Climate Change

It’s probably a safe bet to say that conspiracy theorists have been growing in both scale and gullibility over the years. Just contrast the conspiracy theorists of the ’50s with the conspiracy theorists of today. President Eisenhower himself warned the public of the “military industrial complex” in his farewell speech. People thought he was crazy, but he had reasons to believe that something like that could develop. Lo and behold, the military industrial complex is now a well-known factor in American politics. Conspiracy theorists of today, however, are mostly classified as nutjobs with no evidence. It wasn’t long ago that a Utah woman sprayed vinegar up at the sky to break up chemtrails. In fact, both chemtrails and global warming are beginning to occupy the minds of conspiracy theorists once again. But what most of them never predict that perhaps chemtrails (if they actually ever become a reality) could actually be a good thing. And perhaps, they may be used to combat those godawful temperatures brought about by global warming as a result of those godawful amounts of CO2 we’re releasing into the atmosphere. As far-fetched as that sounds, it may be a reality within the next century.

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Injecting The Sky With Ominous Gasses May Soon Be A Solution

That’s right; we may soon be shooting gas into the sky to counteract the gas we’re shooting into the sky. A team of researchers put together a study on the effects of spraying sulfate aerosols into the sky in order to absorb and dim the sun’s rays, making the surface temperature of the Earth much cooler in the process. As it stands right now, this team of researchers is doing this purely out of passion, without being commissioned by anybody. Of course, this is probably making your skin crawl with how dangerous it sounds, but fret not: it does have its advantages. Sulfate aerosols are already a component in our atmosphere, and one of the purposes they serve is to reflect the suns rays. And these researchers are saying that when you squirt a whole bunch of it into the atmosphere, it simply amplifies that effect. We would basically be turning down the brightness and heat of the sun to counteract our own bad decisions.


If we are to spray this stuff in the sky, it would pretty much guarantee that the Earth is going to get a little cooler (and dimmer). Of course, there are possible ramifications for doing this, which will be discussed momentarily. The process is called “solar geoengineering,” and believe it or not, it could actually be a feasible plan in times of crisis. Keep that word in mind: “crisis.” As in, it’s a great short-term solution, but doing this for years on end may not be sensible. Sulfate aerosols only stick around in the atmosphere for a short amount of time, so while we could cool off the Earth for a little bit, keeping this process up for a century might cause some problems. We’d have to inject unholy amounts of this gas into the atmosphere very frequently, and the compounding financial and geographical consequences could leave us even worse off.

As Nice As It Sounds, It Could Actually Be Problematic

As with any emerging scientific theory, it has to be refined in order for it to be realistic. The concerns that other scientists have are grounded in reality; perhaps even more so than the original study. One big problem with this idea is that, unfortunately, shooting up the sky with sulfate aerosols en masse isn’t without its consequences. More specifically, although it would cool off the Earth significantly, it could end up disturbing the climate in other ways. Precipitation could be weakened significantly, and in harsh, dry climates like Northern Africa, this could cause major droughts. There is also that age-old money problem. Where are we going to get the funding to manufacture this stuff, let alone the funding to inject the stuff into the atmosphere as frequently as we need to? As it stands, it’s not entirely realistic. However, one of the things that the study calls for is serious, government-funded research into the subject to work out all the kinks. I’m sure that most of us agree with that, what with the serious problem that global warming is becoming.

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A Ray Of Sunshine 

When examined, it seems that we don’t have enough reasonable ideas for solutions for climate change. It’s such a big problem, but for some reason, nobody’s really confronting it the way that it needs to be. When we had to deal with all those nasty, deadly sicknesses like polio in years prior, we responded to it with the concept of vaccines. Take it even further back, and you have the discovery of penicillin. With the lineup of strangely mediocre solution ideas that we currently have for climate change, it should go without saying that this idea is definitely worth looking into. What else do we have? Cutting emissions? With the growing number of those aforementioned conspiracy theorists along with the financial incentives to not do that, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to hinder the problem any time soon. Clean, green energy? With the fossil fuel industries being as big and efficient as they are, it’ll likely take depleting the entire world’s oil supply before they’re going anywhere (which will only make our climate change problem worse). As it stands, this solution could be just as (if not more) viable than everything else we’ve come up with. It just needs to be developed.