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New form of 3D printing could solve a lot of problems

Potential cure for type 1 diabetes found through stem cell research

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Is space travel actually bad for your brain?

Here Are 30 Places You Should Never Swim. You’ve Been Warned

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The plague reborn: How measles made its devastating comeback

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Do cell phones really increase cancer risk?

CULTURE March 9, 2019

What will it take to pull off the first U.S. online census in 2020?

BIOLOGY March 8, 2019

Earth’s Most Dangerous Animal

Russian Scientists Discover Something Shocking Beneath Siberian Tundra

BIOLOGY March 7, 2019

Sabertooths to tabbies: How did cats become domesticated?

Live on the Edge in These Nerve-Racking, Dangerous Houses

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Astronomers collaborate to answer distant radio signals

BIOLOGY March 5, 2019

Guess Which Baby Animals Hatch from these Crazy Eggs

Will tourists be able to explore space with Virgin Galactic?

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What do atoms do when liquids and gases meet?

These Animals Are So Well Hidden, You’ll Never See Them

Is This The Evidence NASA Scientists Were Looking For On Mars?

General March 3, 2019

Top 10 scientific discoveries of 2018

General March 2, 2019

Why do grapes generate plasma when microwaved?

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