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Box Jellyfish: The most venomous marine animal

The science that explains the blue people of Kentucky

Animals with Down Syndrome can teach us a lot about the disorder

The best place to find your own megalodon tooth

Just Because Dolly The Sheep Was A Clone, Doesn’t Mean Her Early Death Was Related

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Healing a beating heart: New “bio-glue” seals a cardiac wound while it beats

New analysis shows Americans eating and inhaling over 70,000 plastic particles every year

Without change Joshua trees will be extinct by 2070

We should be hallucinating all the time according to a new study

Reforestation on a grand scale could temper global warming

Iceland lost its first glacier to climate change and the scientific community is in mourning

How new injectable cartilage could change the face of plastic surgery

Okay, is Pluto a planet or not?

Life on Saturn’s moon? NASA announces new mission to search for it

Your antibiotic resistance and a kitchen sponge have something helpful in common

The use of Melatonin as a sleep aid skyrockets along with safety concerns

Crohn’s disease driven into remission by vegetarian or other plant-based diets?

Celebrate portable music’s 40th birthday and learn about the legacy of the Walkman

Earth is mounting defenses against killer space rocks

What’s the magic ingredient in WD-40’s ‘secret sauce’?

The dangerous yet rewarding life of a wildlife photographer

Artificial intelligence could design your next little black dress

Diamonds: Salty pieces of oceanic history?

A 32,000 year-old wolf head found frozen in ice

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Box Jellyfish: The most venomous marine animal

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