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Recipe for alien life on exoplanets revealed through astrobiology

These fishermen are goldmines for understanding human adaptation

What would a world without dark matter mean for the law of gravity?

General January 10, 2019

Astronomer who controversially missed out on Nobel wins $3 million physics award

General January 9, 2019

30 unconventional uses for aluminum foil that will make your life easier

Saturn Has A Giant Hexagon At Its North Pole, And It Just Got Even Weirder

Mars InSight Lander sends home first photos

Chinese scientist creates world’s first genetically modified human babies

BIOLOGY January 8, 2019

Gabby the ‘gator lady wrestles, rescues, and kisses alligators

Scientists may have discovered the footprints of a pocket-sized dinosaur

Sleep deprivation effects us just like anxiety

Your mitochondrial DNA might not just come from mom

General January 7, 2019

Orangutans have been observed communicating about the past

Healthy lifestyle choices could be the best treatment for Alzheimer’s

Scientists just discovered a “Super-Earth”, and it’s actually pretty close

Scientists discovered the shape of electrons— can you guess what it is?

BIOLOGY January 6, 2019

Man finds a dinosaur fossil so well preserved it looks perfectly life-like

General January 5, 2019

Planetary scientist discovers a colorful secret hidden near Neptune

The evolutionary role of vitamin D

The natural way that frog populations try to beat ranavirus

CULTURE January 4, 2019

The top celebs helping advance science, environmentalism, and humanity

Could the Sun have an identical twin somewhere in the galaxy?

Humans could destroy any life left on Mars

Scientists finally discovered how wombats poop cubes

General January 3, 2019

NASA reveals their most breathtaking photos of Mars — and newest evidence for life

Scientists may have found the key to eternal youth

Why your body heals faster during the day

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