If you thought everyone knew the Earth was round since the days of Christopher Columbus, you’re not alone. While the majority of the world’s population, knows that the Earth is indeed round, there’s a small sect of non-believers who think otherwise. Known as the flat earth movement, believers of this theory aim to convince us that the earth is actually flat.

The Flat Earth Movement

Believers of the flat earth movement aim to prove that the earth is a flat sphere. They believe the round images we all think of when we picture the earth are actually made up propaganda photos that aren’t taken from space. Flat earth enthusiasts believe that the Arctic ice cap is the center of the earth with Antarctica being an ice wall barrier making up the perimeter. This prevents the ocean waters from running off the ends of the earth.

Members of this community are holding conventions, planning television shows and organizing expeditions to prove this theory and other hidden truths about the earth. These recent movements are trying to dispel the common belief that they are making laughable claims that aren’t based on any scientific facts. Movement members take this very seriously and don’t want it to be a popular option that they believe we all can just walk off the edge of the earth falling into space.

Flat earth believers hold to the theory that if you could go to the coast of Antartica and sail the perimeter, they could prove it is the outer edges of the earth. Currently, there are laws in place which prevent any motorized equipment from going onto the ice. Theorists believe that although this would help them prove that the earth is flat and also show what is beyond the wall, they have enough evidence without it to prove these theories.

Not Convinced? Take A Cruise And See For Yourself

Believers of the flat earth movement are taking to the seas for a Flat Earth Cruise in 2020. On this voyage cruise, goers will debunk popular beliefs by aiming to prove that the earth is actually a flat sphere. Conference organizer, Robbie Davison is heading up the cruise, as a place for people to discuss theories and learn more about the earth as we know it. Davidson shares the belief that the earth is surrounded by Antartica with the sun, moon, and stars all being inside a dome-like setting. Using the idea that if you smash a globe into a flat surface, you’ll see Antartica spreads around the whole perimeter, creating a flat surface.

Endorsers Aim To Shake Up Popular Opinion

YouTube star Logan Paul has recently backed the movement even creating a mini-series to gain publicity. In his series, Paul questions other phenomena as well such as the fact that we haven’t been to the moon in over 50 years and that the moon emits its own light. Paul urges the general public to keep an open mind and question what we think of as scientific fact.

With the release of a recent Netflix documentary, Behind The Curve, the movement has also seen an increase in popularity. In the documentary, Mark Sargent flies from the United States to attend Aukland’s Flat Earth Expo. The documentary explores the concept that the world is flat and the sun moves around us at the North Pole, creating night and day. Sargent believes that there are millions of closet believers out there in the world.

Although the movement is gaining traction, there is still only a very small number of people that believe the flat earth theories. While its leaders believe there are many more out there hiding their true feelings, the public number of theorists remains small. Whether or not you believe the earth is actually surrounded by a Game of Thrones type of ice wall keeping us and the ocean from spilling off the ends of the world, the movement is trying to gain traction and encourages the population to think outside the globe.