1. Santa’s In Trouble

Something about this image doesn’t seem right. One would like to think that Santa was just visiting the airport to make his fellow travelers merry, or he’s in a rush to get all the Christmas gifts delivered in time so he resorted to air travel.


He might just be a bad Santa after all. It does look like he’s in a bit of trouble surrounded by all that security. Perhaps he’s in possession of some sneaky gifts. Whatever it may be, Santa should be more careful next time!

2. Up in the Air

Do birds really need to be transported via airplane? A Saudi Prince seems to think so, and therefore ordered for 80 falcons to be transported with Etihad Airways to the United Arab Emirates. Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways adhere by a policy that allows birds to travel between Middle Eastern countries as long as their owner has a valid passport.


The airlines usually allow up to six birds, but the prince whipped out his royalty card and was granted the permission to take 80 feathered companions along with him. If you’re wondering why he’d need so many falcons, it’s because falconry has been a common pastime in the Middle East for many centuries. Think this is crazy? Continue reading for more bizarre animals spotted at airports.

3. Is That Minka Kelly?

It may come as a surprise to some, but yes, celebrities to take flights, and no, they don’t all own private jets. The gorgeous Minka Kelly was also spotted at the airport, and celebrity spotters seem to enjoy taking pictures at the moment they are passing through baggage and security control.

GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

How do all celebrities manage to look absolutely pristine in casual travel attire? Kelly doesn’t seem to know she’s being snapped. but she’s definitely boasting a gorgeous look and a striking pose. Keep up the good work, Minka!

4. The Ultimate Homecoming Greeting

There’s nothing quite like spotting that special airport pickup sign handcrafted by your loved ones to celebrate your homecoming after a long trip. However, it kind of depends what that sign has to say, now doesn’t it …


After a trip away in Rotterdam, a mother was greeted by her kids and husband in Toronto, but the sign her daughter holds up was definitely an unexpected welcome. Looking back, however, this cute prank might become something to laugh about.

5. I’m Parking Right Here for the Night!

When you’re tired and have to catch long haul connection flights, there’s nothing worse than not having a warm, cozy bed to snuggle up in. But fear not, you can always use the airport furniture to create a make-shift bed.


This woman will most likely wake up with a severe back ache or feel like her limbs have been confined in cuffs, but at least she got in a dose of forty winks. A power nap is all you need to freshen up a bit, and this stretch position might be ideal seeing that stretching out in economy class is a no-go.

6. But Daddy, I Don’t Wanna Go to Hawaii

Who knew suitcases had another function? Well, when desperate times call for desperate measures, it’s always good to be resourceful, especially when traveling with a child. Is she tired, hungry, or bored? Who knows? But the suitcase seems to be pacifying her for the time being.


Perhaps this poor girl’s parents chose too many layovers on their way to paradise? We feel her pain! Her father seriously knows how to make a plan though, and while it may not look so safe, dragging her along for the ride seriously does the trick.

7. It’s a Sign of the Times

So apparently lugging children around the airport on suitcases is pretty commonplace. Okay, it’s better to keep children entertained after all, and this is a surefire way to achieve that. No one seems to be batting an eyelid at the current state of affairs either, so we’re cool.


The moral of the story is to keep your kids happy and entertained, and if dragging them along for a joy ride does the trick, then why not? It’s better than having to deal with crying and moaning. Continue reading for more hilarious things spotted at airports.

8. That’s My Parking Spot!

Parking skills apply to pilots too, okay. However, there are mitigating circumstances in this case. Perhaps nature called just as he or she was parking the aircraft, or maybe this particular pilot missed the memo on how to park an airplane when taking the flying test.


Whatever the reason, the pilot would have had the best spot in the lot were it not for crashing into the wall first. Since the parking skills are so questionable, and it makes you doubt the pilot’s flying skills too.

9. Kimmy K At It Again

This time Kimmy K was spotted at the airport, but with a baby in hand and more of a casual look. Oh and did you notice she still manages to keep it all together? While this might just be part of everyday casual attire, she sure pulls off the look so well and nonchalantly.

GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images and Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images

And of course she has to travel in style boasting a pair of heels when she can while lugging a stroller and luggage. Kimmy does a great job at looking great at the airport, but it’s definitely not so simple with paparazzi spying on you all the time.

10. Soaring “High”

Hmmm …. Turkish Airlines must have hired the wrong advertisers because something just doesn’t “fly” here. What’s for certain is that this isn’t the kind of poster a person wants to see just before catching a flight.


Let’s hope the commuters get preoccupied with the shops and don’t notice this minor error in judgment. We’ll forgive whoever is responsible and just go with it for now. It’s all about soaring high anyway, isn’t it?

11. Just Surfing Through

Well it’s only natural to want to jump onto moving things. Maybe not, but for this woman it certainly is. She could be getting ready to surf the waves on her vacation and thought this was a cool way to prepare.

Instagram/Michelle Rodriguez

It seems like when people are bored, just about anything at the airport can be turned a game, whether it be with suitcases or carousels. We’re sure there are many other creative ways to turn the airport into a circus; if you read further you’ll discover how.

12. Ignorance is Bliss

He might not know it, but by the way he’s standing it seems like he knows how to rock a feathered scarf and bikini bottoms. What’s even funnier is that the guy to his right looks like he’s about to dropkick the “man” donning the bikini.


This couldn’t have been deliberately staged, but placing a poster like that on a partition railing is super smart. The best part is all their facial expressions. Yes, ignorance really is bliss. So, what’s up next?

13. The Joys of Shift Time

“It’s okay, no one will notice,” thinks person behind the screen. Well, we’ve got to give it to this unknown person: everyone seems bored anyway, but playing a game of Solitaire at airport security doesn’t seem like the smartest idea.

Flickr/Yohan Mauve

Well turns out someone is always watching. Let’s hope the shift manager wasn’t the one to take this picture because that would be just a little awkward. If you think this is funny, well the next one is a classic “caught-in-the-act” moment.

14. Move It or Lose It Sister. Baby Comin’ Through!

Going through security is definitely one of the most stressful parts about traveling. You have to remove jewelry, shoes, and belts, take out your electronics, and quickly gather all your belongings before you cause a long line of irritable people behind you.


So who can blame this momma for placing her baby for just a few second in the scanning container? She better untie those shoelaces real quick though because the revolving belt is definitely on the move.

15. Waiting and Checking In

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) usually has a lot of work on its hands, so it’s best to just abide and comply. And that includes checking luggage as well.


Andressa Urach just did what she had to do while checking in her luggage at the airport. Perhaps she was just reaching back to tie her hair back. Whatever the case may be, this is another classic image snapped at a busy airport. It’s just one moment in time and is up for interpretation.

16. Jennifer Hudson Spotted

This picture definitely proves the theory that celebrities manage to look good at the airport no matter when and how. Now Jennifer Hudson has been caught in the moment, but she looks pretty excited for her upcoming travels nevertheless.

starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

It’s great to see these celebs not making a fuss and going through the motions of airport etiquette just like everyone else. Hudson looks just like your average Joe sporting her casual look and minding her own business while on her way to the check-in section.

17. In Sickness and in Health

Emotions run high at airports – people are tired, hungry, irritable, and sometimes homesick. The one thing most people need is a nap and a caring shoulder to lean on. This sweet couple really knows how to make use of one another – both for mental and physical support.

Flick/Siim Teller

When you’re tired you don’t give a damn about how you look. It seems that the woman is definitely more comfortable then the poor man, but hey, kudos to them for their creative sleeping position. So, what bizarre thing is next?

18. That’s No Fair!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that airports are a place to show love, affection, and emotion. Saying goodbye is never easy and greeting a loved one is filled with excitement. What both these scenarios have in common is that they involve lots of embracing and kissing…which makes this sign just plain cruel!


It’s also the kind of sign you want to knock over with a pickup truck. So, this is a call to hug, kiss, and embrace as much as your heart desires. And if you want to deliberately go against the status quo, visit Aalborg Airport in Denmark to kiss in front of this sign.

19. We’ve Got Company

The runway at Alaska’s Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport is just part of the landscape, and the local wildlife seem to believe it’s a place to roam free for an afternoon stroll. Polar bears, oxen, birds, caribou, and even seals frequent the airport runway.

Twitter/@Aviation Commons

The animals are usually removed by sled and pickup trucks, and then everyone gets back to business in no time. It’s a great way to see animals, though. Who knew airport runways could be as exciting as safaris and zoos?

20. Would You Like Some Sushi With That?

This is quite an inventive way to identify luggage, but it can start to get confusing after a while. If you’re hungry then it’s also not the best option because the carousel seriously looks like a giant sushi bar.


It’s an easy guess to assume these sushi covers are used in Japan, but who said the trend can’t spread elsewhere? However, the only way for it to look awesome is for all the suitcases on the carousel to be wrapped in them, as was the case here.

21. You’ve Been Hacked!

Make sure to log out of all social media accounts in case you decide to use the free computers or tablets available at the airport. Otherwise, you might become a victim to someone’s pranks, as was the case with a person named Jasmine.


At least we know that the staff at Newcastle International Airport are real friendly and know how to pull real funny faces. Poor Jasmine will have quite the surprise waiting for her when she gets off the plane.

22. “Pokémon! Oh, You’re My Best Friend”

These Pokémon-themed airplanes certainly brighten up the runway! It’s also a way to bribe your kids to behave so they can fly in these awesome planes that belong to Japan’s All Nippon Airways. If Pokemon is not your style, the airline also has Hello Kitty jets.


In fact, All Nippon Airways is actually the mastermind behind cartoon-themed airplanes. The coolest part is that the theme continues into the plane’s interior with Pokémon characters and other nifty features. This next one is for all your beer lovers out there…

23. Traveling Beer

Beer is truly a special commodity, and one Australian man wasn’t about the leave the country without it! He was even willing to pay $30 to check it in with the rest of his luggage. Picture this: a beer circling round on the carousel waiting to be claimed by its owner.


This is a pretty risky item to check in because chances are it can either explode or someone can claim the can as his or her own. However, if the can does make it through, a long sip is sure to soften the blow after a long-haul flight—if the beer doesn’t explode in the person’s face.

24. This Is a Case of TMI

After a long journey home, all you want is for your loved ones to greet you with open arms and maybe a hot cup of coffee. The last thing you expect is an embarrassing “Welcome Home” sign.


Whether this is a prank or not, you gotta give it to these grandkids for investing their time and energy in such a colorful and fun poster. They really nailed it! If their grandmother is super cool, she definitely loved it too. Keep reading for more hilarious things seen at the airport.

25. Here We Go Again …

It’s actually quite understandable that people like to stretch before boarding a flight. There is nothing worse than having to cram behind a seat with no room to move. While most definitely need a good stretch after a flight, this person realized that there is no harm in preparing before as well.

YouTube/Whitney Bjerken

It’s not like this girl is even disturbing anyone; the moving walkway does seem a little empty. And wow, she’s got that handstand right on point. Just look at the way she points her toes and that turn-out is simply magnificent. For all those that don’t understand any yoga jargon, all it meant is that this girl knows what she’s doing and having fun at the same time.

26. Personalize That!

This is kind of like when someone labels all their stationery and belongings at school; down to every single crayon and pencil. Well at least no one can run off with this guy’s suitcase without looking suspicious.


Just one tip to this dude – maybe smile for the picture if you’re going to place it on your luggage; after all, you are going on vacation. It’s a really cute idea, though. What other creative luggage has been spotted at the airport? Read on to find out.

27. Tower of Terror

Sacramento Airport really knows how to spice things up with these two suitcase towers. Admit it, at first glance you thought to yourself “how can this be real. I hope it’s just for show!” But like it or not, these towers are definitely the focal point at Terminal A.

commons.wikimedia.org/Samson by Brian Goggin/forumlaone from Huntsville, United States

All you need is some crazy person to ram into the towers with a trolley, but that’s not happening any time soon because they’re just for looks! Adding a touch of design and style to an airport is actually the best idea yet.

28. Very Resourceful

Catching snaps of people snoozing at airports is always an amusing part of flying. This guy has the right idea. He can snooze a bit and get some reading done in between. Absolutely nothing wrong with that!


Maybe he’s cold; ever think of that? Or, maybe he doesn’t want to be named and shamed because he’s almost certain someone is going to take a picture of him sleeping anyway. Whatever the reason may be, the idea with the newspapers is very resourceful.

29. Happy Feet

Beep Beep, coming through! When exotic bird hunters poached these Humboldt penguins, it wasn’t long before conservationists caught on and stopped the poachers right in their tracks. The next step required the penguins to be sent home to their natural habitat in South Africa, but there was one issue …


The authorities realized that it would be tricky to transport these little happy feet via boat and then sail around the Cape to get them home, so the penguins were sent home via airplane instead. Security treated these little waddling friends just like everyone else. Why not? They’re wearing suits after all.

30. It’s a Dad’s Life

Take note, dads: Don’t fall asleep at the airport next to your daughters under any circumstances if you don’t want to wake up with makeup and stickers plastered all over your body. You can’t blame these girls though; they don’t seem to have sticker books, so they just resorted to plan B.


This is a real cute sight, and it’s a win-win situation – the girls get to have fun while their dad enjoys his nap. It might take him a while to remove all those stickers, but at least he served as a form of entertainment for the girls to pass their time.

31. Stormtroopers Reporting for Duty

Denver International Airport decided to commemorate Star Wars Day with a bit of role play. The day wouldn’t have been complete if the Stormtroopers didn’t wait for their leader while brandishing a sign “Vader.” They definitely surprised all the unassuming passengers that day.


They blend in just fine and it seems perfectly normal for a group of people to dress up like that. Diehard fans are definitely all for “May the Force be with you,” so why not celebrate “May the 4th be with you” in style? But that’s not it …

32. Darth Vader Arrives!

Surprise, surprise, none other than the Vader himself walks into arrivals happy to be greeted by his Stormtroopers cheering him on. It seems like they’re the only ones to greet this evil force with such excitement, though. It’s okay, we can forgive passionate Star Wars fans.


Denver airport certainly had some fun that day. No one seems really shocked, and that’s because it’s completely normal to see many Vaders, Stormtroopers, and other characters all day long. There must have been a Vader arriving every hour. Now this next dude ain’t Vader, but he has the right idea about life.

33. Yoo-Hoo, Time To Wake Up

Should someone call the ambulance, or is this woman so exhausted that the next best thing was a carpeted floor and her bag as a makeshift pillow? She better watch out because if someone comes speeding round the corner with their suitcase in tow, there might be some road kill.


While this poor lady does already look somewhat like roadkill, it’s best to just leave her in peace in dreamland. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t miss her flight because she seems to be deep asleep.

34. The Sweetest “Welcome Home”

This is by far the sweetest welcome home sign; not to mention that sweet face to go along with it. It’s always the thought and effort that count, and this little girl definitely makes the perfect welcoming committee.

Twitter/@Joe Boughner

Besides for the “welcome,” it’s quite difficult to make out what the rest says, but we can rest assured that the person on the receiving end of this sign will be overjoyed to be welcomed home like this.

35. She’s Got Swag

While we know what you might be thinking, don’t get too carried away. This is just a very unfortunate way to hook your neck pillow onto your handbag. But who can blame the woman? After a long flight, the last thing you want to think about is the optimal way to carry your neck pillow.


Perhaps if the pillow was a different color it wouldn’t be as funny. That beige doesn’t help the situation much. Anyhow, this list has way worse incidents caught on camera. Continue reading for more bizarre and hilarious things spotted at the airport.

36. Leave Me in Peace

People like to sleep – no matter how and no matter where, so it’s best to just let them be. He might be manspreading slightly, but no one seems to be perturbed. At least he isn’t taking up more than one seat, unlike the guy next to him.


This is actually quite an innovative way to sleep at the airport and something you can definitely try next time you travel. It’s probably best to invest in a soft suitcase because that hard case gets pretty uncomfortable after a few hours.

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