Carbon 6

Ring company Carbon 6 brings fascinating new jewelry options for men.

Quick Notes:

  • Carbon 6 filled a gap the wedding jewelry industry never knew it had.

  • Forged carbon fire makes the unique wedding rings unlike anything else on the market.

  • With several different processes, their rings use high-quality materials to create a sleek and modern look.

Wedding bands for men have generally been lacking in variety. The popular metal-style, usually in silver or gold, has been a staple in the wedding band industry since Ancient Rome, when it’s thought that the first iron wedding bands were introduced into the ceremony of love.

The co-founder and lead designer of Carbon 6, John Easley, didn’t want to sacrifice his own list of wants when it came to the piece of jewelry he would don for the rest of his life.  Instead, he and his wife (and co-owner of Carbon 6) Claire Easley decided to go ahead and create their own brand of ring for men, using five criteria: Comfort, durability, fashionable, safe to wear, and meaningful.

Carbon 6

Carbon 6 keeps the wearer in mind

Prior to its invention, Easley wore his wedding ring with pride. It wasn’t until he lost it that he realized there weren’t enough options out there when it came to wedding bands for men. He used his mechanical engineering background to research various materials that would fit his uncompromising needs.

The lightweight material of carbon fiber shot to the top of his list when he realized it met almost all of the criteria. The woven style, however, just would not work. After discovering Lamborghini had faced the same problem in 2010, he found a new way to use carbon fiber without having that “industrial look.”

A tweaked process of forging carbon fiber was the answer

Forging is the process of applying both heat and pressure to a material, most predominantly metal, to create a new shape. Carbon 6 had to develop their own way to forge carbon fiber materials so that their rings would be lightweight, strong, and easy on the eyes.

Carbon 6

Using carbon fiber and resin, their forging process gave the materials a marble look, and the strength it needed to last a lifetime. On their website, Carbon 6 states that the finished product from the process is good “symbolism … a perfect fit for a wedding ring.”

They expanded their collection to add other materials for more style with the same durable function.

In their Glow Collection, a natural crystal powder called strontium aluminate was added to the band. This process gives the ring its glow by charging it with light, and it’s a much more superior chemical in comparison to copper activated zinc sulfide, the usual culprit used in glow-in-the-dark products.

Carbon 6

Their Damascus Steel Collection is created using two different kinds of steel, or steel and iron, to create a stronger material. They hammer-weld the materials together, and then go through the forging process. After that is complete, the ring gets a little acid bath, and the end result is a unique look with a slightly raised pattern.

Carbon follows their strict criteria and every design “stems from the company’s founding principle: to create clean, modern designs using the highest-quality, high-performance materials.”

Whatever they’re doing, it’s working. One customer called his Carbon 6 ring a “beautiful masterpiece for a wedding ring.”

“If fits great and is very lightweight. I am at a loss of words to describe how happy and amazed I am with the look and quality of this ring,” the review concludes.

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