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Why Beyonce and Bella Hadid are scientifically beautiful

Quick notes

  • The golden ratio refers to the mathematical ratio that appears in beautiful things in nature and even in people’s faces.

  • There have been several times in history when people tried to use a formula to describe beauty and beautiful things found in nature.

  • The infamous, Beyonce, took the second spot with a facial ratio of 92.44% according to the Golden Rule.

Have you ever wondered why certain people, objects, or natural elements are more beautiful than others? A mathematical ratio, called the golden ratio, may offer a scientific explanation for the phenomenon.

When it comes to beauty standards, people have tried for centuries to define what makes someone more appealing. The Golden Ratio has been consistently used for centuries and used in comparison to art and nature as well as human beings.

We’ve got details about the golden ratio of beauty, how it works, and why celebrities like Beyonce and Bella Hadid measure pretty close to perfect.

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What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio refers to the mathematical ratio that appears in beautiful things in nature and in human faces. You may also know this ratio as Phi or 1.618:1., the divine ratio, the Fibonacci ratio, the Golden Mean, or the golden section. The figures are used to measure the distance between parts of an object. For centuries, scientists and Ancient Greek historians believed that if certain body parts or facial features measure up to this ratio, they may appear more beautiful.

The ancient Greeks believed that beauty is all a part of mathematics. If this perfect ratio holds true, then there may be a mathematical relationship that can define facial beauty. Their theory has held up. While there are other historical efforts to use a formula to describe beauty both in people and in nature, those efforts have fallen away over time. The use of the Golden Ratio has held up over the years and remains in use today. It can even help explain why we venerate some current musicians, models, and actresses for their beauty.

How celebrities measure up

A number of current celebrities, who we admire for their physical appeal, have measured pretty close to perfect when it comes to the golden ratio There have even been rankings of how current superstars would rate if compared with each other based on how closely their facial proportions align with the golden ratio.

Modern celebrities have been measured to see how closely their facial proportions compare to the Golden Ratio. Not surprisingly, the results are that they’re pretty close to a perfect match.

In rankings, 23-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid takes the top spot, measuring at 94.35% when compared to the golden ratio’s proportions. The modern musician Beyonce took the second spot with a facial ratio of 92.44% perfect, and actress Amber Heard follows the pop diva in the third spot. Her face measures at 91.85% in terms of perfect proportions. Pop start Ariana Grande comes in fourth place with a face that is 91.81 %.

Before you head to the plastic surgeon’s office, take this all with a grain of salt. Beauty can reflect a lot more than simply how well a person’s features conform to any standard.

Personality, style, talent and daily habits all contribute to someone’s overall effect. In addition, there are people who are renown for their beauty due to a feature that doesn’t conform to any known standard. Clearly, while the golden rule can explain a lot about someone’s appeal, it can’t explain everything.

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