skateboarding, dressed fancy, style

targat2 via Reddit

Willing to break that other wrist

An injury wasn’t enough to keep this future mom from charging. While we weren’t there when it happened, we’re willing to bet she didn’t even cry. Luckily, she’s got her partner in crime to hold the ramp steady for her this time.

skate, dropping in, ramp, Old schoolskate, dropping in, ramp, Old school
thestrokesfann1988 via Reddit

Check out how her vans match her shirt, which matches her skateboard wheels. In the immortal words of Skip in Lords of Dogtown: “Oh, nice socks, man. Nice socks. Nice socks.”

The original ‘Tank Girl’

The comic book Tank Girl was first published in 1988, and this photo is from 1984. We can’t help but wonder if this was the inspiration behind the character.

Piloting a tank is serious business, but the woman in the photo clearly has everything under control.

tank instructor, old school, style, cooltank instructor, old school, style, cool
danabre via Reddit

The original poster revealed that this is a photo of his mother when she worked as a tank instructor. 

One thing is for sure — we trust her with our lives.

Business radical

When you’ve got a conference call at 9, but a shred session scheduled for 11. Get you a man who can do both. Check out the CEO of shred down below. He may have lost his shoes, but never his cool.

skateboarding, dressed fancy, styleskateboarding, dressed fancy, style
targat2 via Reddit

Whether it’s bombing hills or breezing through TPS reports, anywhere from Dogtown to Wall Street, this dude doesn’t mess around. He can “drop in” for a bit, but he can’t stay for long.