Road dolly wtf dash cam

cupo451 via YouTube

1. Tour bike

This band has taken going on tour to a whole new level. They’re traveling around serenading passersby with their guitar and drums. It looks like maybe the band platform is a sort of sidecar to the far guy who may be on a motorcycle.

Drums band wtf dash cam gifDrums band wtf dash cam gif
cupo451 via YouTube

The camo colored guitar is trembling in the wind and looks about ready to fall off the back into traffic. Hopefully, no one crashes into these guys because those drums certainly don’t offer the protection that a metal car does.

2. Car handstand

Who would have guessed that running over that inconspicuous thing in the road would lead to a full on car handstand and flip? Certainly not the driver of said handstanding car. Just watching this clip, you can feel your stomach drop.

Car hand stand gifCar hand stand gif
cupo451 via YouTube

Hopefully everyone in the vehicle was wearing their seat belts. Those things save lives! Let’s just hope no other cars were following this one too close or else even more people could have gotten hurt. That wouldn’t be good!

3. Pullover gone awry

When this cop pulled over this car and went to talk to the driver, things got a little out of hand. The driver sped off while the cop was still attached somehow, causing him to fall to the ground. The police officer then radios other officers, telling them his arm is broken.

Cop car pull over gifCop car pull over gif
Inside Edition via YouTube

Luckily, the police officer recovered after a hospital visit. Hopefully, his handy dash cam caught the license plate of the offending vehicle and driver. The speedy driver managed to get around the oncoming traffic.

4. Suddenly… fire!

What’s scarier? Seeing a huge deer in the road or a sudden burst of bright red flame? It’s hard to say but this certainly looks like downright witchcraft. The stark contrast between the flames and the surrounding environment really makes the gif that much more impactful.

Flame street carFlame street car
The Best Compilations via YouTube

This car drove around throwing flame out of their car until they stopped in front of a building and were apprehended. What were they trying to accomplish? Perhaps to scare people and cause chaos. Who knows.

5. The shoulder of the shoulder

While highway shoulders are intended to be used in emergencies, some daring drivers do the jerk thing and use them to evade traffic. It appears this dash cam driver was thinking about doing that when an even more reckless driver came up around the shoulder.

Car highway dash cam gifCar highway dash cam gif
cupo451 via YouTube

But since the driver was not actually on the shoulder, this ended up being a little bit of offroading. The slope ended up giving the driver more of a ride than perhaps they intended. We must all ask the driver: was it worth it?

6. A light workout

As the van rolls into frame, you might be worried about a semi truck losing its cargo or sliding backward down a hill. Surprise! It’s a person pushing it? This only brings forth a myriad of questions: How are they pushing that? Why are they pushing that?

Pushing van gifPushing van gif
Viral06 via YouTube

Is this person some kind of Superman or is it just simple physics aiding them? This must be how superheroes like Spiderman workout. We’d wager something a lot less supernatural is going on in this video.

7. What the hay?

This gif just begs so many questions: Who? What? Why? How?  Is this a ton of hay for a whole lot of cows or the biggest bird’s nest ever created? Perhaps more importantly: How can the driver see the road? 

Hay car gif weirdHay car gif weird
cupo451 via YouTube

Steer clear of this mess, everyone else! Between a half-blind driver and the threat of hay falling and blinding other cars, this is a recipe for disaster. This person needs to get themselves a truck and learn how to roll properly hay.

8. Sliding into your lane

It’s important to stay vigilant on the road so you can react quickly to any danger and avoid an accident. However, even the most vigilant of drivers would get distracted by this sparking car skidding into view. The first response would probably be a series of expletives.

Car sparks gifCar sparks gif
cupo451 via YouTube

This looks to be something straight out of The Fast and the Furious. But as fun as those movies may be for some people, real life shouldn’t mimic them. Hopefully whoever is in this imperiled car made it out safely.

9. Truck incoming

Several of the crazy moments captured in this story are from Russian dashboard cameras. Many Russians have dash cams because there are a lot of accidents from icy roads and drunk drivers. On top of that, road rage isn’t unheard of.

Semi collision highway gifSemi collision highway gif
Viral06 via YouTube

In addition, having a camera lowers insurance rates and provides a little insurance against insurance companies. So people record their driving to save some money in the impending accident or lawsuit. It’s resulted in a ton of crazy and ridiculous clips online.

10. Back to the future

While plenty of drivers in Russia are happy going their own way, whether that’s on sidewalks, or triple parking, a group of young Russians are saying enough is enough. They’re an activist group called StopXam, which translates to “Stop Rude People.”

Sparks flying car gif fireSparks flying car gif fire
The Best Compilations via YouTube

The members of StopXam confront drivers doing things like using sidewalks to get around traffic and ask them to stop. If the driver is belligerent and not responsive, the activists put a giant sticker on their windshield that says “I Spit on Everybody, I Drive/Park However I Want.”

11. Chasing a kidnapper

This clip is truly chilling: A man attempted to kidnap a young boy from a nearby park. Luckily, the boy’s 8 and 10 year old siblings chased after him. The 8-year-old sister screamed to alert people nearby — a couple of teens joined in the chase.

Kidnapper chase gifKidnapper chase gif
Inside Edition via YouTube

After running for a bit, the kidnapper left the child so he could get away. These are certainly brave children and the kind of siblings anyone would be lucky to have. Hopefully for every kidnapping creep in the world, there are brave people to stop them.

12. Fire, fire, it’s on fire

This person got quite the shock while they were working! One of the power lines fell and the rainy scene burst into flames. He or she likely had rubber boots on to protect themselves from potential electrical danger.

Manchester Police (Facebook)/Chills via YouTube

The whole thing happens so fast, any witnesses were probably thinking, “What on Earth happened?” Luckily, there’s a handy dash cam to show the scene. Even on video it’s sudden — blink and it’s already over! This is just a lesson about why safety on the job is important.

13. Running in the rain

Some people like to go for relaxing runs in the rain, but this guy looks like he has something more akin to insurance fraud on the mind. According to Vice, it’s fairly common for pedestrians in Russia to jump onto car hoods in an attempt to make some money off a lawsuit.

Rain car guy gif dash camRain car guy gif dash cam
The Best Compilations via YouTube

Dash cams are perfect for catching these instances and helping people avoid being scammed. This guy clearly wasn’t run over — he launched himself feet first at the windshield. But who knows, maybe he’s just having a bit of fun and not trying to scam the driver.

14. Road rage to the window

Some people need to just calm down. Sure people can be annoying on the road, but getting cut off is nothing to punch a window for. That certainly makes the raging guy throwing the punch the bad guy. You gonna pay for that window you just broke?

Road rage guy punches window gifRoad rage guy punches window gif
Inside Edition via YouTube

Although if you watch enough Russian dash cam videos, you’ll certainly get a bit of second hand road rage at the terrible and obnoxious decisions people make. But if you’re as angry as this guy, maybe you should hit the gym more often. Get out that repressed anger.

15. Just chilling here

What exactly compels someone to ride a shopping dolly into the middle of a highway? Nothing good, that’s for sure. This guy is just chilling, spinning around, and holding up traffic. He seems to be sticking to his lane, though, and the other drivers aren’t fazed as they pass by.

Highway guy road wtf dash camHighway guy road wtf dash cam
cupo451 via YouTube

It’s a wild place out there. These videos ought to have their own warning: Don’t try this at home! Or, rather, don’t try this in the middle of some highway. You’d probably be fine sitting on a dolly like this at home.

16. Hello from the other side

Can you imagine just driving along like any normal day and then BAM! Suddenly the road in front of you bursts open, spewing water and dirt. That’s the kind of crazy day this driver had. It seems like a scene out of a movie.

Earth cracking wtf crazy dash camEarth cracking wtf crazy dash cam
Drive Now via YouTube

Watching this, you might be half expecting a dragon or giant tunneling worm to burst out of the crack. While they were lucky enough to not be directly in front of the break, another car was not so lucky and drove right over it.

17. Chasing tires

Ah, another case of a pedestrian on the highway. At least this guy seems to have a slightly more valid (if more dangerous) reason for being there. His tire seems to have fallen off and hilariously won’t stop rolling away.

Tire chaser highway wtf dash camTire chaser highway wtf dash cam
Trend Wave via YouTube

Hopefully the other drivers gave this guy a wide berth so he could catch up to his tire and bring it back to his car. But at what point should he stop racing across the lanes and give up? Well, the tire could cause some problems for other drivers then, too.

18. Bikers and a bear

These two friends were just going for a bike ride through the woods when a bear came out of nowhere and began chasing one of them. While the bear struggles to catch up, it disappears in a possible attempt to cut off the lead biker around a bend in the path.

Bear bike gifBear bike gif
Nuke’s Top 5 via YouTube

However, the biker with the camera tells his friend to stop and come back, so the two aren’t attacked by the bear. Was the bear really hungry? Maybe it had cubs nearby and was trying to protect them. We’ll never know.

19. Threading the needle

This looks like a case of passing going almost terribly wrong. This poor driver is faced with two vehicles heading straight for them. But he or she thinks quickly and manages to maneuver into driving between the car and bus.

Driving between two cars gif highwayDriving between two cars gif highway
cupo451 via YouTube

So it’s either an over eager passer or the dash cam car is just driving down a one way highway the wrong way. Most likely it’s the former, but we can’t completely rule out the latter. This could have gone horribly wrong, so maybe people should be a little more careful on the road.

20. We herd you were coming

What possessed these sheep to all run out when they did? Surely there was a more opportune time with fewer cars driving by! Perhaps they got sick of waiting and thought, “If we just storm across all at once they’ll have to stop!”

Sheep road weird dash cam gifSheep road weird dash cam gif
cupo451 via YouTube

Or maybe it was flock and schooling tactics: In a group, you’re less likely to be the one taken out by a predator. Although at the end it looks like they’re about to chase after the car. Perhaps they have a vendetta against cars.

21. Airplane meets highway

While traveling in a plane is generally safer than in a car (statistically), this video shows the surprising dangers of both. This driver had the shock of their life when they were driving along on an average day only to see a plane falling from the sky.

Plane highway crash wtf dash camPlane highway crash wtf dash cam
Inside Edition via YouTube

But while the camera-car had quite a shock, it was nothing compared to the taxi driver who was clipped by a literal airplane. This crash occurred in Taiwan and appeared to have been the result of an engine “flameout.”

22. Pull over, Batman

This isn’t the first time Batman has been pulled over by a cop. In fact, there have been a few of these masked men masquerading around in their jet black cars. This one, in particular, is known as the Brampton (that’s in Canada) Batman.

Batman police stop wtf dash camBatman police stop wtf dash cam
Trend Wave via YouTube

But why was he pulled over? The police officer wanted a photo with him. He dramatically leaped out of the Batmobile in full Batman fashion. This man has been dressing as Batman for over 20 years, ever since his father passed away.

23. Monkey see, monkey steal

You know when you had a really good meal and you have some amazing leftovers you can’t wait to eat tomorrow? But the food just has to make it home safely first. That was apparently not the case in this car.

Monkey steals from car gif wtfMonkey steals from car gif wtf
Trend Wave via YouTube

A monkey appeared to be friendly while sitting in the window and then darted into the car, grabbing what looks like a bag of food, and made off out the window with it. The driver simply wasn’t fast enough to grab his bag back, unfortunately.

24. Going, going, gone

This truck falls into some sort of sinkhole “the way you fall asleep: Slowly, and then all at once.” (Quote from The Fault in Our Stars). It’s almost like the ground opened up to swallow this truck whole. Holy moly.

Truck falls over wtf dash camTruck falls over wtf dash cam
Drive Now via YouTube

What’s worse: The traffic accidents that could have been easily avoided if people weren’t jerks or the ones that just sort of sneak up on you and aren’t the fault of the drivers? Both are certainly frustrating. Looks like traffic was going pretty slowly here, so hopefully, the other drivers made it out unscathed.

25. Incoming!

In 2013, a meteor streaked across the sky over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. It burned 30 times brighter than the sun and exploded, sending small parts of itself crashing into Earth. The explosion shattered windows and the radiation burned skin.

Russian meteor dash camRussian meteor dash cam
Artur Alves via YouTube

Many Russians captured the event on their dash cams. Parts of the meteor were retrieved for study. “If humanity does not want to go the way of the dinosaurs, we need to study an event like this in detail,” scientist Qing-Zhu Yin told The Guardian.

26. Wait, was that a person?

At first glance, this may seem like a normal car scene — until you realize that’s a person splayed across the hood of the car. And is that a police car following behind? As with many of these clips, it begs more questions than it answers.

Windshield person wtf dash camWindshield person wtf dash cam
Drive Now via YouTube

Is the guy on the car in cahoots with the driver and they’re escaping the scene of a crime? Or was this another insurance scam gone wrong? But if that’s the case, why would the driver being running from the police.

27. Rain, rain, go away

Crappy drivers doing ridiculous things can be pretty scary, but this clip of the sheer power of nature is certainly enough to shake you to the bone. The winds are ripping these buildings apart in what appears to be a hurricane.

Weather destroyed building gif dash camWeather destroyed building gif dash cam
Top Fives via YouTube

Hopefully, the car is protecting its driver from the intense winds as they destroy nearly everything else in view. One person can be seen with what looks like a scooter, but they’re having a hard time getting around in the extreme weather.

28. The sky is falling

This is another stomach-dropping accident in which a plane fell from the sky and crashed into the ground below. It created a huge fiery explosion and sent plumes of deep black smoke into the air. This was a cargo plane in Afghanistan.

Plane crash dash cam gifPlane crash dash cam gif
VideoExtreme via YouTube

A military vehicle inside the plane was improperly secured, causing it to move through the plane, hitting important operating systems. It seemed that people had not given proper oversight to the cargo procedures, inspection, and safety of the plane.

29. Underage driving

A police officer was following this car for a while as it swerved, shook, and shimmied down the road. Surely, it must be an inebriated driver, the cop thought. But when the car stopped, a seven-year-old child hopped out! He ran into a nearby house.

Child driver wtf dash camChild driver wtf dash cam
Top15s via YouTube

Once the boy’s parents talked to him, he told them he’d stolen the car to avoid going to church. The police didn’t prosecute him or give him any citations. They simply told the parents to make their car keys harder to find.

30. The end of times

These cars were driving along a highway during a huge forest fire. The flames burned the trees to their side and colored the sky in an ominous reddish hue. Sparks fell down like a soft, cozy snow of danger.

Fire sparks gif dash camFire sparks gif dash cam
Top Fives via YouTube

With the increasing threat of California’s wildfires, versions of this scary scene are becoming way too common. Dry plants and winds make wildfires more likely and more dangerous. While fire is important to many ecosystems, management is crucial to keeping people safe and encouraging healthy ecosystems.

31. A medium car crash

Whenever watching crazy dash cam videos, you can’t help but wonder: What on Earth was going through their head? How in the world did this car end up over the medium like this? Did it drop out of the sky or was the driver really that bad?

Car crash dash cam video wtfCar crash dash cam video wtf
Meanwhile in Russia via YouTube

But what’s scarier, cars falling from the sky or drivers dumb enough to somehow drive over the medium and into another car? It’s a tough call. Both are unpredictable and out of your control. Best just stay at home with the curtains drawn.

32. Wind power

It appears that this guy is attempting to use fans to propel himself further on his bike. Or maybe he just gets really hot and needs to cool down? It’s hard to tell if the fans are actually achieving their goal, whatever it may be.

Bike fan wtf dash camBike fan wtf dash cam
Meanwhile in Russia via YouTube

This guy looks pretty steampunk, though. Hopefully it’s an environmentally friendly addition to his bicycle, which is a greener method of transportation than a car. However, if those fans use some sort of gasoline, they are taking away from the eco-friendly aspect of the bicycle.

33. Cheaper than a tow truck

Inexplicably, this car swerves in front of the incoming truck. It then stays there for a few seconds while the truck keeps driving like nothing happened. The car seems to be trying to drive away but is stuck and can’t make it out past the truck.

Car truck crash wtf dash camCar truck crash wtf dash cam
Meanwhile in Russia via YouTube

Where was the car coming from and why did it turn in front of this moving truck? Those are questions the truck driver was probably asking himself while calmly pushing the black car along. Perhaps the car will stay there until the truck driver decides to turn himself.

34. Hiding behind the corner

This video begins with the dash cam car driving along a single lane road. But it takes quite a turn when another car comes into view! The dash cam driver swerves to get out of the way, but the incoming car crashes into its side anyway.

Car crash wtf dash camCar crash wtf dash cam
Meanwhile in Russia via YouTube

It’s hard to tell who was in the wrong here or which way you’re supposed to drive on this road. Perhaps the real person at fault is whoever is in charge of road signage in this area because by the looks of it, this crash was bound to happen to someone.

35. Is that a… bear?

It’s hard to tell just what is going on in this clip but it appears to be a bear running down the street. It looks kind of small, so perhaps it’s a young bear. But why is it in such a highly-populated area like this city?

Bear running down streetBear running down street
Meanwhile in Russia via YouTube

Well, we can only hope that a) nothing hurt the bear, b) it didn’t hurt anyone, and c) it’s mom didn’t go on a rampage for people looking at it funny. Run, little bear, run! And please, for everyone’s sake, go back home.