Super intelligent dog breeds and their genetic traits

December 22, 2020

By Mark Thomas

Dog breed smarts is a controversial topic. People love their dogs and swear by the individual intelligence of their four-legged friend. While most dogs possess amazing brain power, some have surprising intellect. The American Kennel Club—the organization that maintains breed standards—recognizes 190 distinct breeds. Dog breeds range in intelligence and abilities. Most dogs have augmented senses of smell, to the point that a majority of their brain mass is devoted to processing odors. Others have uncanny abilities to learn complex commands and can communicate with their owners and others as well.

We’ve compiled 30 of the smartest breeds according to veterinarians and trainers. They are listed here in increasing order of intelligence.

The first on our list of intelligent pooches is a hard-working, farm-bred animal. This breed is not a household name, but it does rank in the top 27 of breeds according to the American Kennel Club.