Catch of the day

Fishing requires patience. So when you catch a massive fish after sitting on the dock for hours, it’s important to celebrate your big catch. For this guy, the celebration called for a size comparison between the big fish he caught and the girl doing a handstand on his left.

@sala_mido via Twitter

It’s hard to tell just from the photo, but it looks like this fish could be more than 5 feet long! And credit the girl in this picture for not only pulling off the handstand, but also crossing her feet to match the pattern of the fish’s tail! Now that’s some attention to detail right there.

Man vs. beast

It takes a lot of strength to reel in a big fish. Looking at this picture, one might wonder how massive this fish could possibly be. From the looks of it, it seems like the fish has dragged this guy several yards toward the lake and could possibly even pull him into the water!

@joshuaprichards via Twitter

It would seemingly take superhuman strength to reel in this baby, and it might be best for this guy to cut his losses (and his line). But if he’s stubborn enough, this would make for a terrific new episode of Man vs. Beast. Just imagine this normal-sized guy taking on a 500-pound bass!

Jonah and the whale

One of the most popular stories in the Bible is the story of Jonah and the whale. In the Old Testament story, Jonah lives inside a massive fish for three days, after which the fish vomits him out onto dry land. It’s hard to envision such a story, especially without pictures, but maybe this is what it looked like!

@jacman04 via Twitter

It’s hard to imagine what this unsuspecting person could’ve been doing that would get them into a mix-up with this big fish. Look at the size of that mouth! Hopefully he or she is okay — unless … Did someone put a pair of their fishing shoes into the fish’s mouth? Very clever.

‘Fly’ fishing

Spearfishing isn’t wildly popular, but it has surged in popularity as of late. In this picture, this man takes spearfishing to an entirely new level. Most spearfishers (is that what they call them? Or are they spearfishermen?) use professional equipment and scuba gear. This guy? He doesn’t need any of that fancy stuff.

@redtunashirts via Twitter

All it takes for this guy to catch the perfect fish is a big stick and a little leap into the water. He might get wet, but the perfect photo he’ll have afterward more than makes up for the fact that he has to take a dive! This is a pretty awesome picture.

Different species, same chompers

There are tens of thousands of species of fish on the planet, but this may be the only fish on Earth that has teeth like this guy. Finding a fish with humanlike teeth is a rare occurrence in itself, but finding a fish whose teeth match this guy’s teeth almost exactly? Those odds seem like one in a million.

@Metzy13 via Twitter

If you catch a fish like this, you have to keep it as a pet, right? Look at the resemblance! It would be heartbreaking to watch this fisherman cook a fish that looks like his aquatic twin. Let’s all hope that this guy made the right choice and got a giant fish tank for this unique fish.

Flood fishing

Fishing is a sport of urgency. When you spend so much time waiting for a fish to take the bait, you learn that nothing is more important than the fish on the line. Even if you’re in the middle of a flash flood!

@jimbownla via Twitter

Does this guy think there are going to be fish swimming down the street during a flash flood? More importantly, could that be possible? This guy could be crazy, but he might — he just might — be onto something. Only time will tell whether the flash flood fisherman comes home empty-handed, or whether he comes home with a bucket of fish.


Fishing is a rare sport that crosses generational lines. Every man gets to a certain age where he can’t step on a basketball court without pulling a hamstring or tearing an ACL. But fishing can connect people of all ages, from kids in elementary school to grandparents!

@sergiovgarza via Twitter

This man looks determined to make his catch. Yeah, he might have to use a walker to get from point A to point B, but when he’s fishing, he’s in control. It’s hard to imagine there are many things an old guy would want to do more than get out on the water and throw a line in.

Natural selection

Do you ever wonder why a fish would ever take the bait off a line when millions of its ancestors have taken the bait before it? At some point, it would seem like fish would wise up and recognize that the squirming worm on a hook might not be worth the risk of getting hooked.

@bigriverfish1 via Twitter

This fish, though, seems to understand that. The big guy is toying with the fishermen trying to catch it, swimming right under the poles that have been set up to hook a fish like him. It’s as if he’s saying, “You think you can catch me? Try again.”

Fishing for men

Women like fishing too! It’s not clear whether this bride or bride-to-be is fishing before, after, or during her wedding, or whether there was even a wedding at all. Could she be fishing for the man who got away? Is her husband on her left, but just out of frame? There are so many questions!

@mylinedancer via Twitter

Though there are many mysteries behind this photo, one thing is clear: This woman loves to fish. Why else would she be fishing at the ocean in a wedding dress? Beach weddings aren’t that popular to begin with, and fishing-themed weddings may be even less common. Credit to this bride for breaking tradition.

Bass Pro trophy

We’ve seen some big fish throughout the years, but how many fish look like they just ate a small animal right before they chomped on a hook? Seriously — what type of bait was this woman using to catch this massive bass? A pig? This photo makes it look like she put a live pig on the hook and chucked her line into the water!

@aotao_official via Twitter

Regardless, what a catch. This fish looks like it could feed an entire family for a week! Carve it up like a Thanksgiving turkey and celebrate the awesome accomplishment of reeling in a fish big enough to warrant its own ZIP code.


What’s better than sitting in a La-Z-Boy chair? How about drinking a couple of beers and doing some grilling on a fishing boat with your best friend? This duo of fishermen is incredibly resourceful, managing to get all of the necessities on their fishing boat. It might not look like much, but it’s a great time.

@brianchoffman via Twitter

With a chair, a cooler, a table, and what looks like a cooking device on the canoe, these two could make a killing selling these on the internet. Surely dozens of fishers would take these guys up on a killer offer like the La-Z-Canoe. Any takers out there?

Breaking the rules

Fishers aren’t known for breaking the rules. In fact, most fishers respect the rules that are in place. But on this bridge, all bets are off. You’re not a rule breaker if you’re surrounded by a bunch of fellow rule breakers, right? No fishing from bridge? But look at the 15 other people fishing from the bridge! There must be some pretty big fish in this river!

@Jerasi via Twitter

Sometimes the risk of getting caught is worth the potential of catching a massive fish. No one in the picture appears to have a fish on their line just yet, but one can imagine how big the fish must be on a day like this!

Roll Tide

The phrase “Roll Tide” is the rallying cry for the University of Alabama’s football team. But here, it takes a different meaning. This die-hard Alabama football fan has created a makeshift flotation device, from which he can fish. The “boat” — if you can even call it that — looks like it rolls back into shore with the tide!

@clinton_b_adams via Twitter

The vessel may not be much of a looker, but it’s probably more comfortable than 90% of the canoes and small boats out there. Not only does it have a folding chair, but that folding chair has a University of Alabama logo so the sailor can let other fishers know which team he roots for!


Bears are the original fishermen. They have an uncanny ability to detect fish and catch them in the river. This brown bear had no trouble snagging a quick bite to eat out of its local river, snapping on its meal with the flashy style of a professional basketball player.

@rossrader via Twitter

Before they pin down a passing fish, many brown bears will wait and watch the water. Others dive in and chase their prey. Brown bears are actually such talented fishermen that sometimes they can individually select their prey. When there are a lot of fish in the stream, bears will choose the younger, more nutrient-rich fish.


There aren’t many things that are better than a tropical vacation. And when you’re on a tropical vacation, you’re almost guaranteed to go snorkeling at least one time. Who wouldn’t want to go swim with the fishes? On this guy’s particular vacation, he got a pretty special surprise.

@ARWA_hfz via Twitter

Photo-bomb! Right as the photo was being taken, a fish swam right in front of the guy’s face to steal the spotlight. Who knows whether the guy is upset at the fish for stealing the show, or if he’s amused by the fish’s hilarious photo-bomb? Either way, this sure makes for a great photo.


When you catch a great fish, it’s important to capture the memory with a picture. This guy caught a great fish and was ready to take the perfect photo, but something unexpected took place. A sneaky brown bear decided to have some fun and photo-bomb the picture from the background!

Twitter via @jacman04

This man probably wasn’t expecting more than one animal to make an appearance in his picture, but this bear had other plans. But who knows, maybe the brown bear was just hungry for a snack and figured it would be easier to get a fish from this guy than go fishing around in the river!

Trusted companions

Some people sleep with a partner, some sleep alone, and some — but probably not many — sleep with something special. For many, that special object is a teddy bear, a stuffed animal, or maybe even a pet. But for one man, there’s nothing like sleeping with his favorite thing in the world: his collection of fishing rods!

@misterdish69 via Twitter

Sleeping with fishing rods might seem like a strange thing to do, but think about it: Fishing rods can keep you cool on a hot night, they provide sustenance in times of need, and they don’t roll over to your side of the bed. Come to think of it, there might not be anything better than sleeping with your fishing rods!

Protecting his territory

Fishermen often run into different types of wildlife. But it’s not too often one might run into a gator! This guy was simply minding his own business, fishing out on the lake, when all of a sudden, a huge gator sprung out of the water and demanded a snack.

@pinktaxiblogger via Twitter

It doesn’t look like this guy has a fish on board, so to the gator, the next best treat is a tasty human being! The fisherman, probably knowing this full well, is making a beeline to get his boat started and get out of the gator-infested waters. If he’s not quick, he might be dessert!

Fish flops

Footwear is an important component of fishing attire. Many fisherman make it a priority to purchase shoes that provide durability and traction on a boat, while others look for shoes that are more suitable for a dock. But one fish enthusiast has taken things to a new level, sporting a pair of “fish flops.”

@hughlaurie via Twitter

Every fisherman needs himself a good ol’ pair of fish flops. It’s almost symbolic — it shows that you’ve conquered fish, so you stand on top of them. Wearing fish flops is an intimidation tactic in the game of man versus fish. It’s as if to say, “I’ll beat you, because I’ve already conquered your friends.”

Better safe than sorry

Fishing from bridges has become a common practice, so city officials are always sure to indicate whether it’s legal or illegal to fish off certain bridges. One of those people would rather play it safe, however. This bridge doesn’t look like it has ever seen water, yet someone felt it necessary to let people know there’s no fishing allowed.

@Woordhumor via Twitter

Let’s not forget there’s also no diving allowed from the bridge in this picture! Though, putting that warning up on the sign doesn’t hurt as much. Hopefully, there isn’t anyone out there that would dive headfirst from a bridge directly onto solid ground.

Goliath tigerfish

People run into some unsuspecting creatures while fishing. This one might take the cake. This fisherman managed to reel in one of the strangest-looking fish ever, and it’s a massive one! With strange, fang-like teeth and a massive mouth, this fish looks like a major predator.

@sabiaescalera via Twitter

This appears to be the Goliath tigerfish, which is a massive African predatory freshwater fish. The Goliath tigerfish can grow to a length of nearly 5 feet long, and they can weigh up to 110 pounds. There have been a number of incidents of the fish attacking humans in the Congo and other areas in Africa.

Jellyfish or fish?

There are plenty of rarities in fishing, and this is certainly one of them. This clear creature, which almost looks like a fish that’s made of plastic, was caught in the waters of New Zealand. But while the creature has the appearance of a see-through fish, it is actually a planktonic tunicate.

@fishingreeltype via Twitter

The planktonic tunicate might not be a trophy fish per se, but it’s an incredibly rare creature. That in itself makes for a good story for the fisherman who caught it. However, it doesn’t appear to be edible — in fact, some species of tunicate are known to be poisonous.

Third eye blind

You never know what you’re going to catch on a fishing trip. That was certainly the case for one guy, who ended up with one of the most obscure fish the world has ever seen while out on a fishing trip. The fish he ended up catching didn’t just have two eyes — it had three. But it gets even crazier.

Strange fishStrange fish

All three of the fish’s eyes are on the same side of its head! That’s got to be one of nature’s most insane magic tricks. It isn’t completely out-of-the-ordinary for fish to have two eyes on one side of its head, but three? That’s a whole new level of crazy.

Reel therapy

For many women, “retail therapy” is a great way to decompress. But men aren’t generally known for their love of shopping. Instead, a lot of guys prefer “reel therapy,” going out on the ocean and casting a line. This vessel is appropriately named “Reel Therapy,” to honor the practice of fishing as a way to decompress.

@HappySailor_nl via Twitter

Nowadays, giving your fishing vessel a funny name is a pretty common practice. But “Reel Therapy” is one of the better names anyone has managed to come up with. Other funny fishing vessel names include “Error 404: Fish Not Found,” “Knot Shore,” “Breaking Bass,” and “The Codfather.”


Cats are curious animals. Always looking for food or something to play with, humans’ feline companions like to be active and involved. So it’s no surprise that when these two fishermen began to unload their fishing boat, a big group of cats came down to the dock to see what was going on.

@bigriverfish1 via Twitter

Maybe they smelled fish, or maybe they just wanted to take a little fishing trip. Either way, it’s a cute group of felines. It might be difficult to take this group of kitties fishing, but they’d likely make great company for anyone who would be up for it!

Should’ve used reverse

There are two ways to drive a boat down a ramp and into the river. The first way is the correct way: Put your car in reverse, and back down the ramp until your boat is in the water. The second way, and incorrect way, is to drive straight into the river with your boat directly behind you.

@richmondkylinex via Twitter

The biggest benefit of putting your car in reverse when backing your boat into the river is that you don’t destroy your car. But hey, if you think it’s important to get your boat in the water as quickly as possible and don’t mind totaling an expensive automotive, driving straight down the ramp works too.

Fisher of men

Sometimes, fishers can hook a fish that’s too big to handle. When that’s the case, they need to make a big decision: Cut the line, or try to reel it in. This picture shows what can happen when a fisherman makes the wrong decision. Instead of cutting bait (no pun intended), this guy decided to test the strength of his catch.

Photo via YouTube

There’s no way of telling what type of fish was on the end of the line, or if the creature that got hooked is even a fish. It very well could be a shark, judging by how far the fisherman got pulled off the dock! Nevertheless, it’s always important to not get overconfident — that’s when situations like this one happen.

Reel-y useful

The reel is probably the most important part of the fishing rod. Without a reel, a fishing rod is virtually useless. But as it turns out, there is more use to a reel than simply as a part of a fishing rod. In fact, a fishing reel has several uses. But its most unique use: holding or replacing the toilet paper roll.

@RotoRooter via Twitter

It takes a big fishing reel to be able to hold a roll of toilet paper, but according to this picture, it can be done. It may not help with much, but it’s at least reassuring for the next time a fisherman has a line of toilet paper but no way to roll it up!


No one likes catching a snag, but this unlucky fisherman probably had a tougher time fixing his line than the average person. Just look at that mess! With a tangle that bad, you might as well just throw away the line and replace it with a new one.

@IFLFishing via Twitter

Hopefully this guy brought an extra line, because if he didn’t, he might spend the rest of the day trying to get everything untangled. Maybe if he gets it done quickly enough, he’ll be able to fish for 15 minutes before the sun goes down. Maybe he should take up spearfishing instead — he’d save himself a lot of line making that switch.

No filter

Some catches are too big to fit in a picture. That was the certainly the case with this fish, which looks like it might weigh more than 100 pounds! Reeling in this bad boy might be one of the greatest moments of this fisherman’s life, and it’s definitely understandable why. One can only imagine how long it must’ve taken to reel the fish in with that massive flounder.

@ExpressFishing via Twitter

What a picture, by the way. This guy looks like he’s on cloud nine, and the fish is an absolute beauty. After a battle like the one this guy surely had, he’s probably done for the day. Heck, he might have to call it a career, because it’s hard to imagine he ever has a battle like that again!

Pop a wheelie

Going out on the lake requires patience. Sometimes, fishermen will sit around for hours before they’re able to catch a single fish. Patient fishermen are the ones who get rewarded, while impatient fishermen can often get results that are less than ideal. So when one fisherman decided to rush from one fishing spot to the other, he experienced an unexpected surprise.

Boat trickBoat trick
(Photo by YouTube)

It’s hard to tell whether this is amazing or terrifying. This guy punched the gas a little bit too hard, and now it looks like he’s popping a wheelie! Hopefully he didn’t lose all of his fishing supplies when the boat went vertical — that would be an expensive mistake!

Fish or treat

Fishing has become so popular that people are now celebrating the sport on Halloween. One local took the October celebration to a new level, heading down to a nearby creek to dress a pumpkin up in a costume. For Halloween, this pumpkin would be a fisherman.

Halloween fishingHalloween fishing
(Photo by WilshireImages/Getty Images)

Complete with a fishing hat, vest, and rod, this pumpkin looks ready to reel in a big fish! The person who dressed up the pumpkin even put shoes on, as if the pumpkin is just sitting around all day with a fishing line in hand! Hopefully this pumpkin can catch a nice fish or two! That would be a surprise.

Santa selfie

Fishing is popular, but it’s fair to say the sport isn’t the most popular sport on the planet. So it can occasionally be a surprise to see some of the most popular people on earth out on the water with a rod in hand. For instance, one beach-goer ran into an unlikely figure fishing: Santa Claus!

Santa fishingSanta fishing
(Photo by Vesnaandjic/Getty Images)

To see the great Santa Claus fishing is a surprise in and of itself. To see him taking a selfie while fishing is an even bigger shock! Doesn’t he have better things to do? One would think that preparing to send Christmas presents to every household in the world every year wouldn’t leave a man with much down time!

Arctic fishermen

When fishing enthusiasts think of their favorite places to catch fish, the Arctic is rarely the first place to come to anyone’s mind. Whether it’s the ice, freezing temperatures, or difficulty of catching fish, there always seems to be an X-factor that scares people off or prevents them from trekking to the Arctic to catch some fish.

Penguins fishingPenguins fishing
(Photo by abadonian/Getty Images)

But that’s not the case for some of the creatures that inhabit the space. These two penguins, for example, are avid fishermen. They just put on their fishing hats, grab their tiny rods and a chair, and head on down to their favorite iceberg to catch some fish!

Puppy with a line

Not many things are cuter than a puppy. But about a puppy doing its very best to catch a fish? Pole in mouth and all, this dog looks determined to finish the day with at least one fish on line! Hopefully there are at least a few fish in the river, because otherwise it looks like this puppy is in for some serious work!

Dog fishingDog fishing
(Photo by alexei_tm/Getty Images)

Just imagine having to untangle a snag only using your mouth! There’s a reason dogs aren’t known for their fishing ability. But by the looks of it, this dog probably has an owner who would help it out if it ran into any trouble.

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