Blink 182

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Children of the 90s and early 2000s cannot deny their secret (or not-so-secret) love for Blink 182. No one can forget the ridiculousness surrounding their What’s My Age Again? music video that premiered on MTV in 1999. If you haven’t kept up with where the members are today, you’ll be pretty shocked to find out how front-man Tom DeLonge is spending his free time.

No Unexplained Mysteries

In 2016, DeLonge swapped his affinity for lead-singing to lead-authoring. He co-authored a book titled Sekret Machines: Gods which questioned modern science’s interpretations and theories about unexplained mysteries of the past. The book insists that the government has many secrets that they’re keeping from usmost importantly, information about ALIENS.

DeLonge and his team are convinced that with continued efforts, they will uncover the actual phenomena taking place in mysterious events. Here’s a quick example of one of Delonge’s theories: “If we posit an alien abduction taking place in ancient Israel, for instance, it would have been recorded much the same way that Genesis recorded angels mating with humans and creating monsters.” Well, sure.

To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science Inc.

He hasn’t only been writing. DeLonge and various experts in the extraterrestrial field of study created an organization called To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Science Inc. The goal of this team is to gain financial backing for alternate scientific research that our government apparently doesn’t allow.

The catch here is that there aren’t many millionaires looking to put money into this type of research. In fact, there’s a lot less than DeLonge probably expected.

What’s My Age Again? And Other Questions For Tom

So, how is the organization doing? According to recent research, the organization has raised one million dollars in funds. This sounds pretty successful, right? Unfortunately, the team is in severe debt37.4 million dollars, to be exact.

The debt was acquired from employee stock incentive plans. The Stars Academy will continue for the next 12 months with hopes that selling stock will help cover the debt. If that doesn’t work, we suggest a Blink 182 reunion tour.