil Bub might be at number seven on the Instagram followers list with 2.5 million followers, but she is a small cat with kind facial expressions. She uses her influencer status for good and advocates for animal’s freedom from shelters.

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Looking at that beautiful purring face will definitely melt your heart. Lil Bub even owns her own line of merchandise; buy one to support her noble cause.

6. Shinjiro Ono

Shinjiro Ono is also known as Maru the Shiba or Maru Taru and hails from Japan.

Shinjiro is one of the most adorable influencer pets with 2.6 million Instagram followers. He is even popular as the happiest dog in Japan, and you can see that in his fun-filled Instagram posts.

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His squinty-eyed smiles and adorable Instagram photos sleeping next to his cuddly bear will make you fall in love with him instantly. Shinjiro has master the art of hilarious antics, with an ever-smiling cheeky face. When Shinjiro is taking a break from Instagram, he manages a local department store as a pet sales ambassador.

5. Grumpy Cat

If you are a cat lover, you must know a grumpy cat or two in real life. However, meet Grumpy Cat as she is the leader of unique and hilarious cat posts on Instagram. She has 2.7 million followers and known to be really grumpy because of her small frame and funny under-bite.

If you are feeling down, watch her videos for a guaranteed grin on your face. Grumpy is a true celebrity cat with her own merchandise. Watch her explore the world with that funny grumpy ol’ face.

4. Juniper and Friends

While dogs and cats are leading the pet Instagram influencers’ league, Juniper is a dark horse in the race. Unlike other pets on this list, Juniper is a domesticated red fox with 3 million followers on Instagram.

She is famous for posting funny videos where she preys on anything she can pounce on. Juniper shares her home with two other friends Fig and Moose.

Fig is a fox, and Moose is a dog; together, these pet musketeers make a great social media influencers trio.

3. Doug the Pug

Doug’s Instagram journey started as a way to share photos with family and friends. However, Doug found overnight success and rose to fame. It is the magic of Doug’s cute and sometimes hilarious videos that he is one of the top dog influencers with 4 million followers on Instagram.

Doug’s cute face and bubbly nature make him one of the most lovable pugs. He is famous for his pop-culture posts and even owns his own line of merch known as dog plushies.

2.    Nala the Cat

Nala is one of the most gorgeous felines you will ever lay your eyes on. She found her fame on Instagram and currently sits in the second position with over 4.4 million followers. Her social media influencer journey began in 2012 as a kitten, and she never looked back.

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Nala is full of character, and you can see her feistiness in her insta posts. Nala loves to attend cat festivals and enjoys a celebrity status at such events.

1. Jiff Pom

Jiff Pom is an adorable Pomeranian dog leading the pet influencer squad with 10.4 million followers. He has even set the record of a dog influencer on Instagram with the most followers on any social media platform.

You can even find him in the Guinness Book of World Records!

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If you are looking for the most adorable Pomeranian dog in cute costumes, you need to check his Instagram posts. Jiff enjoys a celebrity status amongst humans as well, and you can see posts with popular human influencers. If you are a fan already, Jiff even owns a website selling his merch.