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We should be hallucinating all the time according to a new study

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Spider silk: Has science’s stickiest mystery been unraveled?

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The internet is brought to you by giant underwater cables

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Jupiter’s moon could contain table salt, just like what’s in your kitchen

Don’t move here — climate change is going to ruin it

Zeppelins are making their comeback after 1930s disaster

How do you make a spider angry?

BIOLOGY September 13, 2019

Koko the gorilla has passed away; Question remains about her companion

CULTURE September 12, 2019

New access to ancient wonders: Two of Egypt’s oldest pyramids are reopened

HEALTH, TECHNOLOGY September 11, 2019

Sweat to the rescue? Researchers decode our salty friend to better understand our health

The US is neglecting its endangered plants

Is Mt. Everest really the tallest mountain in the world?

BIOLOGY September 10, 2019

Colossal Squid Captured Feeding In the Gulf of Mexico

HEALTH September 9, 2019

Could deer “zombie” disease spread to people?

SPACE September 8, 2019

Extraterrestrial pearls found in fossilized Florida clam shells

BIOLOGY September 7, 2019

Could you live in a jar? Kurtis Baute tried, just to teach us a lesson

General September 6, 2019

Scientist finds tardigrade full of glittering lights

General September 5, 2019

When giant insects swarmed the Earth

New evidence could solve the Jack the Ripper case

When a young boy boarded this bus, the driver immediately noticed something wrong

BIOLOGY September 4, 2019

Weird animals raise questions

Man thinks he’s rescuing a beaver, is in for a surprise

BIOLOGY September 3, 2019

30 Amazon rain forest animals that may go extinct

30 of the best dog breeds for seniors

Beyond a glass of water: Medical solutions for hiccups

ENVIRONMENT September 2, 2019

The extinct woolly mammoth is becoming endangered

SPACE September 1, 2019

Poppy Northcutt: The sole woman in Mission Control tells the story of the Apollo missions

SPACE August 31, 2019

Hitchhiker’s guide to actual intergalactic space

ENVIRONMENT August 30, 2019

We’ve finally figured out what ruined the Mayans

When is a pyramid not a pyramid?

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