If you’ve ever wanted to go to space, the 21st century is the time to do it. With new inventions advancing technology, passengers will soon be able to traverse the galaxy. And it looks like Elon Musk’s new spaceship will be the first one to make it possible.

The Red Planet

Elon Musk has a team at SpaceX that recently sent a Tesla rover to Mars. Part of the Falcon Rocket launch, this piece showcased the team’s technological capabilities. That is why Musk felt confident enough to pick the first private passenger for his newest project.


The Big Falcon Rocket is 157 feet tall and is attached to a 191-foot rocket. The huge spacecraft is designed to take passengers to Mars in the coming years. If successful, the launch would be the first of its kind.

The Journey

Surprisingly, the time it will take the spacecraft to get to Mars isn’t as long as you’d think. It will only take passengers six months to get there. But what’s half a year of your life when you get to see outer space?


The overall plan is to launch an unmanned mission in 2022 and a manned one by 2024. That’s less than six years away! Who thought we would have a man on Mars this soon?

The Ups and Downs

The downsides are obvious, though. If the technology doesn’t work, someone could die. A failure could also strike fear into other technology hubs, leading to a plateau in advancement. No one wants that. However, there are many more upsides to this technology working.


If Musk’s technology is successful, humans will have a second planet that can potentially be colonized. It also means that private trips to the moon would be very possible.