somebody pouring coke into a toilet

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1. Scraping icy windshields

Snow can be a major encumbrance. This is especially true when you live under the tyranny of a recent polar vortex. Anyways, there are certain remedies for these frozen windshields that you may not have thought of. One of them includes that most reliable of beverages: Coca-Cola.

man scraping icy windshield with window scraperman scraping icy windshield with window scraper
OpenRoad Auto Group

When you pour the syrupy concoction directly on your windshield, it will not freeze like your normal H20. Instead, the mixture will help melt down the water that already exists on the windshield in the form of ice. And after it’s done you so, you can scrape away the remaining debris with fantastic ease. You’re welcome.

2. First aid for jellyfish stings

Living in the temperate environment around coastal beaches is quite the joy. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the beautiful weather and sunny skies part to find you sad on the beach with a jellyfish sting. This is, unfortunately, just one of the uncomfortable inevitabilities of the beach-bum life.

man swims with two jellyfishman swims with two jellyfish
The Christian Science Monitor

Fortunately, however, there is a cure for this most unsavory of beach-living outcomes. And, as you may have suspected, that cure involves Coke. When you pour the beverage on your stung appendage, the result will be a soothing and cool cure. You’ll want to make sure the beverage is cold, however. Cold helps with itchy pains.

3. Make some cake

Coca-Cola can also be used as an ingredient in baking. Yes, I know, what a surprise! And this baking is far more delicious than anything you might consider purchasing in the store. One of these things you can bake is cake. And cake, as I’m sure you know, is one of the best delicacies imaginable.

cake with coke in the backgroundcake with coke in the background
With Sprinkles on Top

For this type of cake—the Coca-Cola cake—all you need to do is look up a recipe. Most of them merely involve adding the mixture as a mild flavor amplifier. The results, as I’m sure you could image, are as sweet as can be. And with that, you’ll have the best cake you could ever make. You should probably consider this for your next wedding.

4. Clean your coins

Everybody has a problem cleaning their coins. They are notorious for being some of the most disgusting things we touch all day, and this shows in the gunk and grime that accumulates on them. They are, let’s just say, unfathomably gross.

man dips a penny into a glass of coca-colaman dips a penny into a glass of coca-cola

But to clean these coins, you might not have to go to a fancy coin shop or other soothsaying magicians to get them back to their initial sparkly-clean state. Instead, you can just dip them in some Coca-Cola. While you have to wait a while for the mixture to work its magic, a few hours spend diving in the sugar-soup will get them cleaner than you could imagine.

5. Removing marker stains from carpet

Most often when we see marker stains on the carpet, we freak. First off, we reprimand our kids: “Why were you playing with markers ON THE CARPET?” Second off, we pull out the yellow pages to find a nearby carpet cleaner—just kidding, nobody uses the yellow pages anymore.

coke spilled onto carpetcoke spilled onto carpet
Alpine Carpet Cleaning

What isn’t a joke, however, is that instead of calling a carpet cleaner, you could call your local grocery store and purchase some Coke instead. The miracle substance not only rots teeth, but rots the chemical composition of stains that wreck your rugs. If you want to get out that tenacious stain, then, look no further than the refrigerator.

6. Make barbecue sauce

Other than cleaning, the most wonderful of substances (some call it the holy elixir of life?) can be used to make your own type of barbeque sauce. And this sauce, as you could imagine, tastes divine. All you need to do is find the right recipe, many of which can be found online.

coke next to bbq saucecoke next to bbq sauce
Creatively Domestic

This shouldn’t surprise you. We all know that the stuff is sugary enough to make anything taste good—tooth paste, charcoal, banana chip muffins. So naturally it would be delicious as a base to that already delectible and sticky goo-sauce. We’d recommend you try it. We have, and we’re not disappointed.

7. Fertilize your plants

If you’re tired of your plants existing, boy do we have the recommendation for you: And this recommendation includes—yep, you guessed it—Coca-Cola. When you spray the stuff on your plants, they will grow like the young, green children you invariably wish them to be. Yes, we know. True.

a bottle of coke next to handful of fertilizera bottle of coke next to handful of fertilizer

While you might want to go easy with the treatment and dilute the solution, you can make use of a spray bottle for a light mist. The elixir will rejuvenate the cacti, succulent, plant that you’d rather have wilt. Whatever it is, the Coke will help. And you will thank us for this later. Your plants will too. You have our digits.

8. Milk stains

We’ve all been there: we’re slurping down a glass of milk and happen to spill it all over our clothes. Oh man, now we have to change! Well, you needn’t worry that these clothes are forever ruined. You can, in other words, redeem the mistake with some Coca-Cola. Just hear us out.

BF38FN Close-up of a boy dunking cookies into milkBF38FN Close-up of a boy dunking cookies into milk

Pour some Coke on the budding stain, wait a bit, and then wash. The acidity of the beverage will loosen and debase the stain, allowing it to easily wash away during your next cycle. And that’s what you want to do. But be careful, too much Coke might result in a terrible smell!

9. Clean your tile

So far, you have seen the nearly never-ending stream of possibilities with that Coca-Cola can bring. These include everything from getting gum out of your hair to creating some compost. But it also, as you might have suspected, can help you clean your tiles.

coke standing alone on some tile with a paper towelcoke standing alone on some tile with a paper towel

The way it works is similar to how it works for paint or stains: you leave a little to sit on something you’d rather not have dirty. And the result, after having sat there for long enough, is an acidic digestion that will break down most of the gross things that exist on your tile. Again, you will thank us for this later.

10. Tenderize meat

Many times, beverages can be taken from the kitchen and thrown into places where you wouldn’t have expected them. One of these places is into the world of meat. You can use it, for instance, as a way to tenderize. When you pour the sudsy syrup over your cut, in other words, prepare to be amazed.

coke next to meat in a bowlcoke next to meat in a bowl
Family Handy Man

The acidity of Coca-Cola is something to admire. In the case of meat, it will help tenderize. This property is advantageous for those who would like to do so. It just takes a little time, a little Coke, and a lot of post-tenderized amazement. The results will surely impress at those raucous barbeques you like to throw.

11. Loosen rusty bolts

Rusty bolts are one of those things that hamper the handyworker’s life in the most frustrating of ways. The remedy? Crack open a Coke. While the stuff wasn’t invented as a method to ameliorate our difficulty with the stuck screws, it does just so happen to do so. So follow these simple guidelines. They will undoubtedly help your crafty cause.

bolts looking like they need some cokebolts looking like they need some coke

First, get around a cup or so of the miracle soda (okay, pop, if you’re in the Northern Midwest). Second, hold it over the rusty bolts. And just how the acidity helped to dissolve the rust and gunk around your coins and bathroom tile, it will help to dissolve all that exists within the bolt. The results will make the screw easier to twerk. Again, you’re welcome.

12. Neutralize the smell of skunk

Skunks are the worst. Well, if they’re not the worst, their powerful defense mechanism can ruin your day in an instant. And this is where our friend Coca-Cola comes in. If you’ve been sprayed by a skunk, all you need do is expose the tainted clothing to a dose of Coke. The acidity, again, will help render the garment back to its original state.

skunk runs around with a coke can on its headskunk runs around with a coke can on its head

Since this is something that you will invariably desire, you should do this immediately. If you prefer the skunky, garbage smell, then you shouldn’t do this. Either way, you should know that the Coke you hold in your fridge might help you combat that most awful of smells. Of course, make sure you do this with darker clothes only. Your white garments are out of luck.

13. Curl your hair

As we’ve seen, Coke has a multifaceted utility. It can be used in everything from cleaning to analgesics. But it can also be used as a way to curl your hair. And no, this doesn’t work by pouring the beverage into those lackluster locks. Instead, it works by wrapping a few of those locks around the cylindrical container.

Woman with coke cans in her hairWoman with coke cans in her hair

After you do this, the warmed hair will stay curled in the most lavishly cylindrical way possible. You won’t regret, in other words, this most beautiful of methods. Not only will it render your hair into the exquisite curls you wish you were born with, but it will also enable you to drink down some of the beverage beforehand. It’s what we call in the business a “win-win.”

14. Cleaning windows

If you ever run out of window-cleaner in a pinch, you’re not alone. But if you’ve had Coca-Cola lingering in your fridge in these most perilous of times, you’re also not alone. The result of this beautiful coincidence is the ability to clean those windows. Yes, with the Coke.

cleaning windowcleaning window

The acidity of the Coke will help to break down many of the compounds that are currently smudging your windows. And once it commits this breakdown, it will be easy to wipe the smudges free. While the process might seem laborious, it is actually extraordinarily easy. And it is another one of those things that you’ll thank us for later.

15. Pest control

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. We spill something onto the floor, forget to clean it up, and the sticky mess soon attracts a cavalcade of ugly little bugs. First comes the ants. Later might come the flies. Either way, the place is getting gross and replete with pesky bugs. Ew.

ants eating something on the groundants eating something on the ground

But to get rid of these pests might not be as difficult as you thought. You could, in other words, just spray some Coke on it. The ants, as it turns out, will eat the larva of other bugs that might infest the place. While you will, unfortunately, have to deal with the rising ant population, you won’t have to deal with the other creepy-crawlies that might ensue. Thank goodness.

16. Clean your toilet

Everybody needs to do it. Regrettably, not everybody does. And this uncomfortable fact leads us to our next suggestion: cleaning your toilet with Coca-Cola. When you do so, you will be amazed. Not only will it eliminate the gunk and the grime, but it will also eliminate the funk and the slime.

somebody pouring coke into a toiletsomebody pouring coke into a toilet
The Spruce

All you need to do to implement this cure-all is pour a little down the porcelain bowl and wait. After a few minutes, the bacterial filth that had previously caked the white funnel will be loosened. And with this loosening comes the ability to flush that stuff back down to where it belongs.

17. Color fader

If you’ve ever been latched with an undesirable hair color (thanks, stylist), you needn’t fret. All you need to do is buy some Coke. The sticky substance, once poured in abundance down your most precious strings of keratin, will help to strip the dyes from their purchase.

woman pours coke into her hairwoman pours coke into her hair

The result, as I’m sure you could have guessed, is a hair color that more resembles what you had originally. The color dye, in other words, will be washed down the drain. While you will have to wash your hair something good to get out the sticky mess from your precious locks, you will again be restored to your natural hair color.

18. Dish washer

I bet you never expected that you could wash your dishes with Coke. Well, to be specific, you can only wash your iron dishes with them. Cast-iron, in other words, is something you can clean with Coke. So get out that steel wool, get it sticky wet, and then scrub away.

Somebody pours coke onto cast iron panSomebody pours coke onto cast iron pan
Family Handy Man

With Coke, the beverage has internal properties that help it to break down most things. We’ve all seen these demonstrations on Shows like Myth Busters. When you leave things to dissolve under the duress provided by Coke, they won’t last long. The gunk present on cast-iron is one of these things.

19. Compost ’til you drop

Compost is one of those things many of us do to boost our garden acumen. The stuff acts as a perfect mulch for the garden-to-be. And, since you are trying to build your green thumb, this is exactly the thing you’re trying to establish. You might want to stock up on some cans of red, then.

a pile of composta pile of compost

To get the compost going, all you have to do is pour in some Coke. The miracle substance will magically render the compost more, well, compostable. And, as a result, it won’t take nearly as long to get that fertilizer you so desperately need. And so, this is another of those perfect life-hacks that you can thank us for.

20. Removing paint

There isn’t much that the acidity in Coke would have trouble dissolving. Trying to get rid of unsightly stains? Purchase some Coke. Trying to incinerate some incriminating documents? Dunk them in Coke. After enough time, nearly anything will be broken down by the most powerful of powerful.

a coke bottle on a backround that somebody is paintinga coke bottle on a backround that somebody is painting
Macello Barenghi

Paint is no different. When you put some Coke on your walls (or whatever you have painted in a way you find unpalatable), all you have to do is leave it to sit for a little while. After a sufficient amount of time has transpired, all you need to do is wipe the stuff clean. The result, as you’ll see, will be an item without any paint.

21. Remove your oil

There are many different types of acid that are within Coke. And of these, most have the ability to dissolve. This is especially helpful when you have tenacious oil stains. These can be on your driveway on in the threads of your favorite sweater. Whatever it is, the Coke will help.

man pours coke onto driveway for inexplicable reasonsman pours coke onto driveway for inexplicable reasons
Stuff Happens

When you pour the stuff onto the oil, it won’t take but a few moments for it to start working its magic. The result, after about an hour or two, will be a stain of a lesser quality. And, if you aren’t happy with the results, all you have to do is get some more. After a few rounds of this, your driveway should be right back to normal.

22. Clean off these pesky blood stains

Before your imagination goes all Dexter, just know that blood stains can happen for any number of reasons. Our clothes or upholstery may have some blood for one reason or another. Now what are we going to do? Well, fortunately for us, we have the handy-dandy Coke. The miracle cure works magic at dissolving blood stains. This will keep your home and belongings bodily fluid free.

somebody cleans wall with toothbrushsomebody cleans wall with toothbrush

Again, we recommend adhering to the dilution rule: mix some water and Coke together then work the small stain with a toothbrush or cloth. For larger stains, use a brush with some handles after letting the carbonated goodness soak in for a little while. A little sugary corrosion and some light carbonation goes a long way towards a shiny environment.

23. Turning a photo sepia

Have you ever had a photo that you find a little less than choice? For whatever reason, the colors look unnatural, the people stilted, and the contrast unearthly? Well, fret no further. When you turn the image sepia, all your woes will sublimate. You will, in other words, feel far better than you did before.

sepia photosepia photo

The acidity of the Coke helps to dissolve the picture dyes of the photo. As a result, you’ll be left with the dull yellows and greys of the sepia. For photos with a color a little less than desirable, then, this might be the solution for you. You should, then, consider implementing this ultimate practice. Once you do, let us know how it goes.

24. Take care of that lawn

Another amazing use of Coca-Cola is for lawn care. You can pour the stuff on your precious grass without fears of having your lush lawn wither while your neighbors mock your lack of gardening prowess. Instead, the beverage—when mixed with a handful of other household ingredients like beer—will create the perfect mixture of green grass and happy plants.

coke standing imposingly over ladybug on a leafcoke standing imposingly over ladybug on a leaf

While you would probably not want to over-saturate your plants with the stuff (it is, after all, highly acidic), a little bit here and there would definitely not hurt. And so, this is another one of our timeless recommendations that you can teach to your children, and your children’s children. Coke has been around for over a hundred years, and it’ll be here for hundreds more.

25. Help prevent an asthma attack

While nothing will work better than an inhaler to relieve the symptoms of an asthma attack, studies have shown that caffeine can help in a more minor way. And—yep, you guessed it—Coke tends to have a lot of caffeine. And with this caffeine-infused beverage you can keep the lungs open and healthy.

kid with an inhalerkid with an inhaler

The only thing you need to do here is drink several fluid ounces of Coke a day. While you may suffer the pains of early-onset diabetes, at least your lungs will be open. In all reality, we don’t suggest that you drink Coke to ameliorate your signs of asthma. It is probably infinitely more wise to stick to your inhaler.

26. Remove that gum from hair

We’ve all been there: you’re playing with your kid, you’re back in middle school getting picked on by some bullies, you’re the bully yourself—whatever it is, you end up with gum in your hair. But don’t fret, you needn’t sport that new Jason Statham hairdo just yet. There is a solution. And it’s not what you might think.

woman with gum in hair resorts to scizzorswoman with gum in hair resorts to scizzors

The solution, which you probably never expected, was Coca-Cola. When you pour the sticky drink in your hair, you replace one sticky problem with another. But fortunately, this latter problem you can then wash out! The carbonation of the beverage makes the gum easier to disentangle.

27. Help your upset stomach

What follows is the result of anecdotal thinking. And for that, you may dismiss it as something many might consider placebo. However, that being said, many people have said that drinking Coke in times of stomach-peril has helped them to get over an upset stomach.


And because of this, they have felt miles better. The result of this beautiful relationship was a better and happier life. We’d recommend you just try this with some skepticism. And if it works for you every time you do it, then maybe you should keep trying it. You should, however, try to keep your consumption under control. Too much sugar is, let’s just say, too much sugar.

28. Rid yourself of hiccups

If you’ve ever had hiccups, you’ve suffered some of the more annoying bodily nuisances known to man. We know that carbonated drinks can relieve digestion weirdnesses, and Coke serves its purpose for that quite well. And if you’re trying to rid yourself of the pain, embarrassment, and unbearable frustration, we might recommend that you invest in some Coca-Cola.

a blank shot of cokea blank shot of coke

The fizzy quality of the saccharine beverage is something most enjoy. It’s hard not to. But it’s also something can help assuage the annoyance of hiccups. The special tactic, however, includes gargling it. Yes, this sounds a tad bizarre, but if you’re looking for relief, it has been reported to help in some way. We’d recommend you try it. You won’t be disappointed, believe us.

29. Clean your glasses

When you get a scuff on your glasses, you most likely spiral into in insurmountable depression. We’ve all done it. There’s no way back, right? Wrong! All you need to do is acquire some of the Coke-y goodness and you’ll be on your way. The result will most surely impress.

person cleaning glasses with clotheperson cleaning glasses with clothe

Step one: get a cloth. Step two: wet that cloth with Coca-Cola. Step three: wipe the glasses. When you’re done, you’ll feel great and look great too. You’ll also be able to see yourself, which is uncanny. Consider this a privilege of the 21st century. If you have Coca-Cola, you can clean your glasses to a new sheen.

30. Body lotion

Yes, we’ve been there too. We just ran out of body lotion. And what are we going to do? We need the stuff to give our significant other a massage. And this is where Coke comes in. When you pour the stuff all over your significant other’s bare back, watch as the magic starts to take form!

woman's lips with smooth skinwoman's lips with smooth skin

Okay, you don’t have to go so far as to light candles and play a CD called “Sounds of the Forest” that you got at The Sharper Image in 1997 while dispersing Coke on your partner’s dry dermis, but the drink does work as something that looks moisturizing. When you rub a little of this secret formula on your skin, it will give a shiny glean. This glean is likely the result of many skin cells dying in horrible agony. It will, however, at least look good.