Imagine a planet like ours that existed at one point but in a previous universe. Such a scenario is possible under cosmologist Roger Penrose’s theory known as Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC). He contended that previous universes may have existed before this one, and he may have some evidence to support the theory.

It all started with a big bang

Penrose’s theory stated that the Big Bang wasn’t the first explosion that birthed the universe and will not be the last one. Under the theory, cosmic structures appear after a Big Bang occurs, and then a cool-down follows.

After, stars begin to die, with only black holes left in the equation. Finally, the black holes disappear, with lingering particles left in the mix. This leaves behind a singularity, which amounts to nothing more than infinite mass.

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Rinse and repeat

After the singularity phase, another Big Bang ensues that fosters another universe, and the entire process repeats itself. Researchers have no way of knowing what the previous universe entailed or if it harbored life previously.

However, Penrose and his peers reportedly found trace evidence of the previous universe via black holes. Researchers believe that the black holes that vanished left behind traces of radiation.


Finding the evidence

Cosmologists used the CMB to substantiate the claim, otherwise known as the Cosmic Microwave Background. This is an imprint of our own universe in its infancy and may contain marks of previous black holes.

Known as Hawking Points, experts believe they can locate radioactive evidence of a previous black hole. It appears that Penrose may have found the evidence he was looking for.


What’s that in the clouds?

Critics counter that looking for patterns in the CMB is like searching for a face in the clouds. In addition, critics contend that the so-called patterns in the CMB amounted to nothing more than the mind searching for orderly patterns. Moreover, detractors claim that Penrose should have found thousands of patterns of former blacks holes if the theory held true.

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Another universe parallel to our own?

Another version of you could exist in a separate universe, thinking and acting as you do but making different life decisions. This would be possible under the multiverse theory, where a multitude of universes exists with our own. However, the multiverse theory is widely debated within cosmology circles in the same vein as CCC. Whether universes exist now or in the past will have to remain within the realm of speculation.

Detlev Van Ravenswaay/Science Photo Library/Corbis