Author: Christina Hitchens

Mom is right, the kids get their smarts from her

Neil DeGrasse Tyson jumps in to defend Elon Musk from recent controversies

Harrison Ford has a blunt and honest message for climate change deniers

Plants have a stress response that is surprisingly similar to humans

Meet the little girl with a rare genetic syndrome that gave her the biggest, most beautiful eyes

Scientists’ new plan could make it rain in the Sahara — and solve the energy crisis

South African teen qualifies for International Science Fair

Barney and Betty Hill: the original alien abductees

What do your fitness posts say about you?

Teens know social media is manipulative, but they don’t seem to care

Australia gets ahead of the game with primary school robotics classes

Physics Nobel Prize goes to lasers, honors first woman in 55 years

New AI can detect cancer more accurately than humans

Thick arctic sea ice has nearly all disappeared

Light-dependent organisms defy all odds by thriving underground

Prize-winning photo shows the magic of a single atom

Are you more likable than you think?

The “D” Factor gives us a glimpse into our darkest behaviors

Meet Rebecca Sharrock, One Of 60 People On Earth With ‘Super Memory’

Science Explains Why It’s So Difficult To Catch A Fly Bare-Handed

Why Are Young People The Loneliest Age Group?

Key To Detecting Robots Found In Toilet Humor

Kylie The Dolphin Learned The Language Of His Porpoise Buddies

Why Do Some People Hold So Strongly Onto False Beliefs?

The Shocking (Yeah, We Went There) Life Of Nikola Tesla

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