A howling good time

Sometimes with hidden trail cams, you find something that is common yet not too often seen. Here, we have a handful of coyotes howling at the moon. OK, not really. The true reason that these coyotes are howling is likely so that they can communicate with each other or ward off competitors for a fresh kill. The moon is not enough to inspire their howls.


While coyotes do this somewhat often, it’s rare for them to do it right next to where someone had placed a hidden trail cam. Now, we can see these cool canines throwing back their necks to allow their howls to bellow through the open wilderness. If you’re outside and in a place they call their home, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear it.

Raccoon selfie

Some animals don’t look that great in front of the camera. But they are, as we might describe them nowadays, superb at the so-called photobomb. That is exactly the case we have here — a raccoon decided to photobomb a nice picture of some deer grazing. While we would appreciate the photo if the raccoon weren’t there, it does add something a little peculiar.


The element of the raccoon is that of bewilderment. While you can’t really tell what it’s crazed eyes are looking at, you can see that the thing looks horrendously confused. Perhaps the camera had assaulted the furry critter with a flash. Maybe it just made a clicking noise. Whatever it was, it led us to this golden and unbeatable gem.

An unlikely duo

Here, we have what might be a sleight of hand; that, or the coolest pair of animals ever to have graced planet Earth. What appears to be present is a buffalo (on the bottom) and a leopard (on top). It seems like they might have formed a symbiotic relationship like that you might find between a shark and a remora fish.


However, another — and admittedly less entertaining — possibility is that the leopard is in fact just in the background of the photo sitting in such a way as to make it look as if it’s riding the buffalo. While this scenario does not paint a cool relationship between prey and a predator species, it is likely the actual thing that happened.

On the attack

Flying squirrels are notorious for their aerial attacks — they can, after all, soar through the sky like a hot knife through butter. This lends them a special ability to attack from above. And here, we see in full force how terrifying such an attack can be. This hidden cam captured a deer running in absolute peril from the flying squirrel’s madness.


You can tell from its demeanor that it is trying as hard as it can to escape the inevitable wrath of the small winged beast. But, try as it might, we know how this story ends — the deer gets caught, the squirrel kills, and the thing moves on to its next victim. It’s a vicious cycle, but nature is red in tooth and claw. Here we see why.

Motherly love

To take a break from the sour sting of nature’s callous indifference, we want to look at some affectionate bonding. And what better way to do this than to look at a mother fox nursing her cubs — all eight of them! As with many mammalian mothers, the fox nurses several of its young at once.


While the little fox babies might have to fight for room, they will all surely get fed. If not, that would be what we call some bad parenting. However, such things do sometimes exist in the animal kingdom. Regardless, the relationship between this fox and its foxy children is one to admire for what it is: cute, cuddly, and heartwarming.

Lucky raccoons

Later in this list, you’ll see more evidence that raccoons can be extremely ingenious. They can work together so adroitly as to stack themselves to get food. But here we see what happens when they are merely gifted the things they want. The results are amusing to say the least. What we see is them lounging in the ample and robust feast.

Photo courtesy of Nicki Phifer

Some of them even appear to be rolling in the stuff. The scene is somewhat reminiscent of cats rolling around in catnip. Perhaps the experience is somewhat comparable? We’re not really sure, as none of us has developed enough of an affinity for deer feed to try and test this hypothesis. Either way, the raccoons are clearly enjoying themselves.


We humans are unique in this world for several reasons. Anthropologists will often say that one of these reasons is that we descended from the trees and slowly became bipedal, able to walk on two legs. The newly acquired ability would enable us to free up our hands for weapons and other sorts of manually dexterous tasks.


Apparently this same thing might be happening in the deer. Here, we see a deer taking to walking on two legs. The deer probably felt the need to do it in private, for if any humans found out, they would know the deer takeover is soon impending. And if we became aware of this, we would clearly have to stop them from becoming bipedal immediately.

A secret romance

Sometimes love has to be kept a secret. Without this veil of secrecy, the lovebirds could be discovered, reprimanded, then separated. This horrible tragedy, however, can be navigated by keeping the love a secret. And here that is what we see. These two feline lovebirds keep their kisses to the night.


While we’re not sure what would happen exactly if these two were discovered, we do know that it is likely bad — why else would they be holding their affections for the evening hours? Well, another possible reason is that the beasts are nocturnal in part. But nevertheless, the hidden trail cam here was able to capture a rare moment of love between two beautiful beasts.

Another animal team

Like we saw earlier, sometimes animals like to ride other animals. This apparent match of animals is presumably advantageous for both of the animals (what biologists call mutualism). If not, it’s mildly parasitic. While we don’t want to assume any relationship as cool-looking as this one is one-sided, we have to account for the possibility.


Anyway, what we see here is a raccoon riding a hog. Presumably it’s trying its best to get to the elevated feed in front of it. The feed, being deliberately placed at such heights, is not the easiest thing to reach when you’re a tiny raccoon. And we’ve seen a few of the desperate measures that these guys have undertaken to get such food. This is just another strategy.

Animal fashion

Sometimes trail cams capture more than just a crafty animal relationship or an impending attack from a flying squirrel. Sometimes, rather, we see a little more flare. Here, instead of a deer in the headlights, we see a deer in bright lights. Choosing to sport a tumbleweed between its antlers, this deer gets a 9 out of 10 from us.


The other judges are likely yielding similar ratings, only we don’t know because they’ve yet to reveal their scores. Yes, we also find that annoying. Regardless, everyone can take solace in knowing that in the world of deer fashion, this guy is definitely killing it. While not many can say they got to witness the utmost in deer fashion, we can.

Stacking raccoons

In an attempt to avoid losing bird feed to a couple of animals you’d rather not encourage, you normally place the stuff high up in the air. As a result, it becomes more difficult, if not impossible, to reach by some of the Earth’s more lowly animals. However, sometimes these animals are crafty enough to circumvent your attempted tactics.

Photo courtesy of Nicki Phifer

Here, we see how a hidden camera captured some of the world’s most notorious gangsters — the raccoons. Having decided they wanted the food, they weren’t going to let a little bit of height get in their way. And so, they took to stacking. One by one by one, the raccoons stood atop each other’s backs to get to the food. Lo and behold, their amazing strategy worked.

Too close for comfort

Here, we have what might appropriately be called a “last known image.” The culprit, inducing a problem that would render this hidden trail cam unusable for the foreseeable future, was a bird that had a pecking problem. Having landed on the camera and mistaken it for some sort of tree, it started to peck.


Unfortunately for the bird, there was no sort of treat within this camera — unless, that is, the treat was the destruction of this person’s private property. Anyway, we doubt the bird had this sort of forethought or malice. It was probably just a case of mistaken identity. Anyway, at least here we have the last known image.


Sometimes, the call of nature induces you into fights with those who might otherwise be your friends. That is the case here. Two porcupines, looking to each other presumably for advice, were induced to battle it out. Fortunately for us, this beautiful and rare moment was caught via a hidden trail cam. The result is glorious.


While we’re not sure which of these two won the battle, we do know that a battle ensued. The two are brandishing their fists in a manner that borders on insane rage. We didn’t think porcupines had it in them. Yet, what we see here is that these prickly little beasts have a lot more fight in them than previously thought.

Fine dining

Sometimes trail cams capture more than just animal-on-animal violence. Sometimes they capture an animal in another of its banal stages — eating. And here, we see a cute otter having captured itself a late-night snack. The snack in question is some sort of fish. While not seared or grilled, the otter is probably enjoying the thing.


While we enjoy fish as much as the next guy, it’s hard to fully appreciate the amount of joy that this otter is likely deriving from its fishy catch. It was probably a cool reward after a long and enduring swim. Either way, whether hard-earned or not, the fish is likely delicious. We’re glad the moment was caught on camera.

A dive to remember

Some animals are definitely skittish. At the slightest sign of potential peril, they scurry into a hole or nearby nook. That is for sure what we’re seeing here. This rabbit, presumably having heard an innocuous sound nearby, decided to jump into the nearest safe space it could find. Here, that safe space happened to be a tube.


While we’re not sure what this tube is doing here in the wild, we do know that it likely wouldn’t provide much cover if the animal was being attacked from above — the thing is open and available to all. And while this camera might show us where the rabbit tried to hide, it doesn’t show us anything of what happened after. We’re going to hope for the best.

Make it rain

Animals often don’t get as much credit as they should for how prosocial they can be. Here, we see a raccoon doing what any Good Samaritan would. Given that his friends are down below and unable to grasp at the feeder, this raccoon decided to hang on for dear life to get the thing to feed his friends. His strategy worked.


While he was not able to gorge on the food while the spigot was freeing its seed, the raccoon was at least able to solidify many of its friendships. Now, connected with lifelong bonds as strong as steel, this raccoon could probably do whatever it wants. We’d say this isn’t a terrible move for a supposedly mischievous animal.

Battle royale

When two animals of extreme fortitude battle it out, it is definitely a spectacle to watch. And that is what we have here. We have a bald eagle currently fighting with another eagle species. Their talons are engaged and they’re clearly roaring for more battle. They must be fighting over some sort of prey species that lurks below.


It’s possible that both of these animals were looking to feast on the other, smaller birds in the photo. It’s not uncommon for birds to eat other birds — it is, after all, a bird-eat-bird world. OK, while that’s not the saying, birds clearly do fight over things. Sometimes these things happen to be other bird species.

Who’s watching?

When you go into the woods to do your business, you normally don’t expect that anyone is there to be watching. However, sometimes a hidden trail camera is there to capture you in your most insecure moments. While lured into a false sense of solitude, this bear was trouncing around expecting to be alone.


Little did this furry creature know that he was being watched. And not just watched by anyone — watched by the world. Now we can all see this bear in a total state of shock and bewilderment. Maybe the camera made a noise as it snapped this priceless picture. Or maybe a twig snapped to get its attention. Either way, the shot is gold.

Don’t you look at me

Emus, ostriches, and other long-stretched birds are notorious for their violence and aggression. Here, we can see that as clear as day. Looking toward us with its giant eyes, this guy is clearly looking to start something. While we’re not exactly sure what the camera was doing to provoke such attention, it probably wasn’t good.


It’s a shame, too, given that the birds like these are so pretty. You’d think they’d want to have their photo taken! But alas, they are actually brutally shy and incapable of living a life in the spotlight. Too bad this one got its photo snagged while just living a normal existence. It’s a tough life as an emu. Sorry, bud.

Don’t you dare

Sometimes friends can get a little too close for comfort. Sometimes they do evil things that we consider tortuous. Here, we have perhaps one of the most flagrant instances of that. This deer, clearly perturbed by something this other deer had done to it in its past, decided it was time for revenge — sweet, sweet revenge.


The revenge this time was a dish best served cold. Attempting to lick the other deer into a sort of weird acrimony, the other deer appears seemingly unfazed. It’s also highly possible that this deer has been given this weird sort of treatment time and time again. It has, in other words, grown numb to the weird. We’ll consider it lucky.

Another aerial attack

Flying squirrels are notorious in the animal kingdom for their abundant virulence. If you try to get in their way, they will definitely muff you up. And here, we see that happening in real time. Captured by a secretly hidden trail cam, this camera caught a flying squirrel descending upon one of its common prey animals: the deer.

Photo courtesy of Nicki Phifer

OK, while the squirrel will not actually eat the deer, it will instill within it a sufficient amount of malaise. It would do the same to us if we were assaulted. Getting a squirrel to the face is no one’s idea of a good time. And, if it is, the person in question needs some serious bump to their mental health.


A derp face is something we have all, in one capacity or another, come to love. And here, we see a derp face in full force. The derp is coming from a deer. Having shown its face in front of the hidden trail cam, a photo was snagged and the animal forever encapsulated in this photo. Now, we can all point and laugh.


The candid photo offers much to enjoy. First off, it’s an unblemished instance of nature at its finest. For some reason, the animal felt the need to stick out its tongue for an odd pose. Perhaps it was reaching for a fly in the air. Perhaps it knew it was going to have its photo taken. We’ll never be certain …

Too many deer

Not many people might say that deer can come in too great an abundance. However, that is exactly what happens sometimes. And what we have here is a meeting of deer that we wish was not happening. If you’ve seen the movie Eyes Wide Shut, you likely know what we’re talking about. If not, you should go watch the movie.


Anyway, what happens (spoiler alert) is that there’s this scene in which a bunch of people are in a room wearing masks and staring at Tom Cruise. It’s creepy. It’s unsettling. It’s unnerving. That scene is almost 100% comparable to what’s happening here. Fortunately for this photographer, this photo was taken in isolation. Had he taken it in person, he might not have lived to tell the tale.


There are few lessons as vital in this day and age as the importance of teamwork. Working together is becoming ever more important of a skill in a world that increasingly becomes too complex for one mind alone. Apparently this important lesson has been translated into Bear, because here we see a pair working together for some tasty treats.


While we’re not 100% sure why these two are working together, it is clear that they are, in fact, trying to work together. One of the bears is picking up another smaller bear and helping it to reach its hands into a garbage bin. Maybe the parent bear had paws that were too large to reach into the tin can. Maybe it just didn’t want to. Either way, the bears got fed, thanks to their invaluable teamwork.

Angry birds

It wouldn’t be fun to be attacked by a bird. First off, you likely wouldn’t see the thing coming — surprise attacks are no fun. Secondly, however, birds come complete with these awful things called talons. If you get struck with a handful of these, you are not going to have a good time. They are sharp, piercing, and built such that they could tear you apart.


Fortunately for us, we are not usually the target of this bird wrath. Here, however, we see an animal that is. This deer, while presumably just trying to live its deer life in the wilderness, is about to get attacked. And, serendipitously for us, the moment was captured via hidden trail cam. Now we can sit here and reflect on just how lucky we are.

Gimme lunch!

Here, we have a bear that is a little more crafty than these people likely anticipated. Attempting to hide their food away from the hungry predator, these people stored their food exactly where they should: up in a tree. This bear, however, was onto them.


Rather than beat around the bush trying to get the food, this bear was smart enough to try and tug and pull at the rope onto which the food was tied. Because of this, the bear was able to get much more than the trail-goers likely wanted. Bear: one; hikers: zero.

Thanks for the help

Here, we have a raccoon likely getting a little too comfortable with his animal friend — the hog. While taking a rest beneath a trough used (presumably) to feed the beast, a friendly raccoon came in to join the fun. Lo and behold, the fun would win him some food.


As the boar slept, the raccoon mounted the beast’s back and prepared to hop. From there, it could jump up to reach the trough hole, enabling it to feed on the food within. While the boar was likely not too happy upon awakening, at least the scene gave us a few short moments of fun.

Can’t stop me

It is a commonly known fact that many animals can squeeze and press down their bodies to fit into small and compact spaces. Here, we see that in action with this raccoon that is sneaking beneath some wire fence — presumably to get some food.


While we can’t be certain what this raccoon got on the other side of this barrier, we can be certain that he (or she) enjoyed it. And let’s just hope that the thing it enjoyed was not at the owner’s expense. We do, unfortunately, expect this to be the case.

Does nobody obey the fence?

When somebody puts up a fence, the aim is typically to keep something out or in. Here, however, as we have seen time and time again, the fence does not always appear to be the most adept way to achieve this task. This is especially true with animals that can burrow.


When animals can dig and burrow, they can easily wrangle free from the strictures of the fence. Here, they compress their small bodies to a point such that it’s easy to avoid the wired barrier. Any livestock or food that the fence attempts to maintain, then, isn’t as safe as its keepers expect.

He got a snack

Sometimes, fences do actually provide a major encumbrance. Here, that encumbrance was a snag — literally. While trying to haul its catch over the wiry fence, a raccoon got caught on something. Now, the little feline is up for a fight.


While most of the time the cat wouldn’t face such problems, it decided to take its chances scaling the fence rather than squeezing beneath it. Had it performed the latter, it easily would have escaped this plight. Now it has to suffer the consequences of its regrettable decision.

Sizing up

Birds are the types of animals that try to strike out of their appropriate range. Sometimes, for instance, they will attack a prey animals that it several times their size. Needless to say, such encounters often don’t go well for either party involved.

owl attacking a deer. big mistakeowl attacking a deer. big mistake

Here, we see exactly that happening in real time. For one, the animal that is doing the attacking is an owl. Second, the animal being attacked is a deer. It is unlikely that this owl will win. But it is also unlikely that the deer will get away scourge-free. Truly unfortunate.

Stare off

Living in the wilderness exposes you to all sorts of unfortunate things. While some of these are clearly worse than others, some are manageable. Here, we have one of the more troubling — a deer battling a racoon.

animals engaged in a stare offanimals engaged in a stare off

While we aren’t sure who won this battle, we are sure that it was a battle of the titans. The deer can clearly muster up laser beams from its eyes. And, as we all now, racoons are wily and unpredictable. Either way, we’re glad this was captured via trail cam.

Get off my antlers!

Deer evolved their antlers for two reasons. The first is to ward off other males that might be stomping on their turf. The second is as a way to impress potential mates. Either way you spin it, the things evolved to help them battle.

a deer that attacked something that wasn't a deer. yikesa deer that attacked something that wasn't a deer. yikes

What you didn’t expect, however, is that these antlers would sometimes be used to skewer other wild animals. And here, that is exactly what we see. The animal — possibly a pig, possibly a mountain lion — is caught straight in the horns. If you see a deer, you might want to avoid such things.

Get off my back

The golden eagle is the largest predatory bird species that currently exists. Often, its plan of attack is to pick up goats and drop them from high distances. Here, however, the strategy is decidedly different. And we’re not sure the results.

a golden eagle attacks a deera golden eagle attacks a deer

What this golden eagle is doing is just attacking a deer outright. We feel bad for the deer, we definitely do. However, a bird’s got to eat. And when the bird is as large as the golden eagle, what it has to eat is quite a lot. Like this deer, for instance.

The orb

We all knew deer to have mysterious and foreboding power. Here, however, we see this power in full force. The deer to the left in the photo is wielding in orb that clearly enables it great power. If you were to mess with a deer in the woods, then, we recommend it not be this one.

a deer carries a powerful and magical orba deer carries a powerful and magical orb

There’s something about a deer wielding an orb that should strike fear into the hearts of even the most talented hunter. I mean, the thing can probably tell the future with that sort of orb. Either way, if you see a deer like this we recommend you run away immediately. Good luck.

The gathering

Here, we have what might be an extremely ominous occurrence. We have turkeys — yes, scary — and a handful of turkey expressions that make one think Armageddon and near. And if they photo doesn’t strike you in this way, all you must do is simply look closer. Their faces are truly disturbing. Watch your back around these feathered fellows. 


What you call a gathering of turkeys is a “crop,” “dole,” or “gang” (there are other names too). Given that the former two terms are used plants and bananas, respectively, and that “gang” seems most synonymous with the disturbing nature of this photo, we’ll call this group a gang. Now, if that doesn’t strike fear into your hearts I don’t know what will. 


It’s not uncommon for animals in the animal kingdom to battle over food. This is especially common in predatory birds like falcons. Here, we have two such falcons that have taken a particular disliking of one another. The reason for such hostilities, clearly, is the carcass over which they are fighting. 


While we don’t know who is going to win this battle, we do know it is going to be a claw to the top. We suspect that given the guy on the left’s penchant for brandishing claws that he might have a fair chance. But then again, the guy on the right is beaming down with a sort of indefatigable censoriousness. He can probably predict the future. 

Who gets it?

It’s not common for animals to band together to get a task done. They are, after all, different species. It’d be something like us working alongside a wild bobcat to try and take down a water buffalo — it’s unlikely to happen. While the domestication of animals was something that allowed for Homo sapiens to get along domesticated felines and canines, it certainly doesn’t apply to other animals. 


Or does it? Here, we have a smattering of animals gathered around a feeding instrument. While we’re not 100 percent sure what it’s feeding, they are plenty of animals around who find the thing interesting. Yet, it seems, they are not exactly working together. To more accurately describe this photo, it seems they are just 

A run-in with death

We’ve all heard tale of the grim reaper coming with his scythe to reap the souls of those who must transition. Most of us, however, have never suspected that such a tale was true. Here, though, we have definitive and irrefutable proof. Okay, probably not. As anybody with even a modicum of scientific integrity will think of better alternative explanations to this guy being real. 


Either way, what you have here is a clever jokester with a nice-looking scythe. If this photo induces anything in you it should be that you might want to obtain a similar looking scythe to get some work done around the house. Need to cut down some corn? Here you go — a nice, sharp scythe. Anyways, if you see one of these guys get their number. They might make good babysitters, too. 

Creepy boy

There are many instances in which farmers decide they get tired of their children, then send them out into the woods to make a new life. Other primates do the same thing, yet they do not have farms. This is more evidence of our strong kinship with other animals. Perhaps it will be an area of bonding once the other primates take over. 


Anyways, here we have a derelict boy that clearly needs a home. His clothing, while white, looks decently clean for somebody who’s been bandying about the wilderness for who-knows-how-long. Moreover, he’s got white eyes. Perhaps he harbors so new and interesting version of jaundice. It’s difficult to tell without an autopsy. 

Ready to Pounce!

If you’ve ever wanted to see a pig or boar about to have a terrible day, this is that picture. While we’re not sure exactly where this photo was snapped, it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen. The mountain lion was feeling hungry and lo! A boar wandered into view.

mountain lion stalking a boarmountain lion stalking a boar
Reddit user u/effmachine100

Plenty of people left witty comments harking back to The Lion King and how Pumbaa eventually met his grisly fate, but we’re way too tasteful to say anything like that. It was a Disney movie! They all lived happily ever after!

Angr E. Coyote

Although not nearly as exciting as being continually thwarted by the Roadrunner, this coyote looks like it’s feeling backed into a corner by the two deer looming up on its flanks. Deer are normally known for fleeing at the slightest noise so it’s surprising to see them hanging around long enough for the coyote to bare its fangs.

coyote snarling at unphased deercoyote snarling at unphased deer
Imgur user Taintertots

Strangely, the deer don’t look very spooked by this normally fearsome predator. Perhaps he forgot to pack the newest ACME invention today?

Doe A Deer, A Three Way Deer

Look, it was dark, everyone was tired, he was just looking for something quick and easy…well, all of the excuses in the world can’t save this buck. But who are we to judge? Maybe that other buck and doe are his baes and they were in for a fun time.

deers matingdeers mating
Reddit user u/jalogan1

Sometimes when you really want to be on top, you end up forming a leaning tower of threesome. We say as long as everyone is consenting, you can do whatever you like.

Muddying the Waters

Have you seen how thick a tiger’s pelt is? If you were walking around in all that fur during the hot, sticky summer months in India we think you’d resort to just about anything to cool off. Well, we think this tiger looks pretty darn cool after frollicking in the mud.

mud covered tigermud covered tiger

In fact, plenty of other animals also use their local mudpits as places to beat the heat when there isn’t enough shade. Mud or no mud, this guy is the cat’s meow!

We Go A’Hoverin’

The owner’s caption for this picture was “Swiggty Swooty, I’m hovering for booty,” but we didn’t want to be so crass in assuming that buck’s intentions. Who knows why he decided to start levitating? Not everything has to be about the birds and the bees!

deer mid airdeer mid air
Dark Child One

Maybe he’d just formed a pact with an ancient, hideous eldritch being from an incomprehensible loathsome world far beyond the dwindling light of our furthest stars… or maybe he had just made friends with the flying boy Peter Pan. Who knows?

A Most Polite Greeting

It’s always important to mind your manners, even if you aren’t human. We were surprised to see that so many deer were able to balance on their delicate hooves bi-pedally, but apparently it’s something they can do.

deer standing on their hooves facing each otherdeer standing on their hooves facing each other
Reddit user u/whatsinthesafe

We assume that they were exchanging pleasantries like commenting on the weather, asking about each other’s children, and noting that a very rude bobcat had been seen wandering around these parts before, and isn’t there something the authorities can do about that menace, for heaven’s sake!

Easter is Cancelled

The Easter Bunny has a pretty tough job. Christianity is a widespread religion around the world, and plenty of non-Christians celebrate the holiday too. Can you imagine trying to hide eggs for that many children? We sure can’t!

mountain lion approaching a white rabbitmountain lion approaching a white rabbit
Field and Stream

After all that work, you’d think the rabbit would deserve some kind of break, but Nature is rarely so considerate. The sheer exhaustion may be why this rabbit wasn’t on the lookout for predators and, unfortunately, it looks like that lapse in concentration is about to come back to bite him. Literally.


Remember when you were a kid and you played around with buckets pretending to be a knight in shining armor? Or how you did a few years ago when you attended the Renaissance Faire? Well, we think this buck never grew out of that phase. Unfortunately, when you’ve got a huge rack of antlers, it makes putting a bucket over your head a lot trickier!

bucket stuck in the antlers of a deerbucket stuck in the antlers of a deer

Add that to the problem of not having any opposable thumbs and maybe you can explain exactly how this deer managed to get a bucket arranged like that.


Honestly, we don’t quite know what that thing is. It could be some strange animal’s shadow or something moving quickly past the motion-sensor camera. Whatever the scientific explanation may be, it won’t be as exciting as declaring that it’s Bigfoot out for a stroll.

big foot image caught by trail cambig foot image caught by trail cam

Fine, okay, it’s probably just some guy in a weird costume heading to his friend’s bachelor party. Or someone who was completely misinformed about how to avoid COVID-19. But where’s the fun in that? We’re stickin’ with Bigfoot.

Lovely Doe Eyes

Is it weird that we’re totally jealous of this doe’s eyelashes? She’s definitely bringing her A-game to this picture. Deer don’t need any falsies or expensive mascara, they were born to effortlessly pull off that doe-eyed look.

eyelast goals from a deer approaching a trrail cameyelast goals from a deer approaching a trrail cam

The real question is: what was she thinking about, batting her eyelashes like that? Maybe she hoped it would be for the ‘Gram. Was she trying to seduce the viewer? If so, we think she didn’t do a bad job.