Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is being talked about across many different fields. We know it’s used in computer science, medicine, and the automotive industry but it’s now finding a home in the fashion world. The startup company, Glitch is using artificial intelligence to create and design dresses. As the first of it’s kind, the women behind the machines are paving the way for women in science and the use of artificial intelligence in the creative sector. Read on to learn more about the future of fashion.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the use and creation of machines that act and work like humans. These intelligent machines are used in many industries outside of the computer science field. It’s most common uses include, speech recognition, education, planning, and problem-solving. A major part of AI research is knowledge engineering. In order for machines to act like humans, they need a lot of information about the world. The machines need access to properties, objects, and relations between all of them to initiate knowledge engineering. This can initiate common sense and problem-solving to complete difficult tasks. This is where these machines differ from others. They have access to millions of pieces of information to help them react like a human. The future is endless in terms of their potential and uses in all industries.

Using artificial intelligence to create a fashion start-up

Fashion startup, Glitch is putting artificial intelligence to work in the design world. The machine-learning software was developed by two recent MIT graduates, Pinar Yanardag and Emily Salvador. The duo met at MIT during a class called “How to Generate (Almost) Anything,” which teaches students to use artificial intelligence for creative projects. The two experimented with creating a perfume, AI-generated art, and jewelry. This led the way to the creation of their company Glitch. This new clothing company sells fashion designed by artificial intelligence.

The little black dress of the future

Currently, the pair behind Glitch are focusing on selling their version of the iconic little black dress. The difference in this dress is that it has been designed using artificial intelligence. Future projects for the company include dresses in other colors, and custom made dresses by consumers using software the Glitch tool can generate. Consumers can use the tool to generate their own designs. These insights could also be used to help designers learn more about what consumers want in the future.

On their website, you can see several other offerings including vibrantly colored dresses, dresses in sequins, bold patterns, and more. You can also play around with the customize your own dress tool to help them design their next collection. The little black dress from Glitch currently costs $75.00. Other items on their website are listed for $100.00 but all of them are currently waitlisted. There is also a promotional code available for 50% off your order by using, #womeninstemrocks.

This company is more than just a profitable business. On every purchase of their little black dress, half of the sales of each is donated to the which supports women in science and technology. The founders of Glitch feel that more participation from women in artificial intelligence can result in more projects and products geared towards women.

As the first of it’s kind, the women behind Glitch are paving the way for women in science and the use of artificial intelligence in the creative sector. They believe in humans and artificial intelligence working together in collaboration. In using this technology in creative sectors, we can see a whole new world of artificial intelligence opening up. From designing cars to furniture, there is endless potential for artificial intelligence and humans to pair up and create something beautiful.