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The truth about DNA test companies and your privacy

The Pentagon has a secret UFO program, and its former head has some stories to share

Accretion disk encircling black hole at the center of Milky Way discovered

Mobile phone addiction in the US has reached alarming new levels

Nature deficit disorder could be the reason you’re so stressed

Celebrating a scientific centennial: the eclipse that proved Einstein right

Dirty money: Handling cash and cards could be damaging to your health

The mystery of the two different versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 explained

Spores squash malaria mosquitos with spider venom

Artificial intelligence is changing the sports betting game

Voyage, discovery, and the ultimate Antarctic expedition

Arguing practicality: Tucker Carlson wages war against the metric system

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Seeing the twilight zone in technicolor through deep sea fish eyes

Opium addicted parrots are raiding poppy farms for their next fix

That one time mathematicians hoarded and traded chalk like cigarettes in prison

Seaworm species recently evolved the ability to regenerate heads — brains included

NASA has found the universe’s greatest composition and it’s really eerie

Sounding out ear infections with smartphones and paper

No one knows what to do with Pablo Escobar’s controversial hippos

Chinese rover finds new evidence on the Moon’s formation

How to artificially implant a memory, ‘Inception’-style

Zombie ants: jungle of the living dead

Jeff Bezos unveils a lunar lander and his space colony dream

The brain’s unique ‘drain system’ could flush Alzheimer’s

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The Pentagon has a secret UFO program, and its former head has some stories to share

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