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Phuket, Thailand

The wonderful beaches of Thailand are definitely something to appreciate. Phuket is a prime example. However, when these beaches are lined with row after row of tourists — many of whom don’t respect the land they’re on — the beaches become a little less than great. And this is why we’re led to say that the place might be overrated.

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So when the beautiful islands of Phuket, Thailand, are besmirched by such foibles, we weep. While there are likely certain times of the year where the islands aren’t all that bad, if you’re looking to avoid masses of people, they might not be the best option. You might want to try a more exclusive island and avoid the overrated.

Hollywood, California

Hollywood is one of those places that is famed as a place of dreams. If you want to be a star, Hollywood is the place to go. Well, in case you might be harboring such fantasies, it is now time to burst the bubble. And that bubble shall burst as large as the dreams of all the failed actors and actresses of this godforsaken town.


Hollywood is not the place of dreams. Rather, it’s a place of nightmares. While it might be the home to many a restaurant and bar, the place is not all that great a tourist destination — that is, unless you’re the type who likes to drive around and view famous people’s houses. If this is your jam, then the place might not be that overrated after all.

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Japan is known for a great deal of things. It has beautiful cherry blossoms that line the streets in April. Moreover, it is home to many beautiful volcanoes and national parks that can be easily explored. Disneyland, however, is none of these things. In fact, it is almost the complete and total opposite of these things. And for that, we say it’s overrated.


While you can easily break free from the tourism to try rich and unique foods, the Disneyland experience will offer you none of that. The Americanized platform is merely a blunder on an otherwise blunder-less island. We’d say it’s overrated. If the thing were to incorporate more Japanese-specific cultural entities, we would likely give it a higher rating. It doesn’t, however.

London, England

London is another of those places that has gained wide and far-reaching fame. Home to things like Big Ben and the greater Westminster Abbey, the historical value of the place is almost unrivaled. However, it also rains a lot. And rain, in case you’ve spent any of your time outdoors, can be quite the bummer. We say this as a fair warning.

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll go so far as to say you hate the rain. Because it ruins almost everything that exists — from walking and texting to enjoying the outdoors, abundant rain can be a bummer. And for that, we’ll say the rainy town of London might be a bit overrated. While it’s definitely worth a visit, you might want to shoot for a time in which rain is less likely.

Daytona Beach, Florida

It’s not very often that you encounter a beach that you can drive on. The allure of such a thing, however, is drastically short-lived. Once the fumes of said cars enter the nostrils of your once-pure experience, the allure is completely lost. And from here, you start to see our perspective as to why the place might be overrated. It can get a little ugly.


Anyway, this is only in part the predicament of Daytona Beach in Florida. Other unpleasantries include hordes of tourists and sand in your face. You also don’t want to be worried about getting hit by a car while enjoying your beach day. All of this combines to create an area in which we find much overrated. We’ll leave the decision to visit up to you.

The Red Light District, Amsterdam

While the Red Light District has gained a certain reputation among tourists to Amsterdam, the place has its dark side. And its dark side is often forgotten. Ever since the sex tourism industry was legalized in places like the Red Light District, crime and sex trafficking have flourished. This makes the place a bit dangerous. In fact, a lot a bit dangerous.

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While during the day and under certain circumstances the place can be safe, the risk of running into people involved in that industry increases. Given this increased amount of danger, the place might be a bit overrated. You might want to stop by somewhere else, then, if you plan on visiting the Netherlands. The place is gorgeous, after all.

Cairo, Egypt

Who among us has not wanted to visit Egypt? The capital, Cairo, is known for its many artifacts and buildings of archaeological significance. If you want to see the Pyramids of Giza, for instance, Cairo is where you would go. So what, exactly, makes this place overrated, then? Well, you might have guessed that it involves the tourism industry.

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The first primary concern is safety. Considering that political turmoil has been just around the corner for some time now, tourists aren’t exactly the safest. Moreover, people selling trinkets and other trifles can get somewhat aggressive with nearby tourists. They’re like the Egyptian version of used-car salesmen. No thank you.

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge is a beautiful archaeological site. However, when the place is littered with hundreds of tourists, an appalling amount of garbage, and an atmosphere that doesn’t show much appreciation for the historic beauty of the place, we tend to think it’s a bit overrated. There are a number of ways England could make this better.

Crowds of visitors encircle the massive megalith monument of prehistoric Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire England.Crowds of visitors encircle the massive megalith monument of prehistoric Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire England.
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While people definitely try to pick up and regulate the amount of garbage at the site, the unfortunate truth about its popularity is that this is almost inevitable. If you are to visit the site, we recommend you do it in the offseason. This way, you’ll experience it in all the glory it was meant to show. It’d make you understand why the place was used for religious purposes.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of those spots that’s known for its spring-break atmosphere. If you’re a college kid looking to get drunk on a beach with nice weather, this is all well and good. If you’re anybody else, however, it is not. The high volume of unsavory and drunken tourists might make the otherwise wonderful stay a little sour. And to be sour on vacation will instantly make a place overrated.

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If you are to go to Cancun, we’d recommend you travel in the offseason. Then, while you might have to deal with a little more rain, you will escape the crowds. Once you’re free, you can check out the beautiful cenotes the region has to offer. It is, in fact, one of the only places in the world where you can see them. Good luck avoiding the crowds.

Pisa, Italy

In Pisa, Italy, you will find the eponymous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now, for whatever reason, this architectural mistake was able to blossom into a highly overrated and highly over-visited tourist attraction. If you’ve been to the area, you have likely visited the place and taken a stupid photo pretending that you were holding the tower up. You weren’t.

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The blunder came from the 11th-century architects not understanding that they needed stable ground upon which to build their buildings. Anyway, the thing is now drastically overcrowded. But beyond that, the surrounding area is bespeckled with high-charging shops and galleries. It’s not exactly the place to be if you’re visiting Italy.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Known as Sin City, this place has taken the money of more than its fair share of visitors. And that’s mostly it. If your plan is to drink beyond capacity and then stumble through the streets at morbid hours of the night, then Vegas is the place for you. If you are not into this thing, and actually enjoy that activity we call sleep, then you too might consider the place overrated.

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What Vegas is ultimately known for is gambling. But even if you do like to gamble, the venues in which the gambling is available are stifled with areas that allow people to smoke. Any way you spin it, a few nights here and you might never want to come back. Besides, you probably shouldn’t gamble anyway.

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia, is one of those places that many feel they might need to visit. However, considering the abundance of other activities one can do in Sydney, the Harbour Bridge is drastically overrated. Ultimately, what the place affords you is a broken wallet and lackluster views. And we’re sorry to say it.

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The prices for the tickets to walk the bridge are exorbitantly expensive. For 1.5 hours up the bridge, it’ll cost you around $124. To spend 3.5 hours climbing the bridge (why??) will cost you an unconscionable $224. Neither of these prices tags will buy you an experience that you think is worth the money. We’d recommend you invest that money in a show playing at the Sydney Opera House instead.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China, is a beautiful city with an abundance of beautiful and easily appreciated architecture. However, it is also one of the most densely populated places on the planet. If you’re looking for a place to find any amount of breathing room, then, we’d recommend that you plug in another China destination for your next vacation.


Let’s just enumerate a few of the problems that come with such large crowds: extremely busy streets, high and cacophonous volumes of noise, small living spaces that suggest you’re some sort of Hobbit … Any way you spin it, the expensive trip might be better aimed toward another fun Chinese town. Maybe pick one with fewer people.

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas are some of the most beautiful islands on the planet. If you’re looking to relax along some crystal-clear waters and warm Caribbean seas, the Bahamas might just be the place for you. If you do intend to visit, however, you might want to avoid the overrated Atlantis, Paradise Island. The place is really only a paradise for mavens of dismay.

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What the place has to offer is abundant, sure. However, it’s also stuff you could get nearly anywhere else. Given that you are likely traveling to the Caribbean such that you could hang in the Caribbean sea, the place might be just a tad bit overrated. And for this, we might recommend that you find another place to hang. Up to you.

The Blarney Stone, Ireland

The Blarney Stone in Ireland, despite its mysterious popularity, is extraordinarily overrated. The experience entails paying for a ticket, standing in line for approximately 30 minutes or longer, and then getting bent over a several-story drop — all to kiss a stone that many other people have kissed. The least you could say about this is that it’s unsanitary.

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If you wanted to say more, however, you could say that it’s entirely a waste of time. Maybe a better visit would be to the Cliffs of Moher. Once there, you could kiss any stone you like. While you might not have to wait in line to do it, you will at least save a handful of dollars. We can’t, however, make that decision for you. All we can say is what we think is overrated.

Little Italy, New York City

In many major cities, you will find tiny subcultures within. Oftentimes, for instance, you will have a Little Italy. In many states, these smaller circumscribed areas of cultural interest can be fun to visit. This isn’t really the case in New York. And why, exactly, is that? Well, because the place is overrated, of course.

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This Little Italy in particular is overrated because of a few things. The most salient of these things is that you will find no Italian-American food in this place — a supposed staple of such little towns. Rather than offering the genuine food experience that New York is so known for, you will get shops and stores catered to the tourist. We say that makes it a bit overrated.

Moulin Rouge, Paris

Paris is one of the most culturally resplendent places on the planet. With everything from genuine cuisines to beautiful art galleries and historic buildings, there is so much to see and experience that it boggles the mind. However, with so many things to do, there are bound to be a few overrated things. The Moulin Rouge is one such place.


The 19th-century venue was a place which many famous people would visit and observe plays and dramas alike. However, in the intervening years it has become a thoroughgoing tourist trap. The place is constantly packed with tourists such that amenities become difficult, if not impossible, to get. The experience might not be worth the ticket price to enter the door.

Venice, Italy

Italy is one of those places that you absolutely have to visit. It has beautiful pristine beaches, enough history to last you a lifetime, and even one of the most awesome mountain ranges in the world — the Dolomites. However, Venice, the town built atop a slowly growing lagoon, is just a little bit overrated. This is in large part due to the place’s crowds.

carnival in Venice, boat in the Gran canalcarnival in Venice, boat in the Gran canal
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In Venice, crowds often inundate the small town, flooding it more than the lagoon. Because of this, getting a little quiet time or an unobscured view can be difficult, if not impossible. If these are the things you’re looking for, you will likely find this place just as overrated as we did. As there are undoubtedly optimal times to visit — we recommend you ensure your time there is one of them.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness is one of those places that has gained both notoriety and fame — perhaps in this case, they’re one and the same. While it offers many a superstition about monsters that haunt the deep, the place is really just a trap for unsuspecting tourists. Mainly, what you’ll find here is an unexceptional lake paired with an unexceptional museum.

Urquhart Castle beside Loch Ness in Scotland, UK.Urquhart Castle beside Loch Ness in Scotland, UK.
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There are other lochs in the area, fortunately, that aren’t as horrifically touristy. If you’re looking for a place of reprieve from the Loch Ness’ trappy nature, these might be the places to go. Otherwise you might find yourself drowning in an uncomfortable and boring tourist trap. If traveling to Scotland, we want to prevent this as much as you do.

Mykonos, Greece

Greece is home to many beautiful and historic things. It is, for instance, the home to many parts of the ancient Roman Empire. But in Mykonos, the only thing you will find is disappointment. OK, this might be an exaggeration. However, the place has become known as quite the tourist trap in the past several years. There are many reasons for this.

Mykonos town at dusk.Mykonos town at dusk.
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The first and foremost is that the area has become known for its partying. Because of this, the trip might sharply juxtapose what you intend to find there. But more than that, the place is inundated with predators of the tourist scene — pickpocketing, for instance, has become regrettably common. If you intend on traveling there, then, we recommend you keep a close eye on your things.

The Space Needle, Seattle

Seattle, Washington, known for its rainy days and the beautiful Cascade Mountains, is quite the place to visit. However, one of the places you probably don’t need to see is the Space Needle. While it might appear as a fun and novel place to visit, the area is really overrated. The reasons range from large crowds to overpricing.

Seattle downtown skyline and cityscape during dark, cloudy and stormy weatherSeattle downtown skyline and cityscape during dark, cloudy and stormy weather
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Another egregious fact is that the place has long lines to get in. This is deeply regrettable. If you’re in Seattle, then, we recommend you instead visit one of the state’s many national or state parks. Here, you’ll get a far greater bang for your buck. If you’re looking for something more overrated, however, the Space Needle might just be the place for you.

Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal in India, while exceptionally beautiful, is one of those places that is extremely overrated. And, what exactly makes it overrated, you ask? Well, of course a part of it has to do with the tremendously high volume of traffic the place gets. If you like enjoying beauty — whether architectural or natural — unencumbered by crowds, this might not be the place for you.


If you deem the place absolutely worth a visit, then we recommend you travel during the offseason. Then, you’ll be able to experience the place’s full beauty without being inundated by a vast swarm of other tourists. This will likely make your trip much, much better. If not, we suppose you could just deal with the overrated tourist trap?

Old Town, Prague

Prague is a place that everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime. There are, however, some places in the beautiful city that many, many people might consider overrated tourist traps. One of these spots is Old Town. Considered one of the most popular places to visit in all of Europe, the place brings in numerous crowds.

Cityscape view on the clock tower and Tyn cathedral on the old square in Prague.Cityscape view on the clock tower and Tyn cathedral on the old square in Prague.
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Considering the horror of large crowds, many consider the area a little too populated to enjoy. When every shop on every street corner is flooding with the clueless tourist, it becomes a little difficult to function coherently. We recommend that if you visit the city, you experience an area with perhaps a handful fewer people. Then it won’t be so overrated.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Beijing is another of those places that you absolutely have to visit within your lifetime. Because the place is so culturally and architecturally astounding, it is well worth a visit. However, the Forbidden City is one of these places that is just a bit overrated. And why, exactly, is that? The crowds, of course!

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There’s a problem that clearly develops here when an area gets too popular: It swarms and festers with too many people. And the problems with this are many — trash begins to accumulate, the area is no longer pristine and serene … All around, the quality of a visiting experience might be diminished. Maybe visit a different part of the city when here, then.

Benoa, Indonesia

Benoa, Indonesia, is one of those spots that is advertised to draw you in. That is, in fact, the point of advertising. However, once you get to the place, you will realize that a lot of this advertising is a bit skewed. It doesn’t show, for instance, how overrated the place is. The reasons for this are many. For one, it’s a lot dirtier than you might expect.

View of Tanjung Benoa beach in Bali, IndonesiaView of Tanjung Benoa beach in Bali, Indonesia
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And by dirtier here, we literally mean dirtier. The waters, apparently so limpid you could see through them with nothing but the naked eye, are actually opaque and murky. OK, maybe not as murky as a cup of black tea — but still fairly murky. If you’re looking to visit Indonesia, then, you might want to check out some other of its pristine locations.