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Lady cockroaches stick together to ward off male harassment

Humans are natural running machines

Humans aren’t special; many animals can recognize themselves

New weapon in the war against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Do trees talk to each other? According to science, yes

What’s the difference between a typhoon, a cyclone, and a hurricane?

This new satellite can track whales from space

These moths are drinking birds’ tears

Pentagon wants to create an army of bioengineered insects to “protect crops”

Plants are WAY more alive than we realize

Time-lapse photography documents largest whale-beaching ever recorded

Humans will be to blame once we lose half of all killer whales

So there’s definitely a zombie attack happening right now… with crickets

There are too many of us, and it’s killing the Earth

This small fruit could be the future of genetic engineering

This Melting Fish Was Just Discovered In The Deep Sea

Dutch Inventor Launches A Cleanup Solution For The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

California Will Go Carbon-Free By 2045

Melting Permafrost Releases Age-Old Diseases

Devastating Fire In Brazil’s Oldest Science Museum Sets Research Back

Throwing away food wastes more than just your money

The “Periodic Table of Technology” Tells Us What Technological Advances May Be Coming

New Research Suggests Grandmothers Played A Key Role In Human Evolution

Higgs Boson Decay Spells Trouble For Standard Model

Super intelligent dog breeds and their genetic traits


Remains Of A Neanderthal Child Found Eaten By A Giant Bird


This is what night pollution keeps you from seeing in the night sky

BIOLOGY December 15, 2018

Stephen Hawking was correct about his theories on superhumans

General December 14, 2018

The most accurate T. Rex reconstruction yet: Chubby and naked!

Sawfish sharks and their bizarre brothers are too weird to live and too rare to die

General December 13, 2018

This geyser made history by shooting out more than rocks and water


Satan Cleared Of Involvement In Mysterious Arkansas Fire Hole


Saying goodbye to the man who reshaped modern physics

Shack up for doomsday in the most advanced bunkers on Earth

General December 12, 2018

Beginner’s Science Quiz: test your science knowledge at Science 101

This glitch at the edge of the universe could rewrite the laws of physics

The mind-reading future of AI

Lady cockroaches stick together to ward off male harassment

BIOLOGY December 11, 2018

These dogs with jobs are saving lives, winning awards, and making the world a better place

Could Martian water hold extra-terrestrial life?

The Milky Way is slowly eating its neighbor

Mom is right, the kids get their smarts from her

HEALTH December 10, 2018

Don’t drink human blood, despite what the internet tells you

Sparks are flying inside your stomach right now

Remnants of a prehistoric virus may be a marker for addiction

HEALTH December 9, 2018

Health experts warn that Fornite may be as addictive as heroin

Nobel Prize for medicine awarded for groundbreaking cancer treatment

NASA is one step closer to finding aliens

CULTURE December 8, 2018

Neil DeGrasse Tyson jumps in to defend Elon Musk from recent controversies

Humans are natural running machines

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