1. One pup, two pups

Sometimes when you try to take a cute photo of one little furry animal, you are shocked or jarred by the interference of another. Here, however, we happen to be fortunate enough to see an interference by one equally as cute.


The thing that probably makes this photobomb worthy of admiration is the pup’s tongue and eyes. There’s nothing that screams “adorable” more fervently than a pup with its tongue out. And in this photo we see that cuteness at full capacity.

2. A cute bird?

It’s not often that street cams capture the notorious photobomb. Moreover, it’s exceptionally unlikely that they will capture one as cute as this. Here, we see a lovely yellow bird with tiny little eyes trying to fly its way up into the camera.


So when the building manager (or whomever is induced to watch these videos) saw this bird flying near, he had to snap a photo. And we’re glad that he did, for had he not, we would not have been able to add this cute bird to our lovely little list.

3. Racing to the photobomb

Portrait mode is one of those modern-day features many of us appreciate. It helps to guide the focus of the image more closely on the foreground subject and obscure the background. Here, however, we see how that function can be taken advantage of by the serial photobomber.

Pug poses for image during a running marathon race in the Manhattan Borough of New York, New York, USA.Pug poses for image during a running marathon race in the Manhattan Borough of New York, New York, USA.
Zoran Millich/Moment Mobile via Getty Images

Hiding away in a basket, this pug decided that enough was enough and that it was his time for glory. Parked along the side of an ongoing race, the photographer’s angle was hijacked by the pug. The result? One of the most glorious photobombs we’ve seen to date.

4. A beautiful reception

Wedding photographers have a tough job. First off, they have to deal with people who are trying to capture moments for the “perfect day.” And, as we have all heard, many horror stories surround these so-called perfect days when things go slightly astray.


Anyway, even when things are going swimmingly, you can have problems. Here, however, that problem happens to be an adorable animal photobomb. The culprit? An apparently runaway turkey that felt the need to take flight as soon as the shutters snapped. Simply said: adorable.

5. What are you looking at?

Just for a moment, look more closely at this photo. Closer … You see it? If not, we’ll give you about 30 more seconds. OK, time’s up — there is a deer here that is striking a pose that is not too common in the animal kingdom. You should be in awe.


Bipedalism (the ability to walk on two legs) is not all that widespread in Kingdom Animalia. While birds and many reptiles might have the trait, we Homo sapiens are probably the strongest possessors of this trait. Here, however, we see a deer trying to take up the mantle.

6. Helllooooooooo

Fish aren’t often known for their sense of humor. But here, we see why that lack of a reputation should be rectified. Instead of being known as cold and dull, the fish should be embraced as one of the cuter and more amusing animals.


Here, we see a fish photobombing a shot of an otherwise normal aquarium. While without the fish, we would likely be exposed to beautiful faux coral reefs and the like, here we see nothing but the fish’s bulging eyes and something that looks (although most certainly is not) teeth.

7. Flipper strikes back

Swimming with dolphins is one of the coolest experiences one might have. The beautiful and brilliant animals offer much in terms of fun and novelty. Sometimes, however, they also offer what we might refer to as the ultimate photobomb.

A multi-ethnic group of children and camp counselor on a field trip to a marine education park. They are standing waist deep in water wearing life jackets, ready to swim and explore sea life. A playful dolphin is swimming behind them.A multi-ethnic group of children and camp counselor on a field trip to a marine education park. They are standing waist deep in water wearing life jackets, ready to swim and explore sea life. A playful dolphin is swimming behind them.
kali9/E+ via Getty Images

Here, while the kids are trying to pose in a line for a photo, they are caught off guard by a flapping dolphin in the background. While we’re not certain of the dolphin’s name, we are certain that he implemented a notable and formidable photobomb. Congrats, little dolphin friend.

8. My eichhorns!

Everybody knows that it’s not polite to chew with your mouth open. And everybody knows that it’s not exactly polite to eat more than you can adequately chew. This squirrel apparently didn’t get that memo. But hey, at least it’s cute.


The moral of the story here is that if you’re trying to pose for a photo, don’t take a heaping bite out of whatever it is you’re currently eating. The result, as this photo should clearly reveal, is that you’ll end up in some cataclysmic sort of photobomb.

9. Whoops

When taking photos, it’s important to get the face of your subject. Now, whether that face is of a dog or some other animal, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you get the face. Here, we see what happens when this general principle fails.

A Staffordshire bull terrier dog playing with a soccer ball that is a bit deflated after chewing. Taken from a low angle as the ball bounces in-front of the dogs faceA Staffordshire bull terrier dog playing with a soccer ball that is a bit deflated after chewing. Taken from a low angle as the ball bounces in-front of the dogs face
CBCK-Christine/iStock via Getty Images

Right as the photographer attempts to close down the shutters, the ball starts flying. So rather than a cute and adorable shot of this dog trying to play, you get a slightly bizarre and abnormal shot of a dog with a ball in its face. We’d say it’s still cute. But then again, we’re a bit biased.

10. A beautiful picture

Photos taken underwater can often be the zenith of romance and love. You’re enjoying your trip to Cabo by bathing in the limpid warm waters — maybe you’re snorkeling, maybe you’re scuba diving. Whatever it is, the result is that you’d like to take a picture.


Sometimes, however, fish do not acquiesce to your wants and desires. In this case, the fish decided to crash the underwater tryst with a blow to the photogenic. When this couple went to check their photos, they were graced with this gem. We’d say it’s a photobomb for the history books.

11. Got a treat?

Now, this photo differs from many of the others on our list. Clearly intended to actually capture both the giraffe and the mother-child pair, this photobomb was a little skewed from the norm. Still, however, we didn’t exactly expect a “derp” face.


When you pose with an animal (especially one as supposedly congenial as a giraffe), you would expect it to be on its best behavior — or at least a behavior conducive to a nice photograph. Here, however, we can’t really complain: The noncompliance led to a wonderful photobomb.

12. Perfect timing

While it’s not certain whether these two were trying to pose with a whale in the background, this is invariably what happened. And while the whale is definitely an addition to the quality of this photo, it is also what we might consider a photobomb.


When you’re out whale watching, then, you might want to watch out for these hopping whales. They are desperate to get into your selfies. While whale researchers have yet to figure out the motivation behind this undeniable trait, its results are certainly favorable.

13. Dogs and things

When you take your dog on a hike, you can expect that it will want some attention. And here, we see exactly how that demand might take shape. Rather than these people getting to take what they feel is a cool shot, they got something much different — we might say preferable.

Adventures on the Dolomites: teenagers hikingAdventures on the Dolomites: teenagers hiking
piola666/E+ via Getty Images

As the people lined up for their shot, the dog just so happened to slip itself in. Now, rather than a nicely spaced photo with beautiful mountains in the background, the people get themselves, the mountain, and the dog. We’re tempted to say it’s an improvement.

14. A stunning view

From the Empire State Building, you would expect to have an unobstructed (some might say unbesmirched) view of the surrounding city below. Here, however, we see exactly the opposite. Getting a little too close with the camera of this likely tourist, the pigeon took on its role as photobomber.


If there were an award for such photobombs, this pigeon would likely be high-scoring. While we’re not sure if it would get first place, it would definitely go for bronze or silver. Either way, we’d like to congratulate this avian animal for its wonderful photobomb.

15. An unexpected friend of the family

When you’re taking a nice family photo, you don’t always expect to have company. In fact, you rarely expect this. Still, however, the company does sometimes manage to show its face. Here, we see that literally. This turtle, in other words, gives the ultimate photobomb.


What makes this photo exceptionally compelling as a photobomb is the combination of the turtle’s mouth and eyes. It looks like it’s just screaming, “Take my photo.” It’s almost kind of creepy. While we don’t know if this family knows about the photobomb, they definitely discovered it at some point. We wish we could see their faces when they did.

16. A portrait

We’re not sure what kind of photo the man behind this cat is trying to take. While the angle and quality suggest that it might not be the best photo, the cat jumping in front of this would-be selfie made the photo something it most certainly would not have been: beautiful.


OK, we’re not really sure of anyone’s beauty in this pic. However, we are certain of the cat’s beauty, for it shines majestically through the lens of this camera. So if you’re going to have any animal jump into your photo for a photobomb, you had better hope it’s a pretty cat.

17. Mine.

Cats are notoriously possessive. Whether this feeling is hovering above you, their owner, their food, or just about everything in your house, cats are clearly the dominant authority figure around. Here, the cat tries to show its possessiveness in this photo.

Young woman posing being jumped on by cat.Young woman posing being jumped on by cat.
Lucy Lambriex/Moment Mobile via Getty Images

While perhaps trying to pose for a selfie, this woman encountered an aerial cat. The cat, perhaps upset that the woman wasn’t trying to pose with her, decided that she just wasn’t going to take it. “I should be in all your photos,” the cat is attempting to say. Message delivered, we think.

18. A curious fish

The dopier the animal, the better the photobomb. And here we see that principle in full force, taking us from a cute snorkeling pic to one in which the dopey takes precedence. Fortunately for us, the fish is one animal that cannot escape its own dopey nature.


This fish, for instance, looks so dopey that it almost couldn’t be real. Fortunately, however, the thing is very real. Next time you’re out exploring the water’s depths, then, we suggest that you try to get a photobomb of this caliber yourself. You won’t regret it.

19. Take my picture!

If you haven’t noticed by now, there are a lot of underwater animals that want their pictures taken. Now, whether this is because they feel exceptionally photogenic or because they just want some time in the spotlight, the fact is clear: They want in our photos, and they want in now.


Here, however, we get to see one of the cutest aquatic animals attempting such a feat. And, we’d like to say that it is doing so successfully. In fact, we have to say that this is likely one of the cutest animal photobombs we’ve ever darn seen.

20. Look closer … closer

When visiting your local zoo or aquarium, you can expect to gather some animal photobombs. You probably wouldn’t, however, expect to glimpse one of this caliber. That’s why we bring it to you here — to share in the glory.


It’s almost as if the gorilla here knew he was being photographed — he realized that this man was getting his photo taken, and thought he might offer his furry hand to make the photo more memorable. And we’re glad he did, for this photobomb is another for the history books.

21. Mountains?

When taking beautiful landscape shots, photographers need to be on the lookout. If they’re not careful, animals in the nearby vicinity might drop in for an unsuspected adorable photobomb. And here, we have exactly that.

Rocky Mountain sheep photo bombing my shot of Mt RundleRocky Mountain sheep photo bombing my shot of Mt Rundle
Becki Mercer Photography/iStock via Getty Images

Clearly unexpected, this photographer was planning a shot to capture that beautiful background landscape. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), they didn’t anticipate the goat lurking in the foreground. Because of this, they captured this unsuspected photobomb.

22. Fun with the manta rays

We do have a surprising ability to detect when the photobomb is faked. Here, however, we are a little less certain. While it’s difficult to envision a way in which a manta ray could adopt this posture, we’d also like to afford these photographers the benefit of the doubt.


It’s also kind of difficult to imagine that the underbelly of this aquatic beast would look so surprisingly like a face. Here, however, that’s exactly what we see. Regardless, we’ll chalk this potentially fake photo up as one that could be a beautiful and unexpected photobomb.

23. You’re stealing my thunder!

Iguanas are not too common to those in the United States. Rather, they are something you might encounter while perusing the rain forest in Central America. So, here, when this photographer tried to capture one with his camera, he didn’t expect this.

Green Heron and Green IguanaGreen Heron and Green Iguana
passion4nature/iStock via Getty Images

Right as the cameraman took the photo, another creature popped up. Now, when he checks his film, he’ll see that what he really captured was two animals battling it out for the spotlight. While we’re not sure which animal won the battle, we do know that we just saw a great animal photobomb.

24. Unexpected scuba surprise

Again, when swimming in the depths of the ocean, you can expect to find some animals that might like to besmirch your photo. And here, we see one fish doing just such a thing. Having been fed up with the pollution of its home, this fish decided to implement an interesting type of revenge.


To show this scuba diver his lividity, the fish decided to enter his photo. Blocking the three other participants of this photo, these people had to have known of the fish’s nearly uncontainable rage. If not, they certainly are dense. Let’s hope they got the message.

25. ‘Welcome to Earth’

We have all had suspicions that certain feline critters are not from this planet. And here, in this totally bizarre and discombobulating photobomb, we see exactly why. While this first cat could be considered from Earth, it is certain that the other is not.

Senior blue point Thai cat on white background.Senior blue point Thai cat on white background.
Nynke van Holten/iStock via Getty Images

Our reasoning? Just look at the thing’s eyes! With eyes like that, you cannot possible be an earthly terrestrial. Perhaps instead it’s from the great ice moon Enceladus. We can’t really be certain. However, we can (and should) be suspect …

26. Flattering

When most people pose for a photo, they try their best to look nice and cute. Maybe they put on a slight smile, demonstrating just how gorgeous they are. Or maybe they offer a fully formed Duchenne smile, expressing squints in the eyes that are hard to fake.


Either way, most people actually try to look good for photos. Here, we see the opposite. While perhaps not technically a photobomb, this cute little alpaca offers not a beautiful smile, but instead a horrible and contorted grimace. We’d recommend this guy an orthodontist STAT.

27. Happy face

A derp face is something we’ve all expressed at some point or another. Maybe we were caught off guard in an impromptu photo shoot, or maybe we just weren’t feeling it with the typical smile. Whatever happened, we didn’t exactly bring our A-game.


Here, we see this derp face at full capacity. While in this case the derp face is not exactly unpalatable, it is quite derpy. At least it’s a happy derp, right? You can tell that this guy is just radiating his happiness. Whatever it is, we’re glad it was captured in photos.

28. Wrong way

Does the saying “elephant in the room” apply to the great outdoors? Well, we’re not sure. But what we are sure of is that for an elephant to sneak up on someone, that someone has to be quite oblivious. The animals weigh, for instance, a couple thousand pounds.


So, for such a large beast to sneak up on you entails quite a bit of obliviousness. That, or what this group of amateur photographers is looking at is particularly compelling. Who knows, maybe they were looking at a group of elephants?

29. Why, hello there

Salamanders are interesting creatures. Amphibian, often light-colored, and tiny, they fill an interesting niche in the tropics and elsewhere around the world. And in these niches, they lurk to drop the occasional adorable animal photobomb.

A gecko peeks out at the camera, with the silhouette of his body showing through the leaf, in a garden on Maui.A gecko peeks out at the camera, with the silhouette of his body showing through the leaf, in a garden on Maui.
JeannaThacker/iStock via Getty Images

Here we see just that. While clearly this photographer was aiming (OK, maybe it’s not so clear) to capture the beauty of this plant, the hidden amphibian decided it was time to strike. Emerging from the leaf, he implemented a great photobomb. Well done, we say.

30. When words won’t cut it

Camels are underrated as photogenic creatures. As you see by the camel in the forefront, they know quite well how to strike a pose. Sometimes, however, as we see by the photobombing camel in the back, they also know how to deliver the strongest of bombs — photobombs, that is.

Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) in traditional colorful capes, Nomadic lifestyle in Central Asia, UzbekistanDromedary (Camelus dromedarius) in traditional colorful capes, Nomadic lifestyle in Central Asia, Uzbekistan
Lina Shatalova/iStock via Getty Images

Possibly upset that the other camel was getting the glamour shot, this camel decided that it wanted to share its disdain. So, as the shutters closed on the photographer’s camera, this camel decided to split its jaw such that the ultimate photobomb would be had. Well done. Very well done …