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Does Martian Methane Mean Life On Mars?

The Evidence Of Life On Mars Continues To Grow

These 30 outrageous vintage hygiene practices are actually real

Science confirms kids should definitely dodge dodgeball

CULTURE June 24, 2019

Star Trek’s behind-the-scenes horror stories boldly go where no story has gone before

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SPACE June 22, 2019

The anniversary of the total solar eclipse that proved Einstein was right

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Scientists aren’t sure what they found on the far side of the moon

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Accretion disk encircling black hole at the center of Milky Way discovered

Mobile phone addiction in the US has reached alarming new levels

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Nature deficit disorder could be the reason you’re so stressed

Believe it or not, archaeologists have found an ancient shield made of tree bark

25 of the spookiest underwater creatures you’ll ever see

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Celebrating a scientific centennial: the eclipse that proved Einstein right

Dirty money: Handling cash and cards could be damaging to your health

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Biologists are trying to resurrect the woolly mammoth, Frankenstein style

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The worst mistakes to make when buying new tech

CULTURE June 15, 2019

The mystery of the two different versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 explained

CULTURE June 14, 2019

Back to the Future: What’s possible and what’s fantasy?

HEALTH June 13, 2019

Spores squash malaria mosquitos with spider venom

The battle against Nature Deficit Disorder

Artificial intelligence is changing the sports betting game

BIOLOGY June 11, 2019

Meet the extreme new wildlife of Chernobyl

Voyage, discovery, and the ultimate Antarctic expedition

The negative health effects of city living

Space race 2019: All the key players trying to get us back to space

CULTURE June 10, 2019

Arguing practicality: Tucker Carlson wages war against the metric system

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