MIND, TECHNOLOGY October 16, 2018

The internet is messing with your brain and making you feel bad, but why?

Key To Detecting Robots Found In Toilet Humor

Mini Space Elevator To Be Tested In Japan

The “Periodic Table of Technology” Tells Us What Technological Advances May Be Coming

Bring on a green future with these quick carbon footprint-reducing tricks

Are we living in an alternative reality? Theorycrafters say yes, absolutely

Biomimicry: how nature has inspired human innovation

Want to be a trillionaire? Try asteroid mining

Upgrade your body with these 30 bio-gadgets and live your best cyborg life

The auto apocalypse is here and cars are going extinct

The Shocking (Yeah, We Went There) Life Of Nikola Tesla

Movie science that would drive Neil Degrasse Tyson insane (and how it’d really work)

Chernobyl was the nuclear catastrophe that changed the face of energy

Futuristic technology is already here, it’s called 3D printing

Moon Mission Conspiracy Theories Still in Orbit Nearly 50 Years Later

Mars Poised To Swing By Earth, Giving Scientists A Close-Up

New ‘Flow Battery’ Could Revolutionize Green Energy

Scientists Grow Pig Lung In Petri Dish And Successfully Transplant It For First Time

Cutting-Edge Telescope Records Exotic Radio Waves From Deep Space

Breathtaking New Images Of Saturn And Mars, Courtesy Of The Hubble Telescope

Bermuda Triangle Mystery May Have Been Solved With This Colliding Storm Theory

Check Out These New Power-Generating Windows That Also Insulate Your House

Yank Out Or Eject Your USB Drive? Here’s The Proper Method, Once And For All

The Amount of Diamonds Still Hidden In the Earth Will Blow You Away

Rising Sea Levels Threaten To Drown The Internet, New Study Confirms

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