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Scientists just discovered a quadrillion tons of diamonds deep underground

Expedition to Lost City of the Monkey God uncovered bizarre treasure

News flash: not all dinosaurs were terrible parents

Scientists find mystery inside the ominous ‘Eye of Africa’

Voyage, discovery, and the ultimate Antarctic expedition

The Los Angeles subway system has been hiding this for over 11,000 years

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Researchers find over 100 new beetle species and aren’t stopping there

Does Martian Methane Mean Life On Mars?

Is This The Evidence NASA Scientists Were Looking For On Mars?

Elk Hunter Stumbles Upon Ancient Discovery That Has Scientists Baffled

CERN scientists may have discovered a new “ghost particle”

Divers discover priceless treasure in the largest underwater cave system

Scientists may have discovered the footprints of a pocket-sized dinosaur

Scientists just discovered a “Super-Earth”, and it’s actually pretty close

Is This The Evidence NASA Scientists Needed On Mars?

Scientists just created a new state of matter— and it doesn’t follow the rules

The potentially oldest star in the universe was discovered surprisingly close to home

Alone In The Wild: Researchers Discover The Home Of The Sole Survivor Of An Amazonian Tribe

The Earth’s core has sprung a leak and it may change our planet forever

Animals with Down Syndrome can teach us a lot about the disorder

General August 15, 2019

The best place to find your own megalodon tooth

Move over CRISPR, LEAPER promises better results

Green screen photos that show how Hollywood really works

BIOLOGY August 14, 2019

Neanderthal DNA reveals surprises about our past and our present

River monsters do exist, but they’re disappearing

There is a CBD infused product for every problem — but do they really work?

SPACE August 13, 2019

The Apollo missions fundamentally changed our perceptions of the moon

Athletes make performance enhancing gut microbes

Scientists just discovered a quadrillion tons of diamonds deep underground

General August 12, 2019

Are chupacabras actually based on scientific facts?

‘Star Wars’: Behind the scenes

CULTURE August 11, 2019

Cracking The Code: The Mystery Of The Voynich Manuscript May Be Solved

ENVIRONMENT August 10, 2019

What’s Al Gore Been Up To Lately?

BIOLOGY August 9, 2019

A weird old skull turned out to be a unique hybrid whale

Hubble in trouble: New data causes scientific rift

Just Because Dolly The Sheep Was A Clone, Doesn’t Mean Her Early Death Was Related

HEALTH August 8, 2019

Your hangover remedies suck, science to the rescue!

33 things you didn’t know about ‘Deadliest Catch’

MIND August 7, 2019

Scientists are closer to a ‘brain-in-vat’ scenario

What the shortage in STEM teachers means for the future of students

HEALTH August 6, 2019

Healing a beating heart: New “bio-glue” seals a cardiac wound while it beats

ENVIRONMENT August 5, 2019

French archaeological dig turns up stunning find

Expedition to Lost City of the Monkey God uncovered bizarre treasure

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