Star Trek


Star Trek fans have a lot to look forward to at the end of 2019. CBS will be airing another Star Trek series,  this one featuring franchise favorite Patrick Stewart who is set to reprise his role as Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the USS Starship Enterprise-D. Stewart famously played this role Star Trek, The Next Generation beginning in 1987. With his distinctive bald head, English accent, and perpetual drink order of “Earl Gray tea, hot” his captain was remarkably different than the franchise’s first captain, James T. Kirk. Audiences love it and the portrayal helped catapult The Next Generation into years of success.

A changed Picard

The new series will catch up with Picard twenty years after audiences last saw the character. This makes the date of the show to be approximately 2399, the latest date of any television show or movie in the Star Trek franchise. The show will represent an evolved Picard, which was one of Stewart’s requirements for reprising the character. The trailer offers more details:

Artwork released in advance of the series also offers a look into what audiences might expect. To date, posters show muted, reflective and almost autumnal tones. One of them shows the Star Fleet symbol in a vineyard. A second shows Picard with a bull-breed type dog wearing an Enterprise emblem on his collar and possibly named “Number 1”. (This dog may be instrumental in helping Picard through his traumas, a plot point that would be tied in with the actor’s own advocacy work for rescue dogs.) In any case, the series is sure to include a reflection on finding meaning towards the end of life.

More about the series

The ten-installment series is executive produced by Alex Kurtzman who has overseen all of the recent CBS television series that are related to the Star Trek universe. Episodes will be written by famed novelist Michael Chabon who has been a long-time Trekkie and was thrilled to be part of the series and work closely with Patrick Stewart. In interviews, Chabon shared that he and Steward enjoyed some degree of collaboration in the show’s writer’s room.

In something else for fans to look forward to, one of the episodes is expected to be directed by Stewart’s Next Generation co-star Jonathan Frakes. Other actors who will appear along with Stewart include Santiago Cabera as a skilled thief and pilot who helps Picard and Michelle Hurd as a former Starfleet Intelligence officer. Other performers slated to be in the series include Alison Pill, Isa Briones, and Harry Treadaway.

As with previous Star Trek series’, this one will likely contain predictions for the future based on science,  insights into the nature of humanity, and thoughts on philosophy, the meaning of life, and man’s need to discover what’s in the universe. This is no surprise to anyone familiar with the franchise. These deeper strains are one of the factors that have helped the franchise intrigue audiences, gaining loyal fans.

How you can see the series

If you’re eager to see the series and you live in the United States, you’ll need to find a way to watch it through CBS. You can use traditional cable/satellite or you can purchase CBS All Access that is available through streaming devices. International audiences can watch for it through Amazon Prime distribution outside of the U.S. To find out more about series updates, new teasers, and the actual date that it will first be released, check out the CBS website.