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Mother bear leaves her cubs to drown before fishermen intervene

Wild safari tours and extreme animal encounters in 30 photos


We now know what the wind on Mars sounds like

BIOLOGY, General January 16, 2019

30 rare albino and white animals that people can’t help but love


Study finds link between schizophrenia and vitamin D deficiency in babies


Gaming may be good for you after all

ENVIRONMENT January 15, 2019

The world’s most dangerous roads and highways will make your palms sweat


Can our individuality make us all act the same?


Researchers come closer to understanding the biological causes of depression


Oxygen could have been present as early as 3.5 billion years ago

These are the first six American women to conquer space travel

General January 14, 2019

Voyager 2 finally enters interstellar space

Newly found tools in North Africa may alter the history of humankind

New Cretaceous-era bird fossil raises questions about avian lineage

Nature’s warning signs that disaster is about to strike

These sunken ships have turned into beautiful coral reefs

‘Bee Whisperer’ takes infrared image that reveals giant anomaly hidden in wall of Tennessee home

General January 13, 2019

Who really benefits from female orgasms?

Humans and Neanderthals— more than a one night stand

Spider web provides inspiration for toughest synthetic material yet

General January 12, 2019

Neuroscientists discover a previously hidden brain region

Friendly Reminder That Global Warming Is Still Happening Despite The Cold Weather

Ingesting honey causes terrifying condition in four young children

General January 11, 2019

How people are turning Costa Rican monkeys yellow

Is a universal flu vaccine possible?

Body hacks: crazy things you didn’t know your body could do

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