Tim Berners-Lee is not a very commonly known name, but he is the reason you are able to read this article right now. He is a computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web. So when he comments on the future of the Internet, we should listen. What does he have to say?

The issues with the internet

Berners-Lee said that he has always believed that the Internet is for everyone, which is why he fights to protect it.

The Westside Story

He believes that the changes brought by the Internet have created a better and more connected world, but that the Internet has also become a source of division and inequity, influenced by forces that use the Internet to promote their own agendas.

What’s the plan?

However, he has formed a plan to fix this problem. He has been working on a new open-source project that he calls Solid.

City of Pullman

As explained by Fast Company, Solid will decentralize the Internet by returning power of personal data to every individual user, rather than powerful Internet giants such as Facebook and Google. The goal is to return the Internet to its original vision which is to be a space where humankind is able to collaborate efficiently.

What is Solid?

The core values of Solid are control and decentralization. This means that developers will be able to create applications that run on data that is owned and controlled solely by users who have total agency over the storage of the data, and with whom they will share it. This is possible because all data created and added to the platform will be saved in a Solid personal online data store that is wholely unique to each user.


While Solid is a scheme that has been in the works for years, news of the policital utilization of people’s Facebook data has motivated Berners-Lee to try to get Solid off the ground as soon as possible.