Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Welcome to Science 101, where we bring you the latest and most intriguing stories in the world of scientific discovery. Modern advances in research and technology continue to expose the astounding nature of our universe, and we’re here to cover every moment. The mysteries that our world has yet to reveal drives the efforts of exploration, and what seems like science fiction today quickly becomes the new and exciting reality of tomorrow.

Journey through the cosmos and experience the grandeur of colliding galaxies, or take a closer look at colliding atoms, and be inspired by all the chaos in between. From the bizarre to the wonderous, there’s nothing more epic than what truth in science professes about our universe, and often, ourselves.

As part of the 101 Network, we deliver a collection of periodicals that take the most complex of scientific concepts and present them in a way that is highly relevant to our lifestyle.

Our team of writers join forces to tranlsate their wealth of knowledge acquired from their respective fields into a relatable package.

Our culture breathes science in on the daily: by reading stories on a phone that is more complex than the computers that took us to the moon, using robotics to create extraordinary health advancements, and building our homes simply by plugging in a 3D printer.

We humans have always looked to harness mother nature for our betterment, but she is a mad scientist. We still have much to learn about her living inventions and amazing planet.

Enjoy the freshest content that covers where we’ve come from, and where we are going during a new age of scientific achievement.

Sci-101 are:

Sydney Baum-Haines
Sydney is an Ecology, Evolution and Behavior major. She holds her degree from the University of Minnesota.
Taylor Brown
Taylor acquired his Neuroscience degree from UCSD and studied Biology at Stanford University.
Mark Thomas
Mark is the Brand Manager at Science 101. He enjoys unlocking the secrets to life’s darkest mysteries using science things.
Spud Majors
Sent to space on an experimental voyage, Spud's mission went awry and he was stranded in the abyss to fend for himself. Using his scientific intellect, he acquired a galaxy's worth of knowledge, then returned to deliver the wisdom for our benefit.

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