1. Yoga dog

Yoga dog Halloween costume
istolethetv via Flickr

This little pup just wants to get into the very trendy yoga. Hey, we already have goat yoga, so who’s to say we can’t have dog yoga, too? But when he goes into Corpse Pose, the yoga instructor will have to tell him, “Nama-stay!”

But we can bet this pup will excel at Downward-Facing Dog, as long as he isn’t distracted by Cat-Cow Pose. Surely some yoga studio has classes where it’s Bring Your Dog to Yoga Day. Would it be relaxing? Probably not, but it would be amusing.

2. ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ dog

Dog Halloween costume silence of the lambs
istolethetv via Flickr

While Hannibal Lecter is truly quite scary, what with his whole tendency for cannibalism, this dog isn’t nearly as terrifying. Although, as a little Chihuahua, it probably thinks it’s scary and menacing when it goes to the dog park.

Let’s just hope that once the muzzle comes off, this little dog doesn’t get a taste for human flesh (it might go after those lambs, though). Surely this costume will win as many awards as The Silence of the Lambs did.

3. Frankenstein dog

Halloween dog costume frankenstein
Petful via Flickr

This is Snoop, a bull terrier, who’s going as a Frankenstein dog for Halloween. In fact, he looks a lot like the dog Sparky from the movie Frankenweenie, in which young Victor Frankenstein brings his dog back from the grave.

While the green eyes certainly add to the effect, they’re actually caused by the camera’s flash, not necromantic magic. This could make for a great costume duo if the owner goes as Frankenstein and the dog goes as the monster creation.

4. Scuba dog

Scuba dog halloween costume
Petful via Flickr

Have you ever wanted to take your dog with you on a scuba diving trip? The pup probably would get a kick out of all the fish swimming around. Well, with this costume, you can pretend the two of you can go diving together!

Actually, one guy did take his dog scuba diving — she needed a custom $1,000 diving suit. Rather than goggles and soda tanks like this costume, the other dog’s scuba suit had a bubble helmet more akin to an astronaut.

5. Puffer fish dog

Pufferfish Halloween dog costume
Johannes Schmitt-Tegge/picture alliance via Getty Images

You may have heard of fugu, but have you heard of pugu? Here this pooch is sporting a puffer fish outfit for the Halloween parade. Luckily, he’s not really a puffer fish, as most of them have enough poison to kill 30 people.

Puffer fish will try to inflate themselves to avoid being eaten, rather than just taking the predator down with them. To do their trademark puff up, puffer fish gulp in the water around them. This pug certainly doesn’t have the super-elastic stomach to do the same.

6. Hot dog stand dog

Hot dog stand halloween dog costume parade
istolethetv via Flickr

While this little dog is dressed as a hot dog stand, the food’s canine ties are actually to the dachshund. Both dachshunds and sausages have German origins and were brought over to the United States around the same time.

In fact, hot dogs were originally called “dachshund sausages,” probably as a joke about the long, thin dogs. Over time, the name evolved to the shorter and much easier to say, “hot dog.” Hey, that’d be a good costume for a dachshund. 

7. Hulk dog

Hulk dog costume Halloween parade
istolethetv via Flickr

This dog’s name must be Bruce Barker, because he’s currently Hulking out (RIP the furniture). Dogs already do enough damage to the house without them having an uncontrollable alter ego. This guy’s secret is that he’s always barking angry.

If you’re interested in dyeing your dog, make sure to buy pet-safe dyes, because human hair dye is toxic to dogs. Also, you should probably only dye your dog or put it in a costume if it’s comfortable with getting a lot of attention.

8. Jelly Belly dog

Jelly Belly dog costume Halloween parade
istolethetv via Flickr

What’s more Halloween than candy? This dog is embracing the sweeter side of the holiday. You can DIY this costume easily, using some balloons and a bag. But hopefully this dog doesn’t have too hard a time of sitting and moving around.

If you want to try a punnier version of this costume, you could just smear some jelly on your dog’s belly. Although, do your research, because there are a lot of human foods you shouldn’t feed your dog, like grapes, for example.

9. Marilyn Monroe dog

Marilyn Monroe dog costume Halloween
istolethetv via Flickr

Marilyn Monroe once posed nude to pay her rent, and now her boobs are on a cheap dog costume. At least dogs aren’t reduced to sex symbols. But this dog won’t have to worry about its skirt flying up — in fact, it’d probably just keep pee off the costume. 

Monroe had her own dog once upon a time: A Maltese terrier named Mafia (Maf for short). She got the dog from Frank Sinatra not long after her third divorce. She once said, “Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

10. Baked potato dog

Dog baked potato halloween costume parade
istolethetv via Flickr

While calling a person a potato isn’t the nicest, it’s instantly a cute name for a pet. Do you need a name for your pet snake? Potato. Turtle? Potato. Cat? Potato. Bird? Potato. And then, come Halloween, you can dress them as a baked potato!

The real question is: Are these eyes begging for a baked potato of her own or for her owner to take the darn costume off? It’s hard to tell. Hopefully, it wasn’t too hot that day — we wouldn’t want her to bake in the sun.

11. Chinese takeout dog

Dog Halloween costume parade
istolethetv via Flickr

When someone told you to take out the dog, surely this was not what they had in mind, but this pet owner just ran with it anyway. This truly is the ultimate doggie bag! In case you were wondering, yes, leftovers from restaurants were once taken home for pets.

It started during World War II, when food shortages were widespread in the United States. Some restaurants encouraged customers to take their meal’s bones home to the dog. However, while it’s great to take home leftovers, be careful about which human foods you give your dog.

12. Poop factory dog

Poop factory dog Halloween costume
istolethetv via Flickr

Someone must have thought they were real clever when they made this costume — of course, now it’s everywhere. Sure, picking up a dog’s poop sucks, but are you any less of a poop factory than your pooch? Probably not.

Other possible names for this costume could be: snuggle factory, chewed shoe factory, or slobber factory. But as mildly amusing as this costume is, remember that no one wants industrial waste on the sidewalk. So, please: Pick up after your dog!

13. Bob Ross dog

Bob Ross dog Halloween costume
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Bob Ross mostly painted landscape scenes, but Dog Ross is more interested in poodle portraits. His giant palette can accommodate his paws and his hair is nearly as curly as the real Bob Ross’. And of course, this pooch looks just as happy as Ross’ little trees.

Bob Ross and dogs — what could be more wholesome than that? “If painting does nothing else for you, it should make you happy,” Ross once said in an episode of The Joy of Painting. We hope this photo does the same.

14. Superhero dog

Superhero dog costume Halloween
@hueypuppy via Instagram

Hudson “Huey” the golden retriever went as a superhero for Halloween two years ago — SuperHuey, in fact. With his golden hair glowing in the sunlight, SuperHuey sure is the perfect picture of a world-saving hero, fake abs pushed out for his super pose.

SuperHuey is the hero we need right now, but not the one we deserve. He’ll just keep chasing those sticks and saving us from the menacing squirrels, even though we didn’t ask him to. What a good boy!

15. Lobster dog

Lobster dog costume Halloween
Vivienne Gucwa/Moment via Getty Images

Who hasn’t wanted to boil a particularly yappy and annoying small dog? C’mon, we’ve all thought it. Of course, that would be truly terrible, so it makes this costume a little strange to look at (never mind the dog’s new hairdo).

In some places, boiling lobsters alive is actually illegal. Some scientists believe lobsters can feel pain, while others are sure they can’t. It’s hard to tell, since you can’t just ask them. Their hard outer shells certainly make it hard for people to empathize with them.

16. Sea anemone dog

Sea anemone dog halloween costume
MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Don’t we all wish we had our very own protective, stinging sea anemone to nestle into each night? That’s the high life clown fish live. Usually, they don’t go on harrowing journeys like in Finding Nemo, and stick around their anemone day and night.

The sea anemone protects the clown fish from predators each night while the clown fish offers a variety of services: It scares away the sea anemone’s predators, fertilizes the anemone, and wiggles at night, bringing oxygen to the anemone.

17. Mermaid dog

Mermaid dog halloween costume
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News via Getty Images

Mermaid and merman legends go back as far as ancient Babylonia and Syria. They were gods and goddesses depicted as half-human, half-fish. For some reason, no one thought a fish head and people legs was cool (Viktor Krum did, though).

Merpeople really spread their fins in Greek and Roman mythology — as sexy, malicious creatures trying to take sailors’ lives. Sure, the sea is dark, mysterious, and full of weird creatures, but mermaids? Never seem ’em. Of course, this dog’s costume is probably more Disney than mythical siren.

18. ‘Sharknado’ dog

Sharknado dog costume Halloween
istolethetv via Flickr

If a sharknado is the scariest type of storm, a barknado is one of the tamest (next to, like, a flower hurricane). This costume is the newest version of the “raining cats and dogs” pun outfit — y’know, with an umbrella and stuffed animals.

Although, to be fair, a dog flying headfirst (teeth first!) into you would be pretty scary and painful, even if the dog didn’t want it to be. But dog versions of all those shark movies could be pretty fun!

19. Chippendale dog

Chippendale dog halloween costume
istolethetv via Flickr

And the weird use of “sexy” costumes for dogs in an effort to be funny continues. Some people have certainly been very generous with this Chippendale — giving him singles before he even strips all the way.

The Chippendales are a traveling male stripping troupe, with a base in Las Vegas. The name “Chippendale” comes from — of all things — a furniture style named after an English cabinetmaker. Did he walk around shirtless with a bow tie and cuffs? We’ll never know.

20. Pot roast dog

Pot roast dog halloween costume
istolethetv via Flickr

In case the hot dog is too obvious a costume for your dachshund, there’s this pot roast option. As opposed to the Germanic origins of the hot dog, pot roast is an American dish that came about from French, German, and Jewish immigrants’ influences.

You can easily DIY this costume, as long as you’re willing to give up a few carrots. However, this costume looks like it could easily get messed up when your dog does anything other than stand still or walk. If the pup wants to roll over, it’s all over.

21. Big Bad Wolf dog

Red Riding Hood dog halloween costume
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

When you don’t have a costume making a joke of eating your dog, you get a costume making a joke of a dog eating you — or rather, your baby, in this case. What parent doesn’t worry a little bit about bringing their baby home to the dog?

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can make this costume, too. You’ll have people telling you, “My, what a fine costume this is!” And your smart reply can be, “All the better to win the costume contest with!”

22. Wrestler dog

Wrestler dog halloween costume
TIMOTHY CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Every year, Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park hosts its famed Halloween Dog Parade. Hundreds of dogs show up in costume with their owners, who are sometimes also in costume! However, last year and this year, the venue has actually been the East River Park Amphitheater.

While it’s free to join the parade, thousands of dollars are on the line in prize money. So if you’re enjoying this article and dog costumes in general, check out this parade for the first look at whatever people have cooked up for 2019.

23. Bikini dog

Bikini dog costume halloween
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Usually October is a bit chilly for bikinis, but when you’ve got fur, who cares?! Hopefully this dog’s guardians cut some holes in those bottoms, or else they might have quite a mess at the costume parade. Also, hopefully this dog isn’t a purebred English bulldog, because they sure have a lot of health problems.

Bulldogs have myriad health issues related to their incessant inbreeding. One study looked at the DNA of about a hundred English bulldogs and found that the average was “genetically equivalent to offspring of full sibling parents that came from a highly inbred” population.

24. Google Maps dog

Google maps halloween dog costume
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

When life gives you wheels, make Google Maps Street View costumes. That’s how the saying goes, right? This little dog is about to be zooming around, chronicling the dog’s-eye view for Google Maps. Wouldn’t that be cool?

As miraculous as Google Maps Street View is, it didn’t magically arise out of nowhere: People drove around in cars with cameras on top, snapping pics of the world. In fact, they continue to do it. You could call it the ultimate road trip.

25. Llama dog

Llama dog halloween costume
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to be twinsies with your dog? Or wear a llama costume for Halloween? Well this person and her dog achieved both for a Halloween dog costume parade. Where exactly the dog’s lower half is hiding is a mystery.

Can the pup even move of its own accord? It looks like the llama costume is on wheels, so presumably not. Hopefully, there’s a doggy pee pad in that costume! Or, at least bathroom breaks in the grass. 

26. Clown fish dog

Halloween dog costume parade
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images News via Getty Images

You might be wondering: Where is the dog in this picture? It’s in that clown fish costume in the fish tank. Some people really go all out with their costumes for these Halloween dog parades, making them something far more than just dog outfits.

This tank even has little fish ID cards like you might find at an aquarium. Perhaps the newest Finding Nemo movie will be about a little dog in a Nemo costume that runs off and gets lost, far from its owner.

27. Mounds ‘No-nuts’ dog

Mounds dog halloween candy costume
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Mounds candy is probably not your first pick out of your Halloween stash, but it certainly is the perfect candy bar for this punny costume. Mounds is chocolate and coconut, while its sister candy is Almond Joy. The difference between the two? No nuts.

Spaying or neutering your pet is a step forward in the battle against pet homelessness. On top of that, it can help your pet have a longer, healthier life, while also lessening some behavioral issues in male pets.

28. Starbucks dog

Starbucks dog costume halloween parade
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images

Who is a cuter barista than this little poofy Pomeranian? Someone went all out with this costume — making a model Starbucks for their dog to sit in. Small dogs have also gone as pumpkin spice lattes to keep up with the coffee theme.

But just keep in mind that as much fun as it may be to bring your dog to Starbucks, don’t give them coffee or tea. The caffeine can be very bad for them. Starbucks is always willing to give out water, though!

29. Pirate dog

Pirate dog costume halloween parade
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Peg legs have become quite a pirate symbol, but have you ever wondered how this started? While there was a Captain Francois Le Clerc in the 1500s who had a peg leg and regularly stole from the Spanish, the trope likely grew popular from the fictional pirate Long John Silver.

In the book, Long John Silver was missing a leg and used a crutch, but perhaps did not have a wooden peg leg. This was added in movie adaptations. However, the famous fictional sailor Captain Ahab from Moby-Dick had an ivory peg leg.

30. Titanic dog

Titanic dog costume Halloween parade
MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Ah, the bane of tourist ship crews everywhere: people reenacting that one Titanic scene with Rose and Jack on the bow of the ship. But hey, a dog doing it is fresh and amusing. The glee on this dog’s face makes it that much better.

When going for a Halloween costume contest, you’ve really gotta go all out like this dog here. But at some point, even dogs doing the Titanic thing will be overdone, so the real way to have the best costume is creativity and innovation!