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1. Executive eating

Luckily, former President Obama isn’t scheduled for any drug tests, or else he would be in deep trouble. Poppy seeds are more than a bagel topper, they additionally contain optimum essential nutrients, calcium, iron and opiates. That last one is no typo; abnormally high amounts of opiates exist in the black, bulbous spheres.

The Forward

They originate from the colorful poppy flower which is also famously featured on the Canadian twenty-dollar bill. The name and reputation are well-deserved, as many people have been shocked when they take a drug test to see a false-positive.

2. Bagel backers

The poppy seed gossip was further popularized by the hit TV show Seinfeld, where Elaine Benes loses her job when she tests positive for opiates after eating a poppy seed muffin. Each poppy flower packs a punch: 10,000-55,000 little poppy troublemakers in each bud. 

Fox News

Poppies also outdate human existence and were used for medical purposes by ancient civilizations some 10,000 years ago. This pesky, inconspicuous garnish has been causing jaws to drop for centuries.

3. Never pass a pizza

Pizza, without debate, is the most satisfying, delectable vegetable. That’s right: vegetable as stated by the United States government. However, consume too much and you are sure to confuse a breathalyzer test, a device used to measure blood alcohol concentration.


A reading of 0.08 is considered legally impaired by the United States, and too much pizza could push the envelope. To warn the public about this cause, we should make a new acronym: DWEP — driving while eating pizza.

4. Vanilla vixen

Mention vanilla and the first thing that should rush to your mind is soft ice cream. Afterwards, picture a false-positive drug test, particularly, another breathalyzer giving you a troubling reading. The ice cream won’t trigger any drug test doubts, but the vanilla extract itself will. The sugar alcohol purity of vanilla extract varies, although store bought containers can reach a whopping 40%.


A third of Americans picked vanilla as their favorite ice cream flavor, which is also why it’s the second most exported and desirable spice in the world. Here are some additional benefits to the versatile vegetation: it’s an aromatic antioxidant and capable of lowering inflammation in the body. 

5. Breathing bothers

Breathalyzers are astoundingly accurate. Despite absurd myths about tricking the test (like holding a penny under your tongue), recent innovations in technology can nearly guarantee police officers will find what they are looking for. 

Lung Friend

Besides sugar alcohol failings, several other substances are detectable. The only things that would substantially gunk up breathalyzer resluts are all non-ingestible items: varnish, adhesives, plastics and paint. Great for home renovation, less so for your health.

Thinking of working out? Use this next muscle bulging booster with caution at your next drug test…

6. Creatine confusion

Ever wanted bigger muscles? Then here is the supplement for you — creatine is found naturally throughout the body, and is distilled into a dozen different creatine types for different lifestyles. It lowers the specific gravity (a measurement of water-based drug tests). 


User generally gain a few percentage points of water weight within the first few days. That is enough to make the muscle look brolic, but keep in mind, you haven’t actually gained muscle fibers until you work out. Rapid water weight bloating can throw the normal concentration of urine tests out of whack. How much? Enough to raise eyebrows. It could mean one of two things: attempting to cheat a drug test or kidney failure. Neither of these options are good news.

7. Governator decrees

The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and other bodybuilding brethren helped popularize the peculiar white powder in the 1990s. It can be found at any local bodybuilding or fitness shop in town, primarily because the components are found naturally in red meat and fish. 


Two decades ago it was a mystery to scientists; now, it’s a staple for fitness buffs who consume it as a workout booster. If you are looking to bulk, venture no further and have a heaping scoop to your routine. 

8. Puff! The magic nasal spray

Puff, puff and poof! Your drug test is more likely to read positive if you have inhaled and, by extension, absorbed certain nasal sprays—Vicks and Sudafed can cause drug tests to read out “amphetamines.” 

Psych Congress

Most people widely consider Amphetamines as the most unsavory class of drugs. Bath salts and PCP have warranted an awful reputation. Reports show people turning into a rage with incredible strength, but have no conscious control.

Don’t let the astounding, temporary power of the drugs distract you. The Superman complex is dangerous, especially when you aren’t bulletproof.

9. Soak City saline

When sprayed in the nostril, it is subsequently dispersed throughout the nasal cavity and the mouth; after all, everything is connected. If you have a false-positive test, there are likely bigger problems to worry about. 

The Fit Global

There are three types of nasal sprays: salt-water solution nasal sprays, decongestants— like antihistamines — and steroid nasal sprays. Saline nasal sprays can be squirted about like Soak City; however, steroid-based nasal sprays disrupt the nasal walls to decay and prevent surplus amounts of beneficial mucus. Last but not least, Anti-histamines can cause trouble in the test tube. 

10. Trouble in a bubble

Baseball, bubble gum and false-positives on drug tests…. The last item is much less fun. Even chewing gum can cause terrible testing trouble. However, It wasn’t always this way. The chewy treat that generates billions in revenue a year was once free from false-positives.

Thought Co.

American gum companies decided to take a risk, removing all calories and sugar in gum, but use a chemical additive as substitute. They decided on the sugar alcohol called Xylitol. It is an excellent stress reliever, but you’ll be risking a clean drug test. 

11. Legally bubbalicious

A false-positive on a drug test can lead to many different scenarios: Although, who would figure gum would have generated legal proceedings in the past decade? There have been legal cases fought on the fact that large portions of chewing gum can draw a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04. 


That’s halfway to the legal definition of impaired, and if it were true alcohol instead of sugar alcohol, it would mean you’re on your way to Tipsy Town. Perhaps replacing gum with sugar alcohol was not the brightest idea.

Ironically, gum also reduces stress and helps in moments of concentration.

Speaking of fattening foods, this next item supposedly stops sugar rushes….

12. Shedding a couple pills

Diet pills may help you lose weight. They also may increase the chance of your drug test reading “positive.” At any time, diet pills work in three different areas: the brain, the gut and the hormonal system.


First they inhibit the brain’s impulse to constantly desire food. Secondly, they block fat absorption within the intestines. Lastly, you experience a rapid increase in your metabolism. The pills are potentially addictive, which could spell doom for future drug tests.

13. Diet dangers

Diet pills are not innocent. By disturbing the balance between metabolism and epinephrine level, AKA the fight-or-flight mechanism, diet pills increase several notable health risks: restlessness, increased heartbeat, blocking of essential vitamins, and high blood pressure. They promise the moon while offering little in return. 


Lastly, patients report returning to their original weight right after ditching these dubious drugs. Prescription and nonprescription diet pills are available to the public, but watch out: few, if any, are regulated by the FDA. Thus, any diet pills on the market that are “organic” and “boosts the to metabolism” can differ wildly in effectiveness of ingredients, quality or quantity within each pill. Steer clear and adopt a method of losing weight you are comfortable with.  

14. Stoned on seeds

Bad news for hemp oil users: it bonds to you—literally. A comprehensive drug list will show hemp is the most pesky, sticking in your system long after use. Why? The chemical compound THC takes forever to decay. It can be measured using a scientific concept called a “half-life.” Half-life is the time it takes for the human body to break down 50% of the item’s active ingredients, rendering it “safe” on a drug test.

Hemp oil n a glass jar and hemp seedsHemp oil n a glass jar and hemp seeds
Health Fitness Revolution

THC has the longest half-life of any drug-related substance on this list. That means, it takes much longer to flush out of the body. THC and hemp take several weeks to drop to acceptable levels in the body. Even anabolic steroids, heroin, cocaine and various other dangerous drugs are less detectable during that time. 

15. Hempily ever after

Whether you put them in your mouth, rub them on your skin or handle them delicately, the primary chemical in hemp seeds—THC—will not flush out easily. Simply depositing the seeds in water causes the THC to dissolve and invade every corner quickly.

The Cannabis Advisory

It may not be a worrisome health risk, but your heart may drop upon hearing test results. Just another reason why hemp and cannabis are nerve-racking substances for people wishing to pass a drug test.

There are some other substances you might want to avoid rubbing in excessively…

16. Sun, no fun

Hopefully you won’t be directly eating this one. Lotion, sunscreen and essential oils serve as relieving solutions and booming industries. But for your upcoming drug test, avoid that boom. Reports allege false-positives after a day baking in the sun. 


Sunscreen doesn’t completely evaporate; it often meshes with the skin and flows deep into the pores. Once in the skin, it lies in the body for a longer period than most narcotics. Skimping on sunscreen is an equally bad idea, just be aware it could bake you at the next drug test.

17. Luscious, leary lotions

Chemicals always have a way of penetrating pores. Lotions, which can be used in a simple morning rinse, leave residue after the rub-down. Have a child? Baby soap, a specialty for their soft skin, has an interesting ingredient: THC—the recurrent culprit in the most false-positives.

Marley Natural

Mothers bathing their kids who had rubbed it on their hands could be flagged positive by any urine test for weeks. However, it is a testament to the precision of the test. Tenths of millimeters of the material resulted in an alert and detection.

Impressive for the tests, but pesky for mothers and their children.

18. Quirky quinine

Quinine is carbonated and co-opting a false-positive drug test. The higher level of quinine in a drink, the more bitter it becomes. Quinine is an alkaloid that glows under a UV light. It was originally discovered by indigenous South American people who harnessed bark off cinchona trees. The drink is a mixture of the quinine plant and carbonated water. 

Australian Bartender

Interestingly, a direct doctor’s prescription can be given in cases of Malaria therapy. While consuming large quantities of quinine is unlikely to cause harm, it will definitely raise your chances of not getting that new job.

19. Questionable quinine water

Quinine water, also known as tonic water, is a bitter bottle of intrigue. Don’t let the transparent appearance fool you; the bubbling tonic contains the exact same amount of sugar as most sodas.

Reader’s Digest

There is one extra incredible upswing: It doubles as a deterrent for Malaria!  European conquerors of South American were pleased to find a way to combat a problem that had no other solutions. Resist this fizzy drink before your test and you should be fine.

Ever wonder why your favorite rapper or musician is dazed and looking a little too mellowed out? Find out why next…

20. Not for adult overconsumption

Ah, cough syrup, the child remedy packing a bitter sensation comes with an even more bitter realization: it can also cause false-positive drug tests. Flying in the face of doctor’s recommendation, some rock, rap and hip-hop groups have often made references to its recreational use.

Teen Treatment Center

Codeine is a potent prescription strength cough syrup, but outside of treating a cold, this over-the-counter treatment can cause an array of problems.

21. Codeine in a cup

Candy, Dex, Skittles, Triple C, velvet, there are many names to the bane of many children, but boon to many adults. Cough syrup has disturbing properties when interacting with the brain. After being consumed, it binds to the brain exactly like heroin, resulting in a calming effect—which can prove fatal.

Men’s Health

Heart and lung function shuts down upon overdosing. Further bad news: cough syrup is addictive. Repeated abuse could cause a cycle of reliance and desire.

Use it, but make absolutely sure not to abuse it.

22. Granola greatness

Granola is the American snack staple for all walks of life: young, old, plus everyone trying to draw a false-positive drug test. It can be a ubiquitous topping or supplement in yogurt, Acai, shakes and baking. It has the hidden benefit of reducing the urge to eat large quantities. 

The Comfort of Cooking

Ghrelin, a hormone telling the body to eat, is blocked after consumption of granola. The only place it shouldn’t be is your mouth on the day of a drug test. Otherwise, snack away. 

23. Craving crusher

Granola is a cholesterol controller, vitamin vitality bar of life. A potluck of potassium, without a salty sensation. Calcium, vitamins A through E, and a heaping bundle of fiber, granola bars proportionally pack more of punch than any other item on the list. Additionally, you cannot find more diverse essential nutrients anywhere else. 

Food and Wine Magazine

Originally called “flapjacks” in the early 20th century England for it’s portability, it was conversely ridiculed in the United States. Fortunately, this tasty treat was revived heartily by health gurus in the 1960s.

24. Happy little memories

Think of happy pills, or antidepressants, as rebalancing buddies. Rebalancing the brain’s chemical wiring to ensure easier function in daily life. OCD, anxiety, depression and a slew of other conditions can be treated with careful Doctor’s prescription. 

Which Way is Starboard Again?

One of the most popular antidepressants, Zoloft, is falsely mistaken for benzodiazepines—a downer like the infamous Xanax—or even LSD during the drug testing process. It is a double-edged sword, helping the patient, while jeopardizing valid results of any drug test.  

25. Non-bummin’ bubbies

The last situation you want while struggling with depression is a false-positive companion. Antidepressants also don another name: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SSRIs). Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, provides necessary info to the brain.

Stress Prevention and Management Center

Forgetting the complex terminology, the chemical process is simple: block the reabsorption of serotonin to the brain, making more serotonin biologically available. It is “selective” because it only affects serotonin.

Good news?

Over long courses of treatment, many people have notice improved mood and emotional ease.

What simple leaf in South American gets Americans going coocoo and crazy? It might not be what you expect…

26. Crazy coca

Coca leaves, as the name might suggest, is a flora in high demand. Coca leaves are also more nutritious than the soda counterpart may lead you to believe; vitamin E for vibrant skin, vitamin A for improving eyesight and iron to help strengthen bones. Like quinine, coca is a South American plant. It is also rather discreet, so why the false-positive here? 

Public Radio International

Fortunately, The American titan Coca-Cola separates the cocaine residue in the coca plant. However, companies less technologically inclined may not properly treat the leaves, allowing tiny pieces of cocaine to absorb or latch onto the leaves.

27. Coocoo for cocaine

Ever heard the claim that Coca-Cola contains cocaine? Well, it is partially true. Before 1929, all false-positive drug tests would have some validity if participants drank coca-cola. Limited technology in the early 20th century prevented complete removal of cocaine residue from the carbonated drink.

Pre-1930, Coca-Cola bottles contained from 1/200 to 1/400 grains per ounce, enough to detect by any testing procedure.

28. No pain, all gain

Use these to dull the pain before a painful wake-up call: they are another false-positive stimulant. Ibuprofen, aspirin and Aleve are a go-to for professional athletes, primarily, because they reduce inflammation. 

World Report Now

All these over-the-counter medications belong to a family of drugs called NSAIDS—which stands for “Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.” NSAIDS are by far the most prescribed medication in the United States.

29. Breaking a bad concoction

Ever wonder why it is suspicious or downright illegal to purchase large quantities of cold medication? Over-the-counter remedies often contain pseudoephedrine, a primary component of methamphetamine. Sudafed and Vicks, can trigger a false-positive on your upcoming drug test.

World Report Now

For a false-positive, giant doses of these medications are required. But it is certainly in the realm of possibility. Older drug tests, made before 2015, are less reliable and more likely to read incorrectly. A double downer reason to avoid Ibuprofen? A study linked the substance to possible male infertility. As with anything, take as directed. 

But the list of medications causing mischief isn’t done yet, to be extra safe, take a quick look at the next bout of bolus blunders…

30. Malady of Medication

As if there weren’t enough small little items to avoid, many of the medications you use and peruse are off limits for that upcoming drug test. Here are the last bits of wisdom to your entry level or CEO Journey…


Verapamil— which is for hypertension — falsely translates to meth, antibiotics ofloxacin and gatifloxacin — can be mistaken for opiates. Lastly, diphenhydramine is a doozy of a name, but also leads to doubts from drug testers, as it’ll often turn up methadone. Sometimes it feels like nothing is safe, what is the simple solution? Well that’ll be next…

31. Timing is everything

Here are all the ways to double check that false-positive won’t be an issue:

  • Recheck your diet and medication, make sure there is nothing potentially positive causing you to
  • Consult your doctor regarding medications and drug testing
  • Time: everything is your body undergoes a flushing mechanism, so the longer you wait in between the test and your consumption, the greater the chance you come up clean as a whistle.

Utilize this guide to guarantee your safety on the next upcoming drug test!

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